October 10th, 2018 | 36 Entries

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36 Entries for “chalkboard”

  1. Its like all of life. The most monumental events all come down to a series of tiny insignificant moments. Wendy would never have been able to guess that those few scribbled lines on a chalkboard in a convent school on the border of Chile and Peru would lead her to knowing what she now knew.

    By bb333 URL on 10.10.2018


    He walked off stage with a grin from ear to ear and his ukulele. He cocked one eyebrow at her. Sara desperately did not want to smile back. Baker was jubilant. And annoyingly handsome. She was still fuming. “Don’t bother coming the cowboy with me Sonny Jim” she said, meaning it. But as the words slipped from her mouth she realised that he had indeed come the cowboy well and truly in his usually flamboyant fashion. She was powerless against his charm. God, she said, I am definitely not getting a drink with you.

    By bb333 URL on 10.10.2018

  3. I could feel her fingernails on my back. Racing against each ridge, attempting to probe my spine as if she were trying to extract something from my bones. The sensation set my teeth on the brink, made the stuff in my veins turn into a personal arctic ocean. I felt shriveled up and petrified like an old tree. But the worst was the noise they made. Like my body was, indeed, an outdated, makeshift chalkboard.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.10.2018

  4. During the 1800s, schoolchildren used something called a slate for writing. A slate was like a chalkboard, only smaller.

    By Laura Ingalls Fan on 10.10.2018

  5. The faint remains of a few words could be made out
    on the chalkboard. They were written over equations
    and theories of where we are to fit in the world.

    Onto pages they were copied, and into minds the seeped
    while the students listened, while their minds wandered
    through the window to the world where the birds made nothing

    that could be expressed so elegantly on a chalkboard.

    Another class come through before the old writing was removed
    the sit and admire the scribblings left by an unsteady, excited hand
    the symbols meant so much to those that just left, but to those
    seated now in the lecture theatre they were something of mystery.

    By Flyderkov URL on 10.10.2018

  6. He walked in the room and the smell of the old chalkboard hit him like a train.

    By danbre URL on 10.11.2018

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  9. I remember the feeling of being called up to the chalkboard at school, writing the answers in front of the whole class, praying not to slip up and make the awful screeching sound of that earned collective groans. It was always a mixture of pleasure and embarrassment that I would walk up there, proud to be chosen, shy to be in the spotlight, and terrified of looking stupid. How these little lessons in your youth shape who you will be.

    By papillon on 10.11.2018

  10. I don’t hate the sound like everyone else. Nails on a chalkboard’ is always said to be the worst sound imaginable — like a horrific screeching that shatters your mind. I find it rather pleasant.

    By Abby Jelly URL on 10.11.2018

  11. a fox, its broken leg dangling by a tendon on the road, screaming
    as it drags its shattered body to the ditch

    but your unbroken nails write love letters to the dark, the flat

    By Rowan Springle on 10.11.2018

  12. The dust from the chalk floated off the board. It looked like magic in the air. Like the teacher was trying to put a spell on the students by simply erasing what she wrote. The chalkboard was more like a place to step into, to disappear for even a moment as the teacher wrote a question for the students to answer and quickly erased her example as for them to come up with their own. Little Tommy in the back row put out his hand hoping to catch some of the dust, hoping that the magic from the leftover words would fall on his hands and he could write about the time he felt like he could be anything he ever wanted to be in the world. Being all of ten years old he felt limited in his choices, though he wouldn’t use the word limited, he just knew inside there didn’t seem to be much for him to choose from. He didn’t want to put down a fake superhero, that felt silly and childish. And even though he was still a child, due to the circumstances of his upbrining he had gone through more in his ten years of life than most people ever due in their whole life time. A loss of a parent, moving schools six times in three years, almost ending up in the system, which he wasn’t sure what that meant but he felt like being in a system met being without his siblings and that made him feel sad and lonely. What he wished he could be was someone who could bring people back from the dead, someone who could breathe life back into the mouth of his mother who he saw dies in her bed as he stood back watching his father cry for the first time. He wanted to bring life back as it uses to be before his mother left them all to fend for themselves. Could catching the chalk dust help him figure out the answer to the question. Tommy was a serious student even though his grades were never the best and his attention was not always fully there in the classroom, he did take school seriously yet he also had much bigger experiences that pulled him from giving his all to the assignments of the day, the conversations between his teacher and classmates and even from participating fully on the playground. Tommy wanted to return to feeling like a kid but he realized those days were long gone, lost when he let go of his mom the night before his 10th birthday. Now almost 8 months later he wonders what he would be or do that could change the world, his world, a world around him if he could do or be anything.

    By GmaCis URL on 10.11.2018

  13. I walk up to the chalkboard to write the answer to 23*65. When I tripped on someone’s foot everyone laughed and I got back up and went to the board and I wrote 1,495. Is that right or wrong?

