August 28th, 2011 | 288 Entries

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288 Entries for “chance”

  1. One chance. That’s all it feels like. Afterall, we can’t go back in time. So we truly have only one chance. We are lucky to have one. For some have not even that.

    By Katie URL on 08.28.2011

  2. chance. a chance to love, a chance to remember, a chance to forget.
    everyday, you face them.
    but such a small chance it feels like to meet that someone that is your other half.
    it’s all on chance it feels like.
    so how to fight the tides and some how come out on top

    By lauren on 08.28.2011

  3. It was that moment. The moment when everything was a blur, all of his emotions rampagaing and rioting in his heart. In the spotlight, with the burning heat of the stage lights and makeup bleeding on their faces. It was their chance.

    By :) on 08.28.2011

  4. Grab the golden ring….take a chance. See new places, meet new people. Life is the experience. If you don’t like it the first time try one more time just to be sure.

    By 00bullhead URL on 08.28.2011

  5. Everything happens perchance.
    Nothing is definite.
    Balance is key.
    Love finds everybody,
    So don’t go looking.

    By Holden URL on 08.28.2011

  6. “Take a chance, and walk with me,” he had said. It was a chance I shouldn’t have taken. It was a chance I should have turned down, should have laughed at- well now it’s laughing at me.

    By leah URL on 08.28.2011

  7. the chance the choice, too many different ways to go. i’m indecisive to a fault. for myself- that too. but more for others. it’s their choice, their chance maybe or maybe not. so why should i be the one to decide? take the chance or not? it’s your life not mine. your chance, your choice.

    By Selena URL on 08.28.2011

  8. Just what would you do
    If you only had the chance
    Just what could you do?

    By Sarah on 08.28.2011

  9. One chance, one way and one day to make it all happen. If I miss this- it’s over, this is my opportunity. Funny thing about chances, they’re like birds, they fly over your head and grab your attention and while you’re listening to them sing-ohp they’re gone.

    By Kissu URL on 08.28.2011

  10. so if i had the chance i think, i’d like to tell him just one thing. it’s not that kind of love we think. but more the kind where i don’t want to live without. not that i can’t, just that i don’t want to. would never choose to. but that’s not the kind of thing you just say. if the chance ever came i don’t think i’d have a choice, it would just spill out.

    By Selena URL on 08.28.2011

  11. to me, chance is this only shot that might come once or more than once if ur lucky but if u seize it right it’s gona turn ur life upside down.

    By khademz URL on 08.28.2011

  12. there is a chance to do something great and there is a always a chance to not. its our choice to use these moments in our life because we always have them coming at us. we always will have another chance but it is limited or progressed by the previous choice on the chance. i would hope to see the chances for what the are and what i can do with them as opposed to thinking life is full of fate but its not its a chance

    By Trent on 08.28.2011

  13. There was zero chance of the situation rectifying itself. Sally had to act fast and stop puttering around with social niceties and dawdling pedestrians. Now was the time for brazen shoves and forceful shouldering.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 08.28.2011

  14. The chance is always waiting for you and always will be. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the risk, or forever live safe but sad in regret.

    By SubtleWhispers URL on 08.28.2011

  15. Chance. There’s always this one little chance and you’re too scared to take it. There are so many chances worth taking, but how do you know if it’s the right one? It always seems like every chance is everying, but will it be a decision you love or regret for the rest of your life?

    By Nika URL on 08.28.2011

  16. Just one chance. That’s all she needed. She had the file in her hand that told her everything. Everything that happened to her brother. It would finally give her the peace of mind she needed. Three years it had been since Michael had disappeared and this folder would bring him back. She held her breathe and opened the file. She gasped. It contained one page reading: Subject not found.

    By Kayleigh URL on 08.28.2011

  17. it was just by chance that i met you. and it was just by chance that you walked out of my life. maybe in with another chance i will meet you again. but the odds are it won’t happen. meanwhile, i will take a chance on life, and i will hope that you will take a chance on me.

    By chance on 08.28.2011

  18. I only have one minute. Only one hand to type with (I’m holding a phone in the other). One chance. Leggo.

    By Emily on 08.28.2011

  19. I met you,
    And you met me
    Despite all the possibilities

    A billion people,
    Inhabit the earth.
    A million people,
    Much more than i’m worth.

    And somehow you settled,
    with little old me.
    I couldn’t have meddled,
    To make a better history.

    Because I have you,
    So perfect, unearthly.
    And you have ultimate power,
    The power to hurt me.

    It happened so fast,
    In one little glance.
    I hope it will last,
    after all, it was just chance.

