May 25th, 2017 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “century”

  1. i don’t know. i quit.

    By ian URL on 05.26.2017

  2. It was only a century ago since I first saw her yet it feels like the stars are ripping themselves apart all over again just to create the new planet God called “Earth” all those eons before. I’ve been watching her. Time doesn’t seem to fray the hair on my precious Adahlia’s head…not like the other’s and her blood doesn’t spill like a human’s. However, she’s found no other comfort outside this rather hindersome species, my gentle princess insists on gracing the poor things with her company.

    “Why, Adahlia? Why must you pain me with this task?” I’m so maddened by her beauty that her slumber beckons me to the bedside of my dearest, whispering pathetic pleas of relief. I don’t wish to kill the humans, as nauseous as they are, but how does this magnificent rose expect me to be her sun when all the leaves and thorns are in the way?

    In this period, for one reason or another, The Humans have grown anxious of sexual desire. A rose cannot share her nectar with another rose, lest one of Salem’s witch hunts be in order. For this reason, I cannot even show my face to Adahlia for I’m sure that she will fall in love with me just as I have for her. The Convent’s lips are pressed so tightly to the arse’s of these cretinous animals that I would not be able to protect my Queen from their conniption of riots and burning crucifixes.

    A little slip of poison in their food will surely go undetected… The Convent will just write it off as another disease mutated too quickly. Then I will have Adahlia’s sweet kiss at last! Whatever she is, her heart will beat in my hands for eternity.

    By Bunni on 05.26.2017

  3. is the current lifespan that I share with billions of people all around the world.

    I am grateful that you are here reading at this moment, because in a way,

    We are all in this together…..

    one love

    By askJeffrey.lee on 05.26.2017

  4. It is almost impossible to be remembered for centuries, so instead we should try to make a life we can be proud of ourselves without worrying about how others think of us a hundred years later.

    By Anonymous on 05.26.2017

  5. Time flying. Ages pass and childhoods come and go. The sun falls and rises, the earth turns,
    Spinning under the sun’s gentle glow. Time comes for us all.

    By Abbey on 05.26.2017

  6. don’t think, just write about “century”. but what would be included in the almanac? the encyclopedia? the more we learn the more we realize we don’t know, and that is a fact. what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow or the next day. This is a state of entropy we have embraced without realizing or applying to our “rules”.

    By 314 on 05.26.2017