    By Someone Unknown to you on 10.11.2018

  14. _____
    / o o \ SNOWMAN
    \ — /
    \ ____ /
    \ / \ /
    \ / 0 \ /
    / 0 \
    / \

    By Cool pics on 10.11.2018

  15. i love chalkboards they are so fun and re usable you can write and then erase

    By Amanda Schriml on 10.11.2018

  16. chalkboards. they’re annoying and make too much noise, but their use goes back to the classics of teaching and literature developed in the arms of those with a chalk and an eraser that just got too much dust everywhere. chalkboards are nostalgic to those pursuing teaching and just love teaching others, chalkboards.

    By Melanie Cruz on 10.11.2018

  17. his teeth pressed against my skin like chalk being pressed against the board. the pain was deep, but the yearning for his touch was much deeper; so I let the pain soak into me and with everything I had, I loved him. and now chalkboards remind me of his touch.

    By Melanie Cruz on 10.11.2018

  18. The chalk dust scatters around me as the shriek of the chalk whips across the room like a gunshot. I scribble the answer to the problem as fast as I can and flounce down triumphantly into my seat. One point for me, none for the world.

    By Sparklespirit on 10.11.2018

  19. “Jimmy,” said Ms. Carter, the teacher of the second grade, “Please right the sum of 4 and 8 on the chalkboard.”
    Jimmy stood up and walked over to the large, black board on the wall, and wrote down the math problem.

    By Emma Reed on 10.11.2018

  20. Chalkboards are becoming a thing of the past. I haven’t been in a classroom in over 8 years, but I was recently in an elementary school and I saw a new gadget. Wow. Now that is something I can honestly say I would not see the end of. But yes, it’s true! I like the new chalkboards. They are cleaner.

    By Kika URL on 10.11.2018

  21. I just remembered the times when I was studying in the school or university, I don’t know exactly, we’re using those shits.

    By blabla on 10.11.2018

  22. black
    white letters
    front of classroom
    old school
    nails on it create screeching

    By Kim Eggert URL on 10.11.2018

  23. Nice to meet you, my name’s Chalk. My strengths include writing and drawing stick people. I don’t know what I am made of, but I draw really well on chalkboards. Chalkboards are also one of my strengths. Actually, I am the inventor of chalkboards. My full name is Chalk Board.

    By Chalk Board on 10.11.2018

  24. A chalkboard is a black substance that retains a material known as chalk that may vary in size, color and shape. Also chalkboards were commonly used until the 2000s by teachers.

    By Nate on 10.11.2018

  25. She traced the dust on the chalkboard ledge. She couldn’t look at him. “I dunno.”
    “I think you do.” He said it gently, not accusingly. Like he knew her answering her own question was important.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 10.11.2018

  26. The teacher stood at the chalkboard writing something all the other students could see while all she saw was an empty board.

    By J. L. Sullens on 10.11.2018

  27. As he entered the classroom, everyone stopped and turned to stare. Ms. Griswold was at the front, outlining today’s lesson plan on the board. His heart stopped, as he noticed the only open desk was directly next to that Heather bitch he met at the party over the summer.

    By Macey on 10.11.2018

  28. it’s so dark here; i don’t know what is going on i need some light but i could not find or just candle to see some hope! give me a power; i can’t see any thing however myself!! woow what is this darkness that so much!! is it a new world here!! i need answer!! wait wait i can find some thing white it’s chalk! what could i do with this in this dark world!? look i can draw line! ohh! it’s weird okay let try to write any word that i need! (hope, trust, light, strength…) you know what all those words are moving and create for me a road that i could see through the color of the chalk!! woow now i understand i look like so small!! you know i realize that i’m on a big, black chalkboard…!

    By Roumaissaa FERHI on 10.11.2018

  29. He is nails on a chalkboard. He is like a car crash. I can’t look away, no matter how badly I want to. Even though my body is the one that ends up mangled in the wreckage. I can’t breathe.

    By Haley URL on 10.11.2018

  30. Chalkboards are usually known to be black, but some are pine green in color.

    By A Funny Gal on 10.11.2018

  31. random jibber jabber my sister told me not to do lol

    By ewyirywnfiwebfi on 10.11.2018

  32. Thomas wrote on the chalkboard.

    By ewyirywnfiwebfi on 10.11.2018

  33. writing’s on the wall buddy
    how we move into the future
    is exactly how we failed in the past
    time is cyclical, call me cynical,
    i’m sickly ill
    like a chalkboard, our memories are easily erased
    by a lowliest student in the loneliest place

    By Matt m. on 10.11.2018

  34. She stood in front of the class. The old classroom was filled with noise of feet shuffling and whispering, she thought she even heard some suppressed laughter. A boy in the first row lifted his hand: “Miss, what is the word for toilet paper under your shoe in Russian?”

    By Silke Seßler on 10.11.2018

  35. She stood at the chalkboard and her body froze. No one said a word until she turned around and we could see in her expression that she was there, but she really wasn’t. The question had taken her away from us. She was at a distance from the room though she stood right there at the chalkboard.

    By Laura Helouvry URL on 10.12.2018

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