January 15th, 2017 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “champagne”

  1. l

    By no on 01.15.2017

  2. As a boy I thought
    CHAMPAGNE a drink for rich lips
    that I’d never sip

    I knew that team wine,
    not beer, would likely be mine
    since I love to dine

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 01.15.2017

  3. Être une personne sans peur a ses défauts. Donc, si vous êtes lié par une peur débilitante, vous devriez le convertir en une meilleure peur.

    Vous n’avez pas besoin de la *forteresse* la plus difficile, si vous avez des artilleries puissantes et des renforts de réponse rapide.

    By Cedriq V. on 01.15.2017

  4. What the hell?!…Le mot était Forteresse, mais alors je suis dans la salle de champagne!
    Donc… avec assez de champagne, aucun de nous n’aurait besoin d’une forteresse ou de guerres.

    By Cedriq V. on 01.15.2017

  5. The champagne was in the ice bucket, looking like a picture. The whole table setting was beautiful, with the dishes and glasses sparkling in the light. The table sat next to the door leading to the wide patio. When she removed the virtual reality goggles, she saw that it was just her work table, the dirty glasses and plates from the night before, and outside the windows, the grimy wall of the building next to her.

    By chanpheng URL on 01.15.2017

  6. The champagne bottle was standing on the couch, now drained of all liquid there might of been in it previously. The two lovers sat, cuddled on the couch, giggling like teenagers, the world around them falling away and finally they could get a breath to relax and all of this, just for that damn bottle of champagne.

    By Andreanne on 01.15.2017

  7. I told you so! I told you before and tell you so again,
    Dallas Cowboys fans of bandwagon bragging fame,

    they were not “America’s team” last decade nor today
    you fans should not have too early uncorked the champagne!

    Courageous comeback, Dez, dynamic with catch, one fantastic fight
    but no team by rookies led could hope to match Aaron Rodgers might!

    Poor Ol’ Skip, it’s not painless when cowboys faith is again worthless
    Shannon surely shall be shameless when SHARPE-ly scoffing Skip Bayless

    Dak and Zeke Cowboys in year one, to be champions was too good to be true
    You fans let yourselves be fools, thinking that Dallas’ run wouldn’t end in doom

    With history not on your side it is hard for a team to survive
    Guess the Undisputed facts SKIPped some peoples minds

    Cheer up Cowboy fans, your team barely lost by points just few
    Party with your rivals, raise a toast with a can or perhaps two
    from one of the cases that you owe of the soda Mountain Dew.

    By Cimmerian-Cynic on 01.15.2017

  8. Things used to be simple – clear, concise, and single dimensions. Time moved forward, and people grew older and got gray hair. The population grew and mortality rates shrank. We drank champagne during every meal, and the bubbles renewed our youth. We swam in the ocean and ate oysters and read stories to each other. We even made up some of our own.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.15.2017

  9. Oh um. Champagne is good tasting I don’t know what to write about it.
    Oh I kno Theire is a song by Chris Rock, a parody about Champagne, two of them I think
    I’m gonna go to youtube and see if i can find videos of them, should be funny! My uncle reads the bottles like Chom-pog-nuh. We should get twice the time on this thing. Its too short!!!!!!!!

    By Nathan on 01.15.2017

  10. I was walking downtown and I came across a dog holding a champagne bottle in his mouth. He was walking as if he had a date. Not as if he’d just scrounged it out of the dumpster. I needed to know where this dog was going. So I followed him.

    By Chad Nelson on 01.15.2017

  11. It was the golden hour, and her champagne dress flowed all around the floor. They have never seen a debutante this charming, so intoxicated with happiness and brimming with the future’s possibilities.

    By Zoe Jen on 01.15.2017

  12. The champagne was fizzy and burned the back of her throat. That’s what she remembers from that night, that the lights were dim and the sky was dark and the champagne tasted like a million bucks.

    Not that he held her down while she pleaded and screamed, not that he covered her mouth with a sweaty hand, not that he left her crying and violated with mascara stained on her cheeks.

    By SentientExistence on 01.15.2017

  13. Often toasted at celebrations. It’s not permissible in the Islamic religion as it is alcohol. Also rhymes with campaign.

    By Ali on 01.15.2017

  14. Like licorice it drops off the tongue, a smooth, spicy tinge. All around the edges, it inebriates the ones it loves. To the rest, it just tastes like water. Fancy water, the stuff that costs six dollars by the ounce. And all around us the crowd coos, at who? At who?

    By Shannon on 01.15.2017

  15. With the joys of the summer beginning to fade and the approach of the annual celebrations, it is time to reveal the bottles of champagne that have ben stowed away in their cellar throughout the year for the liquid joys of the new year.

