June 3rd, 2011 | 545 Entries

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545 Entries for “radio”

  1. the radio wakes me up in the morning. i HATE when they overplay songs, which is why you must limit your radio-listening. overall, the radio’s pretty cool. raddddioooo. yeah. cool. my favorites are kiss, jamn, and country

    By Andrea Elizabeth on 06.04.2011

  2. spitting static in my car
    the radio is a passenger who only wants me to sing.

    By caitlin URL on 06.04.2011

  3. nothing but the radio on laying in bed waiting for my soldier to text or call just to hear his voice tell me he misses me. every song on the radio says things which i cannot.

    By Taylor URL on 06.04.2011

  4. i can’t hear it. it is an illusion and merely a word to me. yet the radio does so much for so many, and many can’t do anything without it: think, work, live, sleep, breathe — just too bad they don’t listen.

    the hearing hear little.

    By Mich URL on 06.04.2011

  5. tired in the car, people staring two windshields away
    i turn on the radio and start going away
    im gone
    far gone
    living moments from my past convined with my future
    singing at the top of my lungs
    the traffic starts moving.

    By marikaguero URL on 06.04.2011

  6. many people here the radio wether its in the car or at home. back then many people used to have radios at home but now no one has them.

    By emilia URL on 06.04.2011

  7. the radio corprite media telling you what to listen to so what if I don’t want to listen to the mind retarteding music of today or can I listen to some real music that has meaning not just singing about sex

    By Monica Morrisongraff on 06.04.2011

  8. What did Grandpa Mickey like to listen to on the radio? I imagine him with the big dial finding the right show — Jack Benny or Benny Goodman or Young Goodman Brown. Did he ever listen to James Brown? Did he howl with delight?

    By Jeff Goodman on 06.04.2011

  9. Radio waves weren’t waving and communication was impossible from this remote place. The two software programs weren’t synching. Male to female fittings were playing up as usual, jamming the waves. It was a classic case of postulating vs. proposing, head-banging on the same wall that dates back to Cro-Magnon days. You’d think such an old wall would be crumbling, but it’s as strong as ever.

    By Miss Alister URL on 06.04.2011

  10. in 1930s, people get to hear the news through a device instead of newspapers on time. This kind of news in known as radio. Radio marks the beginning of mass media communications.

    By Nasreen Mohsin on 06.04.2011

  11. the radio gives out music and info on what is happenin around you….co

    By speshal URL on 06.04.2011

  12. A radio is a great thing. It rarely takes batteries anymore because with the invention of the iPhone many people can now listen to a radio from their phone. In the 30s & 40s a radio was a lifeline for many families and a source of comfort for these families due to FDR’s fireside chats.

    By Anna on 06.04.2011

  13. music
    call in

    By olivia on 06.04.2011

  14. Whenever I think of radio, I think of one of those outdated things they used in the old days especially during World war 2 I think because of the pianist in that first scene where they’re trying to listen to the radio for the news, and the pianist plays piano on the radio.

    By Camille on 06.04.2011

  15. i hate how radios play the same song over and over and how on kiss fm ryan seacrest thinks that he can give advice to people how have real issues and when he’s top concern is how many more jobs can he fit in his schedule.

    By Mary URL on 06.04.2011

  16. 90’s weekend on star 94. That’s really the only time i enjoy it unless im in an “i don
    t care about shit” mood and just want to listen to shitty music I guess. It is cool to hear a good song on the radio, but it seems that unless it’s a station like Dave 29 9 or 97 1 that we lose a little respect for the artist, why???

    By Jillian on 06.04.2011

  17. Sitting in the backseat of my parents car. They’re fighting about something. His drinking, her sexual exploits. The radio is playing a news story. Children in Africa. Sesame Street. Something relating to kids. I put my head against the window and feel

    By Johanna on 06.04.2011

  18. It filled me, the radio. It filled my ears and my senses, as I felt the crackling of it, as I felt how much it brought back the memories. It brought back the memories of the breakup and when you left and how you told me you didn’t love me, and how you told me you didn’t want me anymore, and how you told me how I wasn’t good enough for you. It made me remember how much I loved you, and how much I still love you. It used to be me, you, and the radio. Now I’m alone. I miss you, oh how I miss you. Come back.

    By Deepti on 06.04.2011

  19. I was listening to the radio when this man told me to turn it off so I did and I asked him what he wanted and he told me he didn’t like the song that was on. So I agreed and told him it was a terrible pop song and the singer sounded whiny. He asked me on a date and then we got married three years later. That’s how I met your father.

    By Brent URL on 06.04.2011

  20. i wish i had a radio the old fashioned way, that took me places i miss forever, to my kids, to Maria Lucia, to life again, to enjoy what was denied to me…

    By sam hassan on 06.04.2011

  21. radio is rad. yeah, i said it. rad. like the surfers that are also stoners. stoked. yes, i said it. stoked. like the stoners that are also geniuses. waiting. waiting to be discovered. while they listen to the… radio. the rad radio. stoked.

    By annie brown URL on 06.04.2011

  22. As I was listening to the radio in my car, it became all static. The wind picked up all around me, but I was fearless because I knew what was coming. I knew how it was going to end.

    By Sam Heckle on 06.04.2011

  23. the radio is annoying. it always plays the same songs OVER and OVER AGAIN, gahh. its a mainstream explosion of fake robotic voices. it makes me wanna kill myself when i listen to it. #teen angst. kesha, bruno mars, lame.

    By Tatum Smith on 06.04.2011

  24. The radio is an awesome invention. Honestly, it’s great. You can have different kinds of radios in different places playing different radio stations with different music. It can really suit everyone

    By Maria URL on 06.04.2011

  25. God i’m so board! I think as i sit and look at the radio. Why do i have to have an old one? It belonged to my mom back in the 70s. She remembers listening to Abba, Kizz, and of cores Steven Tyler. Uh, i hate it so much with its big yellow buttons and alien like antenna! It doesn’t even have a CD player in it!! She hates me. I’m convinced of it. If she loved me than i would have had a cool radio with every station possible, but no, i got this. so much for a cool birthday present. Well, i might as well look at the card. “Dear Betsy, back in 76 i saved all of my money to by this radio. I loved it more than anything. It was the year i discovered all of the greatest music of all time. So i’m giving it to you so that way it will make you happy just like it did to me. lots of love -mom.” Wow. Thats was realty nice. she doesn’t hate me after all. OK i’ll guess give it a chance.

    By Evy Perez on 06.04.2011