May 25th, 2017 | 46 Entries

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46 Entries for “century”

  1. Perhaps only once a century, she emerges from the sea and leaves trails of saltwater on sidewalks and asphalt streets that normally never touch the ocean. Sometimes she slithers toward the closest drive-thru and orders a large milkshake and fries – never a burger. You can hear her slurping down her fast food close to the shore; even monsters of the deep get hungry.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.25.2017

  2. It’s been a century since I’ve last seen you, and for that, I’m shamed. I miss the way you held my hand, and the way you looked at me after we finished our extracurriculars. I don’t miss the lies. This century has painted my horizons a new shade of orange-restart.

    By Jay on 05.25.2017

  3. hhhhhhhhhh this is too hard I’m overthinking everything

    By Estelle on 05.25.2017

  4. The Last Centurion- waiting twenty times his namesake.
    I had to concede to his role in the middle rather than the side of what would have proven to be a torrid affair.
    Weak and helpless, every story about his revival required because of his own faults.
    Next to her
    like a mirror
    The humor he lacks
    the adventures he
    doesn’t offer
    the story he couldn’t recreate
    if he spent his life trying.

    Yet he waits.
    His own doubts and yet he never walks away.
    The look in her eyes when the universe is sprawled before her, dismissive pat on the cheek. Now darling, why would you ever want to go home?
    And yet he stood guard, no
    swish of her hair, no
    warmth of her skin, no
    Only words and
    enough of a war to
    chip his sword and
    dull his armor.

    Shame for not seeing how different
    strengths can be.

    By Ai URL on 05.25.2017

  5. this century. or the last one, i can’t decide whether i would be happy there. i think if i had to choose, i would be stuck in victorian england, the 18th century. so much to learn, so many progressive ideas.. that would change the way the world turns. i think, i really think, i would like it there. after all, who wouldn’t want to meet charles dickens, the dreaded author of books i hated in highschool. however, as reluctant as i am to admit it, i like them now. for some reason his logic makes me laugh, his heavy handed satire hysterical.
    yes i think the 18th century would be my thing.,

    By Kaare Jewel Sellers on 05.26.2017

  6. I feel like it’s been centuries since I’ve last seen you.

    It’s only been a night, but everything has changed. The person sitting across from me is a whole world away from the person I saw yesterday.

    By ♥︎ tallulah on 05.26.2017

  7. I’ve been wandering for over a century, a ghost passing through lively towns. I’ve watched the world evolve, I’ve seen wars start and end. Being immortal is a blessing and a curse, and I wish I’d known that before I made the deal.

    By Brooke Lynn on 05.26.2017

  8. Days make centuries, decades fall. One moment in a millennia, crush the rushing suns.

    By Lance URL on 05.26.2017

  9. Over a century ago,
    I would barely be able to get these words on to paper.
    I wouldn’t be allowed into a school that could teach me about the eloquence of language.
    How to bring my thoughts to paper.
    How to express the groaning of my heart.
    A century ago, I would have been the first generation of free men in my lineage.
    I would barely be able to be.
    To be black in America
    in 1917.

    By Marc S on 05.26.2017

  10. I loved you for a hundred years and I will love you for a hundred more.

    By Diana Probert URL on 05.26.2017

  11. A century it may take,
    who knows,
    for me to walk that stage again,
    above proud parents,
    and prouder scholars,
    but a century of ostensible vigor
    will mangle this sportsmen
    into a book-men.

    How i dare to shackle my frontal lobe
    to a corner of a room for hours a day,
    riddling my pencil until the deemed
    answer screams back at me. Chipper.
    hesitant. precocious.misunderstood.
    I walked into the nebulous cloud of the future,
    with a flexible umbrella, one that is prepared for hail
    and shine.

    By Milad URL on 05.26.2017

  12. a hundred years. he opens his eyes and it’s a hundred years later; the war is over. everything around them has been decimated. jagged, razor-sharp edges of skyscrapers glisten under the sun like a mouth of teeth. like artifacts of history. rain falls without clouds. the land is empty. this is all there is left, he realizes, but then thunder cracks and it turns to gunshots and he opens his eyes and the war is around him again

    By pearlmilktea on 05.26.2017

  13. When I think of a century, I think of a lifetime. Now this might be a little weird because most people don’t live to be a century old. But a select few do. I’m sitting here at work complaining that I have a 10 hour shift, when 10 hours is so insignificant compared to the 100 years that some people get to live. What amazing things you can do if you have 100 years.

