June 5th, 2008 | 103 Entries

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103 Entries for “century”

  1. Century. A rather arbitrary unit of time made by us humans, and not even all of us humans, just because we think that raising the base unit of our mathematical system to the second power is somehow magical, or special.
    We run so much off of our “Century”, from military organization to how we count our history, that perhaps…we forget…it would be so different if we had a base 7 number system…

    By Clemon on 06.05.2008

  2. thinking of time longer than i’ll ever see and things bigger than i’ll ever be. it makes me hope that this isn’t it. that there isn’t just one chance. that it is all connected. that the puzzle is so big that we need more than one go-round to piece it all together.

    By lizziface on 06.05.2008

  3. one hundred years ago… it would have been horrible to live in that time

    By mandy on 06.05.2008

  4. This century has brought joy, pain and hope. Yet things change and they change quickly. It makes me wonder what it will be like in future centuries. Perhaps we will discover time travel, cures, and space travel. How neat that would be.

    By R.E. Taylor on 06.05.2008

  5. This century is going to be the death of our people. Of the great and the not-so-wonderful lovers and fighter. This time, our time, is when we let it ride to the ages. Ride.

    By Jellie on 06.06.2008

  6. One hundred years old. How cliche is that. I would think of something more ingenious if I wasn’t so tired. It’s 2:05 in the morning and I’m fat. I ate too much, so I can’t sleep. I feel like I’m going to keel over, and my eyes are about to drop out of my head like quarters that fell out of a pocket on an amusement park ride. One. Hundred. Years. Old.

    The time is red.

    By Dana on 06.06.2008

  7. one hundred times i speak to you.
    you turn your head a hundred more.
    the times, the changes.
    The rolls of the mountian and the residue of the river, drifting away.
    one hundred times i called your name.
    but this is a hundred years later and i will never reply again.

    By ele on 06.06.2008

  8. it had felt like a long time, like a century had past me by, but it had been a matter of days. I had woken up that morning to find the parcel on my door step wrapped in heavy brown paper. I sat at the breakfast table and sipped on my coffee, looking wondering, what it could possibly be.

    By Nicci on 06.06.2008

  9. It’s a nice word to say, it starts off softly with a sharp point in the middle. Then, when you think about how old the earth is, or how long humans have been around – it doesn’t seem like that long at all.

    By Shannon on 06.06.2008

  10. It is imperative for me to write something good about century, but honestly, all I can think about is that I don’t want to reach that mark. I do want to see the next century, but only if I could somehow skip some years and not live to be a hundred years old. Ironic isn’t it?

    By Josh on 06.06.2008

  11. One hundred years later and we haven’t gotten anywhere. The world is still a shit hole, only now it comes with Ipods. Has human behavior improved? Have we really advanced as a species? One day, we lift racial inequalities, the next day a dictator in Mynmar takes a million dollars of aid for himself.

    By Dr. Cynic on 06.06.2008

  12. one hundred years. Many things can happen, it’s a long time – I’ll probably be dead by the end of this century. So many things can, and will happen in it though, I really need to make the most of it. What to do? Fine love, have a family, go travelling. But what about change? Can I make a change to this world? I think I should.

    By Simon on 06.06.2008

  13. century.
    the new beginning
    bathtubs filled with money, empty back accounts.

    kisses in the shadows



    By madeleine on 06.06.2008

  14. this century my children will see me die, they will inherit a massive debt from the government. They will raise their children among things that my parents never even dreamed about and would not have wanted to have in their lives even if they had. I try to keep up, but find that I can’t. I want them to be happy whatever their endevours.

    By barbara james on 06.06.2008

  15. this century, will we see the end of it? will there still be clean air to breath, and fresh water to drink? will there be forests to hike in, and oceans to swim in? will I live to see the end of this century?

    By tango on 06.06.2008

  16. Centuries of centuries of time passed before I saw him again; or so it felt. I was missing him even more; eagerly picking up the ringing phone to hear his voice. But it never was him, in fact. He had long forgotten. There was never a worse feeling than that day…oh, how I will never forget it.

    By If love is blind, then why do people wear lingerie? on 06.06.2008

  17. It was the love of the century, some would say.

    By Shannon on 06.06.2008

  18. The difference between this century and last century will have to be great. Last century we consumed. This century we must conserve so that we do not destroy this creation that wants to serve us so well. Those from this century

    By Robin on 06.06.2008

  19. i don’t know what you’re talking about. in the last century everyone was nice. now, you and your new century are telling me things that i would rather not think about. i hate your new century. i want the 1900s back. the 60s, 70s, for godsake, the 90s are better than this shit you’re offloading on me now. I HATE THIS CENTURY GODDAMIT.

    By Joshua on 06.06.2008

  20. a hundred years ,just above our average life span, we are insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

    By martin morrissey on 06.06.2008

  21. turn of the century… flip it over alright … don’t look back…err i mean…please do!! and learn… learn from the past, make love not war…and such

    By BeBobalula on 06.06.2008

  22. I haveut hope to. I dont know if I want to be a hundred years old…. nt lived a full century b
    imagine the things you can see in 100 years? how much would change… we have changed so much in the last century I cant imagine what we’ll be like in another hundred years. I wonder if my daughter will be around to see it?

    By bonnie on 06.06.2008

  23. in the following years i wish the best to my friends, to my enemies, and to the land of lands. for the past several years there has been some cloud of confusion obscuring the minds of young professionals, the bitter elderly, and the regulated youth. no one seems to know exactly where they’re going or exactly what they’re meaning.

    By dan on 06.06.2008