June 6th, 2008 | 113 Entries

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113 Entries for “festival”

  1. A gift to /b/.

    By Anonymous on 06.07.2008

  2. i guess the festival was fun, but I hadnt been there before! I wish I could see the festival this year. Two feet on my festival could be the key to a healthy prostate. the endless means by which the means are procured in a manner often sought at festivals is not the best manner for the spring

    By Ben Hume on 06.07.2008

  3. beware the flaming festivities, the carnival, the lights. watch out for milling clowns and topless gentlemen, stay keen, stay strong, be ready.

    be ready for the festival, the loss of self, the fights.

    you live you breathe you dance you sneeze you’re here with me, we’re free.

    By joni on 06.07.2008

  4. happy time in a street, big costumes, im thinking of the chinese one. yeah. with the dragons.

    By michelle on 06.07.2008

  5. going to one today, with the last show of the Police in Belgium. Some horrible weather but with a few beers that should be no issue for long. Going to see Iggy and the Stooges as well. Ugly old motherfucker who hopefully still rocks.

    Apart from that some local bands that have come together for a reunion which is always nice.

    Rock it!

    By Kurt on 06.07.2008

  6. If the South American boll weevil gets under your skin,it can cause your skin to fester or boil.That is why some people call it the Festivil

    By a false terl on 06.07.2008

  7. de la luz

    By daniela on 06.07.2008

  8. THe festival of lights.
    I bet mahima gowda’s enjoying it.
    She’s the main attraction there.
    She’s the main attraction everywhere.
    Everyone’s forgotten about the festival , instead
    got their eyes on mahima

    By xyz on 06.07.2008

  9. And we dance to the tune of our favorite unwritten song.

    By d on 06.07.2008

  10. Parties and fun. Feasting on chicken and schnitzels at christmas. Crazy dancing.

    By amalka on 06.07.2008

  11. so there’s a beer festival in uttoxeter today that my friend wants me to go to, i can think of more fun types of festival but i don’t think i’ve really ever been to one. i don’t think i’ll go all the same, one day i shall go to glastooo but probably not soon. they seem like fun places filled with wellies and mud, yay ^_^ festival festival. no other experiences to write about..

    By Dani on 06.07.2008

  12. It was a festival of lights. The dog felt tired from the all the noise and smoke. It’s chest heaved as it waited for the next explosion. Faint and limping, from trying to jump over the wall

    By ruby on 06.07.2008

  13. Some days, she didn

    By Caz on 06.07.2008

  14. clearance,peace, fully cooperational leaders of the free world. One world= peace in whole planet

    By Simas on 06.07.2008

  15. festivals are great. you have reasons to be happy, meet other people and share your happiness.

    By rainbow on 06.07.2008

  16. The lights on the midway sparkled and the mud squelched underfoot. Janey gripped the paper cone of her cotton candy and gingerly tasted the sugar spun threads. Behind the win-a-goldfish booth, a shadowy man beckoned to her. Come over, he said.

    By Melissa Palladino on 06.07.2008

  17. festival is text to speech engine, which is opensource and developed by university of edinburgh. I maintain it along with Kumar for Debian. And we are now moving to add Gujarati support too! festival-hi/festival-

    By Kartik Mistry on 06.07.2008

  18. fun great love everyone go together and have loads of good old fun. carnivals. fairs. ferris wheels. chairs. tables popcorn cotton candy

    By a on 06.07.2008

  19. processions and elephants and streamers and bells and smoke and fires and cinnamon and balloons and children and beggars and coins rolling in the dirt and priests on high walls, and ladies in veils, and eyes reddened by smoke and dreams and magic and death.

    By Tobias Will on 06.07.2008

  20. Festivals are massive mixed glorious afairs, and this one was no different. Maxien was happy to be part of it, but unfortunatly the grass skirt and beaded bra was not quite to her taste, but she would make do.

    By Chowmingus on 06.07.2008

  21. there was a festival and i really enjoyed it. there is a song called the festival song by good charlotte. thats when they were really good. now its all complaining. where did the good ones go? i mean seriously. now this kid in my class (WHO SUCKS) likes good charlottes new stuff. NO NO. i hate their new stuff. go back to the good stuff, guys.

    By sarah on 06.07.2008

  22. color fun happiness food enjoyment people celebrations brightness prayer god

    By vishal on 06.07.2008

  23. The dancers swirled around her, first slow and beautiful, then becoming faster, more intimidating. She stumbled back, but they surrounded her, filling in any empty spaces, with large, grotesque smiles on their faces. She began to cry, for what felt like the first time in years, confused and frightened.

    By Me on 06.07.2008

  24. it was a festival of food. we ate as much as we could, moving between booths with our stomachs full and our wallets full too. we ate pork belly, candy on paper strips, we bought knit scarves for the winter, which was so far away, we ate applesauce and bacon and potato fritters.

    By Becca on 06.07.2008

  25. By jenny on 06.07.2008

  26. cathy goes to festival in ohio every year on my brithday with birdie and it makes me super sad and they just go and dance and that’s all i know about festival

    By abby on 06.07.2008

  27. Festivities, fiesta. He wore fiesta red chucks. The kid was a fiesta. A pirate. I knew another pirate once. A punk pirate. And he was in love with me, apparently. I was sad when he called to tell me though, because that ship had sailed.

    By Pam on 06.07.2008

  28. i love festivals, you get to play the different and fun games that they have there and just have a good time with your family and friends. But sometimes the festivals are so full of people it gets stuffy and crowded but still i like it.

    By jang on 06.07.2008

  29. bright swirling colors. hot dogs. tilt a whirls. photos booths. holding hands. winning prizes. tired at the end of the day. tummy aches. great memories. slightly sunburned. Fun!

    By Moria on 06.07.2008

  30. I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for 10 years. The thing that I remember most was SummerFest. It was a huge music festival that was held down by Lake Michigan. There were several stages with several different music venues.

    By Paula Condon on 06.07.2008

  31. A festival was held the 3rd of July. During the festival, 4 people fell off the roller coaster, and were injured. Of the 4, 3 were guys who had been drinking schnapps. If you during schnapps on a rollercoastrer, you will be likely to do one of 2 things: throw up or get thrown off.
    Such is the character of young men. To live dangerously to the point of foolishness.

    By Jim on 06.07.2008

  32. It’s fun and there’s usually music. I love music so that’s.. great for me I guess. Haven’t attended many, but the ones I have, I loved.

    By shwS on 06.07.2008

  33. I went to a festival a few years ago. It was somewhat scary, as I have a weird phobia. I’m afraid of clowns. Does anyone else has this fear of mine? It’s strange as I don’t have it for a long time…

    By Daniel on 06.07.2008