June 4th, 2011 | 512 Entries

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512 Entries for “chalkboard”

  1. this is the place where they hid the device. behind the chalkboard. the opening to the other world. the students didn’t realise until they were in detention. then they found out. and went there.

    By Ross on 06.05.2011

  2. Chalkboard that squeaks at every every touch of the chalk. It’s annoying sometimes. Who knows. Who invented it? I can’t imagine it being used again. I prefer whiteboards, not green, not loud.

    By CD URL on 06.05.2011

  3. Het is een zwart bord met krijt erop en heel veel woorden. Je kan er al je gedachten opzetten en vroeger schreef de leraar er de lessen op. Nu wordt het gebruikt om leuke teksten en quote’s op te schrijven voor feesten en in clubs.

    By lara on 06.05.2011

  4. is for teaching students in the school and collrges. many use for grafitti too, its an amazing tool for teaching. mostly comes in black

    By Ajay URL on 06.05.2011

  5. they cried because i put a marker to the chalkboard…. they cried as if they all just went crazy because they were staring so hard into my abyss trying to figure me out

    By Dominique on 06.05.2011

  6. I hated this class. I hated everything about the room. The teacher was a joke, so was this creep beside me. Who the hell sends a princess like me to math class..

    By mitzybrooke URL on 06.05.2011

  7. Oh, wow. Its a cool thing, that you can write about, not to sure if they are still used nowaaadays, but it was around in the olden days. The chalk does go right through me, its all sqweakky, ouch!
    Mmm chalk is colour ful, you can write wahtever you like, its a preeey cool thing

    By sam on 06.05.2011

  8. School teachers recess 4th grade chalk black white board old coke nijck metzker sneaking splash coke broken new principal money new squeaky fingernails

    By Maddy on 06.05.2011

  9. chalk
    bad kid
    out of date
    hop scotch

    By deidre on 06.05.2011

  10. On the chalkboard was the math problem that he solved. It took him a while, but he managed to do it in less than three tries. The people at the back of the room sneered and coughed, wishing they were the one’s to have seen how to find the solution to Einstien’s problem.

    By Edt on 06.05.2011

  11. Scrambled up words spanned the chalkboard, foreign to my eyes. Damn, I thought, if only I could tell what it said because I know they’re gonna call on me.
    “Tullia, could you read example 3 off the board?”
    “Of course,” I said in a voice tinged with malice, “I know exactly what it says.”
    I don’t understand why they always picked on me, they knew I

    By SaRAWR URL on 06.05.2011

  12. A large, grey board at the front of the room. It supplies me with a space to write, to get my thoughts out. In a way, it’s a metaphor for freedom and expression. I like to write on them and look back and what I’ve done.

    By Heather on 06.05.2011

  13. My stare falls upon the green board at the front of the room. Mrs. Harrison is twiddling her fingers impatiently. She must want me to answer…and write the answer on the board, I think to myself. Great. Now everyone can see how utterly lost I am; I don’t know what we’re doing! I just had to fall asleep, didn’t I? Too late now….they’re all waiting….

    By H-Money on 06.05.2011

  14. That’s the same word as yesterday? Is that the way it works? Doubt it. Remember blackboards and green boards and getting to clean boards with wet towels? What about teachers like me who would end up every day with chalkbutt by leaning against the chalktray?

    By Sandy URL on 06.05.2011

  15. should i write on english or croatian, argh spelling is bad.,.. why do i write this? whats the point? no inspiration. ahaaaaaa just now i saw the word. childrend playing on the street. white hands, bad school teacher

    By Sanja on 06.05.2011

  16. The chalkboard at the front of the classroom gleamed. The trials of the school year had not yet blemished its surface, though, soon, its uninterrupted perfection would be no more.

    By MagicsaMazing URL on 06.05.2011

  17. I entered the class room to the scratch of the teacher writing on the chalk board. ‘Today’s final exam!’ Crap…you forgot to study again! This exam is 75% of your grade. Lauren..your screwed…

    By veggiemuffin URL on 06.05.2011

  18. Chalkboard always reminds me of school. Of course. Someone teaching me. The verb should be learning. That switch of mindset took place as I matured. I had employees who said they needed to be trained on certain t

    By Bruce Corson URL on 06.05.2011

  19. Written on the chalkboard was “goodbye”. The year had begun so well and yet the whole year was twisted through unexpected

    By Hannah URL on 06.05.2011

  20. likechalkboards we can write with chalk, teachers teach using chalkboards. i stole some coloured chalk before. they were really retty. a asshole teacher threw a halkboard eraser on me once. id sue, but i didnt know to, i was too young. sigh. should have sued his pants off.

    By andrea on 06.05.2011

  21. I want to live in a chalkboard. No worries. Just looking in at what other people write or say. Slipping through the erase marks and kissing the chalk. Cursing the math problems and dancing with poems.

