May 9th, 2009 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “dusk”

  1. night segues with day
    perceptions change

    By ERIC JACKSON on 05.10.2009

  2. Waiting for dark.
    Light as my enemy.
    Dusk and I know what’s coming.
    Dusk and my heart rate rises.
    My senses come alive.
    My time is coming.

    By Mike McDermott on 05.10.2009

  3. From dusk til dawn.
    My hands on your skin.
    I miss the touch, I miss the feel.
    From dusk til dawn.

    By Alice on 05.10.2009

  4. reminds me of the night sky and when the day starts to end. when the world is about to fall asleep and when the people are going to be unconcious and dead it tells me that another part of the world will come alive again.

    By Shauna on 05.10.2009

  5. blood thirsty
    cold and fictional
    death is the silence they reap

    humans are obsessed.

    By sundipta on 05.10.2009

  6. seeing the sun go down at the festival, sharing time at the stone cicrle with her friends, she gave thanks for the circumstances that had lead her there. the fire dancers whirled and span around her in the growing dark.

    By Pete on 05.10.2009

  7. from dusk till dawn the night set in a dusky breeze fulfilled my mind at first and then my skin im sure she will be here im s

    By laura on 05.10.2009

  8. Dusk. Strange that’s the word. He is on my mind and that is what we used to call him. He was Dusk, we had Deymex, Luxord, Sakura, and me… Kairi. But he was my Dusk.. and I lvoed him.. funny he’s gone.. well for me at least.. strange things..

    By Shay on 05.10.2009

  9. She looked at the hazey purple sky as dusk fell over the field. She couldn’t help but admire the twinkling of those first evening stars, the way they seemed to shine brighter than the stars of later in the night, and yet they seemed so under appreciated compared to the midnight stars. How could they even compare? Those stars seemed to be so miniscule and insignificant compared to the sparkle of these dusk stars. The way they signified the coming of night, they seemed to shout out, “here comes change!” Maybe she was only noticing this because it seemed like her entire life was shouting this exact same line, and the stars seemed like a good voice to her feelings.

    By Amy on 05.10.2009

  10. till dawn…..

    By jorge on 05.10.2009

  11. The orange, fiery, pallor of noon fades slowly until evening. But just before it disappears in the wake of evening, dusk burns its beauty into the eyes of onlooking rocking chars on abandoned porches.

    By Hannah on 05.10.2009

  12. dusk is the time when its kind of light but kind of dark as well and that girl one time he told me thought dusk and dawn were the same thing what an idiot also she was doing the walk of shame in a red dress and what is twilight exactly is it the same thing as dusk or no i guess its more toward midnight and dusk is early on in the evening maybe as sun sets i don’t know the exact definitoins here

    By maria on 05.10.2009

  13. the slow moon falls behind a couple gazing out into the open hills as the clouds cover the moonrise. There never was a couple before just a man and a women who had little knowledge of eachother. Its funny how things like that change. one minute you can dicuss the most common of subjects, the next you can decide to go across and love one enooughter. The coffee counter pallatte served primarily briowns as the couple now sat across from one nother. It was their first date, bother wer nercous and finally one loved the other.

    By Taylor Smart on 05.10.2009

  14. fall late sleeping day
    moonlight cuts bleeding raw sun
    moon retrieves sharp knife

    By Athelas on 05.10.2009

  15. Dusk eludes me as I sit glued to my monitor, tapping at the keys in a frenzy. I have to finish, I have to finish. I’ll never ever finish this… is it dusk today or tomorrow already? Only one sentence left. Time to rest.

    By adrienne on 05.10.2009

  16. Dusk is one of the most beautiful parts of the day. It’s a time when light becomes darkness, and everything in the world seems to fall into place.

    By Brianna on 05.10.2009

  17. When dusk falls, my mind changes. It fills with swirling thoughts, so different from those of the day, and of the night. Dusk makes me feel craziest, but also bravest.

    By Sally on 05.10.2009

  18. It was dusk when he walked slowly out the door. I tried my best to grab his bags out of his hands, but it was too late. The day had come to an end, and so had we.

    By Molly Blanton on 05.10.2009

  19. my favorite time of the day really. i love that color. that blue color that covers the air like a blanket. and that smell of damp grass. and in the summer the fireflies. and i mostly remember love. in those times.

    By ivy on 05.10.2009

  20. the dusk is getting darker, like ink penetrating a clear glass of water. There is evil in the air at dusk.

    By JD on 05.10.2009

  21. night dark moon stars streetlights drinking bars good times home

    By jj on 05.10.2009

  22. It is the time between day and night when the colors begin to fade from our vision. It is the whisper of evening filling the air…waiting for the moon to rise and give her cold light to the night.

    By Heylo on 05.10.2009

  23. dusk comes but once a day and once a day it shall be remembered as the day’s death.

    By be on 05.10.2009

  24. I still remember that very scene vividly.And it just hurts to do so.It was dusk,as usual,dark,but there was a sense of warm.There we were,sitting side by side,gazing at the stars,wondering what the future holds.

    By sandaye on 05.10.2009

  25. From dawn till dusk
    I wait patiently.

    From light till dark
    I work for something better.

    From morning till night
    I strive to change my fate.

    By Khor Hui Min on 05.11.2009

  26. from dusk to dawn all i think about is how much i want to be wrapped up in your arms, squeezed almost to the point that I can’t breathe. I want your smell to be in my pillowcases until morning so I can dream about you. Dusk is the perfect time to start my dream, when everything slows down to heart beat rhythm

    By jaclyn on 05.11.2009

  27. I have seen the dusk more times in the past month in South Korea than I have in the past year.

    A lot of partying, it’s like college all over.

    By philip on 05.11.2009

  28. the sundown kind of place magic. the sundance kid’s last voyage. name a plce where romance exists and youll find it at the dawn of dusk. aaah the smell of hamurgers and mommas cooking i love the feeling. peace and quiet the nights adventure. a place of mystery but birth. midsummer. fireflies. life

    By matteo on 05.11.2009

  29. the time when ends…when u think it ends but its jus the begining of a new path..of a solution

    By osuna on 05.11.2009

  30. I remeber coming out of the club in new orleans it was dusk .I danced all night night .It was a time back there when I felt care free .

    By gil on 05.11.2009

  31. dusk is the time when twilight hasn’t reached its peak, when the sun is low in the sky but the moon does not dominate its black eternity, when the brightness of day gives way to the subtleness of night, and the world sees its crossing from good to evil

    By ozymandias911 on 05.11.2009

  32. The evening is cold and I am alone. I feel nothing but sadness and a lonely heart. Who knew life could be so empty as the earth sinks into sleep. Who knows if she will actually wake at mornings first light. Who knows what tomorrow will actually bring.

    By Lauren on 05.11.2009

  33. dusk. A word without meaning. A word without life. It happened to me that I only sit down, doing nothing. Why is that life is so complicated, yet sometimes enchanting? Why is that some things are meant to be kept secret yet sometimes have the need to be shared?

    By Patzzie on 05.11.2009