May 27th, 2017 | 33 Entries

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33 Entries for “motor”

  1. the motor of her
    roared after dusk.
    the sound of
    the engine fading
    into the distance.
    “i love you,” i said.
    “i love me too.”

    By ashley on 05.27.2017

  2. things are ticking in my head,
    rotating, spinning,
    a baton that travels
    as if its past in a relay race.
    migrating around my mind.
    communicating ideas.

    By beachbumrach URL on 05.27.2017

  3. High motor type player. Guy’s got real hustle to him/ A real lunch pail first in first out type of guy. Gives his very all. At least he’ll sell you on it.

    By MYOOHUANMEESD URL on 05.27.2017

  4. Get your motor running, running.
    Sometimes it takes just a little chant in the mornings to get yourself going.
    Give yourself this pep talk if you have trouble getting started.
    Go! Go! Go! Get your motor running, running!

    By Lisa on 05.27.2017

  5. Sitting there, quiet, sipping a drink and enjoying nature until.
    Some jerk drives by with no muffler, going way too fast for the rural area.

    By Neo URL on 05.27.2017

  6. He was wearing cargo pants with a sea of oil dripping down the front. When he saw me he stood, wiping his grime covered hands with an old rag.

    “You Ana?” he asks, his voice gruff and gravelly.

    I look behind me nervously, wanting desperately to return to the safety of my car.

    By Nasneen URL on 05.27.2017

  7. Would you like to take a ride on the Mediterranean sea? On a motorboat for three, but just two is fine with me. We’ll have a picnic on the beach and a personal jubilee. I have everything prepared; all you have to do is agree.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.27.2017

  8. fall with me
    let go
    love is an accident
    you wanted so badly

    all the towering hours
    for one
    to empty yourself into

    galaxies of spreading stars
    touch me
    fingers I have ached for
    find my face

    as I trace
    the handwork of god
    swim across green pools
    in you
    I am delivered

    By minimalist URL on 05.27.2017

  9. The revving motor reminded me of the good ol’ days. Me on the back of the motorcycle strolling down the beach. It was beautiful ,oh the summer days I miss .

    By Jaylen on 05.27.2017

  10. The motor in the car was doing fine, the little girl was very pleased. Until the motor all of a sudden stopped. The little girl looked at her older sister frighten. The older sister could seen her little sister was scared so she told her “don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”

    By jaycee on 05.27.2017

  11. in a tracter i have to fix my motor because i ran over my cat’s chicken doll

    By Eric on 05.27.2017

  12. Get my motor going. I pulled, tug-tug-tug… dead. Pull! tug-tug-tug…dead.
    What is wrong with this thing? Is the blade too high? am I pushing it too hard? Gas…maybe it’s out of gas! But what kind of gas? Where do I get gas?

    By Susannah URL on 05.27.2017

  13. churning engine, riffs of waves and skis upturned and boats and wrecks and gulls cry overhead, pulling at the string, kicking the wheels that turn, upturn, downturn, mouth that won’t stop spilling with words, churning, running out, emptying, emptied out, motor dead

    By Daisy King URL on 05.27.2017

  14. They call me Motor Mouth. I talk a blue streak. I spout cliches like a water fountain. People run to the hills when they see me walk by. I’m bursting at the seams with verbal energy. Is it any wonder I am what I am? I’m Roget’s daughter. A woman (adult, female, damsel, lady, matron, maiden, maid) who speaks in synonyms.

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.27.2017

  15. the motor was running, it had been for the last half hour as he waited patiently, perhaps too patiently for her to walk out of the motel room door. it was a drab place, hardly suitable for human occupancy. They went there anyway.

    By Derek on 05.27.2017

  16. He could hear it nearing the dock from around the bend in the river, faint at first, like the incessant flies doing loop-de-loops around his head and biting every inch of skin he had. But the sound was growing, gradually but at an almost-alarming rate. Then the motorboat came into view, and he realized there was no one driving.

    By Courka URL on 05.27.2017

  17. Motors are mechanical devices that rotate in order to generate power – power that lights our homes, and brings economic growth and opportunities.

    By Trushna on 05.27.2017

  18. Her breath spread throughout her body, her heart moving slowly ant first then revving like an engine. She gasped feeling the warm honey glow of her blood beginning to circulate throughout her veins again. She was alive.