    By Madi on 06.05.2011

  22. I hate chalkboards. Every time the teacher writes on one I cringe a little inside. I keep waiting for the chalk stick to break and fingernails to scratch across the surface. Even now, the backs of my knees tingle just thinking about it. Thank god for white boards.

    By simplyjoyful URL on 06.05.2011

  23. the chalkboard was dusty. the duster lay on the floor. swirls of chalkdust settled gently onto the desk. the room was quiet, early afternoon sunlight filtering in through the branches in dappled shadow. the woman sat alone behind the dusk, the curls o fher hair permeated with the white streaks of

    By Hieronymous Zilfiger on 06.05.2011

  24. I miss chalkboards. they were cool. White boards, the things we have these days, are just not the same.
    It’s true though, I don’t miss the scratching of fingernails on the chalkboard. It makes me shiver just thinking about it!

    By Sile on 06.05.2011

  25. i write on this when i was young, and when the world was young others wrote on it, it’s a natural resource and no created people have used it for centuries. it squeeks and people hate that about them, they avoid scratching it because it makes people shiver and feel ill.

    By madwin on 06.05.2011

  26. We write on the chalkboard. Reminds me of the schooldays, students scribbling in absence of the teacher,

    By Garima on 06.05.2011

  27. The days of schooling. Chalkboards, despite their immediate association are disappearing as a result of the continuing rise of technology. Why use a chalkboard when you can use a projector and your computer? Personally, chalkboards have more personality and I would rather learn off of the intimate setting of marker and board than the cold and calculating world of the computers.

    By G on 06.05.2011

  28. When I was little and went to a private catholic school, we always wrote on chalkboards… but then somewhere along the way chalkboards were replaced with whiteboards… and then whiteboards were replaced by SmartBoards…. weird huh? But when I went to college, there were chalkboards again.

    By Emily on 06.05.2011

  29. Chalkboard. It’s what teachers use to teach their students. One uses chalk in order to write upon it, and then uses an eraser to get rid of the mark made. It is generally a very messy teaching tool, and teachers tend to prefer whiteboards instead of chalkboards these days.

    By Kaitlyn on 06.05.2011

  30. a i see a chalkboard every day at school. some are green others are black, some squeek, and others have colored chalk. I hate nails on a chalkboard.

    By Kaitlyn on 06.05.2011

  31. Chalkboard. I’m standing at the front of the room;

    By Catella on 06.05.2011

  32. I walked through the halls, remembering when they felt so much bigger. The chairs seemed so small, now. It felt almost eerie how familiar this was, but then again, so different; as it were all a dream. A dream that was so foggy, yet so very clear. The faces were not that same. The rooms were different, too. I didn’t like this feeling. I found it. This room was special to me. I walked into the unknown, eyes wide open. I sat in my old spot hoping the chair would recognize me. We were strangers once again. Staring towards the front of the room, I would need to introduce myself to another. Everything was replaced. My memories were disappointed.

    By Kari URL on 06.05.2011

  33. The chalkboards at school are green. Only science teachers have them. Everyone else has white dry erase boards. I like chalk boards better.

    By ainnat on 06.05.2011

  34. My roommates and I had painted the door to the garage with chalkboard paint. It was a daily activity – decorating the door with colorful drawings and messages. When I woke up and walked into the kitchen on my 25th birthday, Erin had scribbled a beautiful happy birthday message for me.

    By Chloe on 06.05.2011

  35. Chalkboard. I’m standing at the front of the classroom. I feel eyes boring into the back of my head. In front of me, a green slate of blank. My fingers, clutching the tiny piece of chalk, shiver with nervousness.
    “I’m sorry,” say in a low voice to the teacher. I wish I had had more time to prepare.”
    “I’m sorry, too,” she says, even though she doesn’t look sorry.

    By Catella URL on 06.05.2011

  36. Dust and noise, hands become white as you write the things that people are supposed to find insight into. If you listen you can make anything insightful. Not just on a chalkboard.

    By Anna-Jayne URL on 06.05.2011

  37. Chalkboard/Walkboard/Talkboard/SockboardLockboard/ROckboard/Falkboard/Faaauuuuuu”ckboard/Fuuuccccccckkkboard/FUCKING BORED.

    The extension of an arenose (chalky) [spectral] line by the Bohr’ed.

    By Josie URL on 06.05.2011

  38. Teachers organization nails on a chalkboard conformity old days bag lunches desks apple

    By maddy on 06.05.2011

  39. chalkboard is black and this is be used on teachers

    By Louise on 06.05.2011

  40. school. which is right now my biggest dilemma. hwat with all the expectations and deadlines and all the shizz. i wonder if all this time is worth it. and i wonder if any of this will pay off. i hope.

    By rafielaninya on 06.05.2011