    By MickieC03 URL on 08.28.2011

  20. hey there stranger,
    help me remember how to smile.

    By alex on 08.28.2011

  21. She can’t help but wonder what the chances were. Was it fate? The thought of someone or something else controlling what happened in her life unnerved her. The chances of her going to that dance though, of him asking her at the end of the night? Really? Maybe things just played out properly, maybe the timing was just right but really, what were the chances of her life turning out better than she could have thought?

    By Kvaughan URL on 08.28.2011

  22. What’s the chance… Game of chance… Take a chance… Do you think I even have a chance?

    By Imaginarium URL on 08.28.2011

  23. will i ever get a second chance? i didn’t do anything i wrong. at least i don’t think i did. why are you pushing yourself out of my life. do you still want to be my best friend? i love you and if you want a second chance, i’m yours.

    By victoria URL on 08.28.2011

  24. by chance, things happen. some say luck, others say fate, but in chance, there’s always that small glimmer of a possibility; the underlying hope that something will or will not happen.

    By andrea on 08.28.2011

  25. It was fleeting. It flowed downward, lazily and smugly.

    By Holly URL on 08.28.2011

  26. a chance at life.
    a chance at love.
    chances come and go.
    but not every chance you get will end well

    By Nancy URL on 08.28.2011

  27. do we have chance? really, i mean at all? you’re two years older, and starting at a new school in just a few days. there’ll be new girls, no doubt prettier, smarter, funnier, and not to mention, older. and i’ll be left here. in the same place. just a young, naive, alone little girl. but i suppose that maybe, just maybe, we can keep this alive.

    By catyeah URL on 08.28.2011

  28. i only have one chance at life and if dont make this one, i’m not sure if i’ll have any others. i need to do my best to recover and to be healthy because well it’s not like i’m a cat…i dont have 9 lives…i only hope one day that normal is on the horizon. or next to normal woud be fine.

    By scars on 08.28.2011

  29. …escaping from his mundane life was his only chance of salvation, and one does not get many chances to escape from the dreadful clutches of daily routine. He had 24 hours and now they are gone, it is now or never. Damian takes a deep breath, pulls the power cord of his desktop and walks away from his desk…decision made.

    By Sunil Varma URL on 08.28.2011

  30. it was a chance occurrence,
    meeting you.

    sandwiched between barbeque chips,
    vodka hiding in water bottles,
    and diet ginger ale.

    in that moment,
    i wanted you
    so badly.

    and now i can barely remember your name.

    By rachel. URL on 08.28.2011

  31. Kindness understanding love long-term loyalty worth more than anything always another chance to give caring forgiveness patience and believe faith.

    By DaleLee URL on 08.28.2011

  32. Take a chance. Make a change. Go make something of yourself! Blah blah blah…cliche cliche cliche…you get the picture XP

    By Hannah Lee URL on 08.28.2011

  33. starts with a c and there is an e at the end and a h after the c after the h there is an a and following the a is a n the a c again.
    5o percent.

    By amir URL on 08.28.2011

  34. one chance and that is all.if u couldn’t its all over. jason had to jump over the river of sharks.
    if he failed its all over.Just ONE chance.

    By amir URL on 08.28.2011

  35. take a chance on love, take a chance on me……..

    By Adam on 08.28.2011

  36. Like a rolling die, the battered chassis of what was once a sedan could be seen tumbling down the hill. Each surface connected with the rocky terrain seemingly by chance.

    The bonnet. The passenger-side door. The roof.

    When it comes to rest, there will be no winner. Just a small chance that the precious cargo will survive.

    By Land of Dave URL on 08.28.2011

  37. Some people say that fate decides everything for you.
    But me?
    I think it’s a game of chance.
    I mean, think about it. It’s fate that an avalanche is going to happen. It’s by chance that you just happen to walk through the avalanche and die. You can chose your fate if you really want to, but there aren’t many options.

    By Emma URL on 08.28.2011

  38. How many time is too many? How many chances do you give a person? How many chances do you give yourself to be strengthened by pain? I’m at three. Is it like baseball? Are chances given out like good pitches? Pitch em’ three good ones, and if they strike out–they walk off the field. Does that mean I strike out too?

    By ashley URL on 08.28.2011

  39. today is the day i have a chance to change everything
    today is the day i will try to take my chance
    today is the day that i will no longer be down and sad but take a chance and be happy
    today is the day i will take my chance

    By zeddy URL on 08.28.2011

  40. you’re giving us one more chance. just one more fake chance before you leave forever. i guess i’m giving us a chance too. it hurts to think of what could have been and what never will be, but we will get one little opportunity to pretend, won’t we?

    By Sarah URL on 08.28.2011