    By TheAIndex URL on 05.27.2017

  19. O motor tinha parado. Era isso, não tinha mais jeito. A garota de cabelos loiros suspirou, olhando incrédula para seu carro novo. Quais eram as chances disso acontecer? Ela apostaria que próximas de zero.
    Lei de Murphy.

    By Nope on 05.27.2017

  20. SO I am confused about what this is and the purpose. But I landed to this website and it asked me to write something about a word that will appear, for sixty seconds I guess.

    By dsfsf URL on 05.28.2017

  21. this is a word that you usually don’t get to hear in your day to day’s life; unless you are a mechanic that is.

    By sushree mohapatra on 05.28.2017

  22. running close to too many fucking rpms how did he not know. PABST BLUE FUCKING RIBBON. The testosterone revs the candy cane mans hands and the motor responds again. In blue velvet

    By 1000 splinters on 05.28.2017

  23. I had to motor to the coast so that I could catch up to him. He was way ahead of me and I knew I would have to find a short cut to get there. He had alluded me and it had taken great detective work to find where he had escaped to. It was all up to me.

    By Julie on 05.28.2017

  24. Life:

    In miles driven: so many i can’t count.

    in accidents: endlessly hit from behind by drivers who fell asleep at the wheel, drivers who were checking on an address in the passenger seat, and drivers who were driving recklessly behind me and I didn’t think to pull over and get out of the way.

    new cars needed after accidents: two.

    cars needing extensive repairs after accidents: four

    then there was the time i went under one freeway while exiting another and a pick-up truck dropped a big load of logs and garbage on my car, shattering the front window. oh right, that was one of the two cars needing replacement rather than simply repairs.

    and all that time, not one of the motors gave out.

    i suppose i should count myself lucky.

    and i do.

    By Joanna Bressler on 05.28.2017

  25. motor cars, vehicles
    storms in cars that my father is driving
    that I am driving
    rain obscures, I cannot see?
    darkness, even brights cannot penetrate
    black dark thick forests, country roads
    motor cross vehicles, manslaughter
    road against skin
    all goes back to

    By Faith Tipton on 05.28.2017

  26. Smoke was pouring out of the motor. She lifted the bonnet of the old holden and just stared, bewildered. She was out in the middle of nowhere it was miles to the next town.

    By Angela URL on 05.28.2017

  27. a motor can fuel many things like cars and planes a motor you would not want a rusty old one that would not make your car go far.

    By littleawesomepie URL on 05.28.2017

  28. the boat’s motor stalled and began to coast
    as I was below her throat
    practicing my motor boat

    By omqwat URL on 05.28.2017

  29. With a shuddering groan, the engine sprung to life. “There,” she said, standing up straight and tucking a stray curl behind her headscarf. “Just the carbarettor, an easy fix.” The man in the driver’s seat gaped at her. The bright pink lipstick was so at odds with the oil on her hands!

    By Archanza URL on 05.28.2017

  30. As I sat in the Cold seat waiting to go…so excited to go. But I couldn’t because I knew it was wrong and I’m a new person now.

    By NannerTulip URL on 05.28.2017

  31. Motor skills are interesting, perhaps the most interesting thing about humans. Possibly what separates us from the rest of those animals.

    By Christopher Hendrickson on 05.28.2017

  32. You’ve been through a lot, miles and hills and snow and years. I try to take care like I promised. You’re doing your best so I will, too. I try. It’s so easy to fall into comfort, falling into auto-pilot in between white lines, only snapping to when they get too close. The engine strains at the regular speeds but continues on; such a familiar hum of stupid determination I can’t help but give a small pat to its flimsy plastic insides. Sitting here feels normal, feels right, and my lack of fear is what frightens me the most. Mistakes so easily slip over white lines when you no longer fear them; the feeling of your skin turning stone under the surface and clenched teeth are what keep you at the right speed, in the appropriate place. I know my hand is not on the right spot of the wheel, but it feels right.
    But with tests to pass, every detail is scrutinized. I move back to the ridged, correct position, and find myself slumping again before I realize. The engine chugs, disapproval. It’s trying so hard, why aren’t I? I tried hard once; does it remember, and cry out in disappointment? I can’t bring my hands to proper 10 and 2; I can’t bring them to do anything proper. I blink, double one-way lanes melting into a two-way road squeezed into one lane, no lines to stay within. If there’s another car, I pull aside, I always pull aside; yet now I sit firmly in the middle of the road, slow roll, not sure how to move aside enough to be passed by.

    By Ai URL on 05.28.2017

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