    By Murray Ingram on 01.15.2017

  16. Drinking it and being drunk at a party. Only at a formal occasion though. Also a nice light gold color. Pretty good to look at but, not that great of a color. Over used to in tech as a gold color to attract customers.

    By Tony on 01.15.2017

  17. I don’t know what they were thinking.
    What were they thinking?
    What were they thinking naming their child after an alcoholic drink?
    Seriously, what were they thinking?
    Did they think it would predict a happy and carefree life?
    A life of celebration?
    Because it didn’t.
    It didn’t.
    It didn’t.

    By EmmaChristobel on 01.15.2017

  18. it makes me feel better and forget all my explores the happiness in me and bring it is the best medicine to my core flutering sad induces mood is the best ever drink i had ever drank.

    By Gadde Meghana Chowdary on 01.15.2017

  19. Champagne is a alcoholic drink that people enjoy, some people do not enjoy this drink as much as others.

    By Logan on 01.15.2017

  20. The toast would be short. Glasses would raise and it would be over. That moment, that small, insignificant moment in time would end and be forgotten after three more half-baked speeches rolled around. Jim would be forgotten in the minds of most at the wedding. It only mattered to him.

    By Graysen Stille on 01.16.2017

  21. She laughed and clinked her champagne glass against his. Neither of them noticed the dark figure sitting at a table in the back of the restaurant, watching them.

    By Brooke on 01.16.2017

  22. It was dark out, but she still felt bright inside. She was alone, which was strange. Nights of friends, strangers, and lovers were the usual. But tonight she was alone, a bottle in her hand. A celebration of herself.

    By Katy on 01.16.2017

  23. “Happy New Year!!!!” the room cheered, corks were popping and the champagne was flowing. The good stuff too, Dom Perignon. Everyone getting their first kiss of the new year…everyone but me and the homely girl in the corner. She seemed nice enough, I’ll walk over to her. I grab a second flute and make my way over. We make eye contact, I extend one of the flutes, she turns her head and states, “not if you were the last guy on earth.”
    Well, this is going to be a great year, off to a wonderful start. I stand there, frozen, two champagne glasses in my hand.

    By Robert on 01.16.2017

  24. When I go to parties I love to take a bottle of champagne. I always think it makes me seem worldly and like I am much better off than I am, but it also gets me to that amazing stage of tipsiness much faster than other alcohols. The best kind of tipsiness.

    By Eleanor St Clair URL on 01.16.2017

  25. At like, New Years parties and stuff like that, they have champagne. I’ve never had it though.

    Who’s weirder? You or me??

    By Julianne Engel...muwahahaha on 01.16.2017

  26. era la scintilla che aveva fatto traboccare il vaso, un bicchiere di champagne di troppo. Si era girato e tutto d’un tratto lui non c’era più. E lui neanche.

    By Mars on 01.16.2017

  27. it use to be fun. it use to bubbles and good times. but maybe it will always be something i saw as a kid drawn like the wordly kids can do. save your luke warm disaster. i’ll abuse it, like i will abuse anything good

    By Chelsey Fowler on 01.16.2017

  28. Champagne, Illinois is the home of deep thinkers and middle america. How would Ebert feel…to know…they voted for Trump?

    By Susannah URL on 01.16.2017

  29. The bubbles tickled my nose and erupted into laughter at the gaiety around me. I felt warm, safe. I looked around at these people that I hadn’t even known a week ago and thought “oh, this is how this works, isn’t it? Community.”

    By Bridget Grace on 01.16.2017

  30. “3.2.1! Happy New Year!”, said the celebrating adults,drinking their champagne.

    By Jada Engel on 01.16.2017

  31. The bottle burst open, letting a thick spray of foam arch through the air. We all laughed. This was it, it was all happening. Laughter and the gentle bubble of talk filled the air, I closed my eyes.

    By Witty Writer 1 on 01.16.2017

  32. Tickling the nose . . . a celebration . . . the bittersweet . . . bitter bubbles . . . a little goes quite a long ways . . . tickling a wrinkling nose . . . sure . . . I’ll have some more.

    By Elementary on 01.16.2017

  33. oooh champagne, so clear and crisp, so bubbly and fun the smiles of the people around. The diamonds on necks that shimmer to the ceiling like the stars in the evening sky.

    By BB on 01.16.2017

  34. Champagne is a great drink. I have never had a drop till in my late 30’s, was better then I thought it would be.

    By george on 01.16.2017

  35. Champagne is usually needed in parties,feasts,celebrations and so on.People are fond of listening the loud ‘pop’ sound when open it with shaking the bottle of it in advance.

    By Yuki Lo on 01.16.2017

  36. Life should be like pink champagne. Oh that came from a famous movie. Yes and can you remember who asked that question?

    By Donna Fleming on 01.16.2017