    By Kenley on 05.26.2017

  14. Its 100 years thats a long time! someone would be dead or 100 if they were really healthy!

    By Rebecca Buck on 05.26.2017

  15. A century is so so long i bet i’d be dead if it’d had been a century long wow i like the word century its a fun word.

    By littleawesomepie on 05.26.2017

  16. She was the sight of a century and more. An unfathomable being that I never thought I would ever see in my own lifetime- or for a thousand more for that matter. Her eyes were the sea and her hair the soft flowing wind, and her love the milky way that I couldn’t seem to rip my eyes from until the sun hit my skin in the morning for all of its hidden depths I uncovered only with every passing night.

    By Morgan Riddell on 05.26.2017

  17. a long time
    what can happen
    100 years
    Will you make it to a century?
    Not many people do
    Do you want to make it to a century?
    What would it feel like to be 100 years old?
    What changes in 100 years?

    By Sam URL on 05.26.2017

  18. Century it has been a cunrty and on year I have been alive

    By Carter on 05.26.2017

  19. Is a year but I don’t know how any years are in a century

    By Gino on 05.26.2017

  20. The century is a fun word to say and its sereis

    By Skyla on 05.26.2017

  21. When I hear century I think of long century’s or long times.I have grandpas from century’s ago

    By Shade on 05.26.2017

  22. A century is a long time. I’m not exactly sure how long it is,though. In movies sometimes they go from one point in time to a century later.

    By Trinity on 05.26.2017

  23. Century means 100years ago century’s means more then 200 or more years ago.

    By jacob on 05.26.2017

  24. When I think of century I think of a hundred years. I think.

    By Alexis on 05.26.2017

  25. What I think of century is like someone died Very long time ago so that is a century.

    By Nicole URL on 05.26.2017

  26. I don’t like a century. A century is a hundred years. If I had to wait a century to see or do something, I wouldn’t be able to. I probably wouldn’t even live that long. A century is a long time.

    By Braden Hilliker on 05.26.2017

  27. When I hear century I think of centuries a song.

    By Wyatt on 05.26.2017

  28. When I think of century I think 100 years. And I think of the 20th century I like this word.

    By Chase Tesluck on 05.26.2017

  29. When I hear century I think of years, decades, and also centuries

    By Wyatt on 05.26.2017

  30. When I think the word century I think of century like 100 years

    By nikolai on 05.26.2017

  31. Century is 100 years ago allot change in that over a century.

    By Sam on 05.26.2017

  32. a century later, the same thing happened. And I’m not going to tell you what.

    By Dylin on 05.26.2017

  33. A century is one hundred years.

    By Shawn huey on 05.26.2017

  34. When I hear the word century I think of I don’t even know

    By Austin on 05.26.2017

  35. I was born a century ago.so was my sister and mom and dad.

    By Carsten on 05.26.2017

  36. When I think of century I think of a long time.

    By Gabe on 05.26.2017

  37. Green fluorescent tea cups. Orange radium cooking pots. The past century has left us with many weighing frights that will carry the world to its demise.

    By Macha Dubois on 05.26.2017

  38. 100… I could live a lifetime and not know love the way I do with you. You have made life sweeter and full of life. Without you I have just existed in a dark despair as the more depressing world has creeped into the everyday.

    By Rachel on 05.26.2017

  39. It had been over a century since it had felt anything like this. It was like infinity, dripping like honey dripping from his life, like those grand forests and wide oceans that it was doomed never to be able to touch. It was the delicate sweetness of a sunrise, gently folded into dreams of a child.

    By TheAIndex on 05.26.2017

  40. century

    On the 20th… (it’s a musical.) I remember the commercial’s music for it. I also had a poster for it in my room.

    100 too of course. I think of that.

    I could live to be 100….
    That’s nuts.
    How the heck would I pay for all those years ahead?

    By Noisy Quiet on 05.26.2017