June 2nd, 2010 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “century”

  1. So few will fumble their way through a century of living, loving and learning. But if they do.. is it lifetime of past regret and sadness… or one filled with dreams and hope of another century filled with more of what has passed.

    By mish URL on 06.03.2010

  2. Three years until I enter my third century on Earth. Time goes by so quickly. At some point in the next two centuries, I could be married, with children, a house and a dog. At least that’s what I hope. Just like everybody else I know. How boring.

    By glb2010 URL on 06.03.2010

  3. Hopefully I won’t live for a century. Only the majority of it.

    By glb2010 URL on 06.03.2010

  4. He’d sworn a new life in a new century but his habits continued unabated and he ended the decade in the way it was begun, in a job that was increasing in its misery and the horrors of aging upon him.

    By gino on 06.03.2010

  5. end of a century… ohh.. its nothing special

    By jen on 06.03.2010

  6. A period of hundred years is called century; in cricket hundred runs is called a century; a term in history denoting oldness

    By pavalamani pragasam URL on 06.03.2010

  7. I feel like I’m centuries old when I don’t sleep. It’s 5:30 in the AM and I have not slept since yesterday. I am always awake when you’re not here. I need you beside me to sleep because without you I feel unsafe…vulnerable…a million years old and fragile like glass.

    By Camille URL on 06.03.2010

  8. when minutes stretch to days
    and the fridge is sparse
    and the wall are grey with dust
    it feels like a century
    waiting for you to call.

    By shonalou URL on 06.03.2010

  9. Out of body, out of mind, the centurion kind.

    By Bokovoy URL on 06.03.2010

  10. i don’t know about love but if you take one step closer
    i will kiss you
    and you will forget everything
    (like some 19th century
    romance novel)

    By laura on 06.03.2010

  11. I never used to think about time. Not so long ago I wasn’t even aware of time. And yet look at me now, it’s all I ever think about. How it goes by so fast, or even so slow. Time can be a second or a century. There’s no difference.

    By freeme URL on 06.03.2010

  12. what can happen in one century, one lifetime. the world could be changed forever, a uneraseable mark imprinted on our planet forever

    By holly on 06.03.2010

  13. sachin tendulkar has 46 test centuries to his name. we are currently living in the 21st century. Ryan giggs and paul scholes scored a century of premier league goals this season.

    By Anubhav Kabra on 06.03.2010

  14. it seems like centuries since i’ve seen your face; I can’t decide if that’s a good thing or not…

    By kslank URL on 06.03.2010

  15. grills and grates,
    passages, misleading
    dark ‘n dank
    clatter of tin
    huffing and dust-kicking

    By daz on 06.03.2010

  16. a new begining for everyone. a time for the world to stat again with every one. a time that comes only once every one hundred years. and if you see it youre lucky.

    By Dan on 06.03.2010

  17. It feels like a century since i’ve last seen his face. His lips defined and bold, his eyes a dark pool of wonder. It’s been too long. In dreams the image is only passing, not enough to sustain the thirst inside my soul. In good time, I tell myself. In good time we will be brought back together. The songs I used to sing will finally light a smile across my face. My old, boring routine will satisfy me, leave me fulfilled at the end of the day. Until then, a dream is worth a lifetime.

    By cglitter URL on 06.03.2010

  18. So much can happen in a century. Politics change. Technology changes. Society changes. And the most amazing aspect of all of this, is that a single human being has within them the capability to survive through it all.

    By Krysta URL on 06.03.2010

  19. My life in this century has been characterized by cynicism. Let it be known that my generation inherited a lack of trust in anything. Our struggle is to redeem ourselves as believers.

    By Zach on 06.03.2010

  20. a century ago things were alot different people were different the times were different and their actions were different. a century can change alot of things.

    By Kara Cooke URL on 06.03.2010

  21. Fin de siecle and we cheered, because we thought that the new century would be better than the last. In our vain naivety we imagined a choice world now –

    By kate URL on 06.03.2010

  22. This is the start of the new century. Sure, it’s been 10 years into it, but in the grand scheme of things, that’s not a lot of time. The 20th century changed more rapidly than any previous century. I hope the 21st calms down a bit.

    By imshort123 URL on 06.03.2010

  23. history evolution humans technology discoveries exploration change lifetime

    By alex on 06.03.2010

  24. the end of the century was looming. the inter solar community was gathering the neccessary equipment for the final jump of the colonizing ships, and all eyes were focused on exodisplays with live feeds from nearby sattellites.

    By Max King URL on 06.03.2010

  25. I am more than half a century old and counting up to 100. Will I make it? Odds and genetics say I have a good chance. But I know I must do certain things to make it a reality—and some of those things will be harder than I’d like. Is it worth it?

    By Andie on 06.03.2010

  26. The time seemed to drip by the seconds to hours, minutes to days, hours to centuries. Amelia sat in the ER waiting for news. Her day had gone far from planned ending with Demitri in a car accident and possibly in a comma.

    By Gen URL on 06.03.2010

  27. A hundred years of time and 100 times the years
    one hundred paper people
    running at 100 different speeds
    Who are you?
    And where are you going?
    A hundred years of time is all you have.

    By Missy URL on 06.03.2010

  28. Century? We’re living in one. The 21st, I think. There have been a lot of centuries as history has gone by. I always thought it was weird how we call it the 21st century. Everyone always connects 21st century with advancements and shit.

    By Humphrey on 06.03.2010

  29. At the beginning when the world was created in mere seconds, nobody knew that it was going to be like this. That we’d reach the ultimate number of 21st, and will be talking about going to the moon. So what, are you waiting for? I asked him. Anything you dream would surely be no more foolish than the idea of going to the moon.

    By Jean Lucia URL on 06.03.2010

  30. Half a century, whole century..my oh my cricket is dull! But there have been lots of centuries in the past, 21 to be precise. Not sure if I’ll be around for the next one mind.

    By Tom on 06.03.2010

  31. It was like she was waiting forever. it had been 20 years since she last saw robert, and today, they were going to talk. talking; a foreign concept to a woman ho spent all of her time alone.

    By krista URL on 06.03.2010

  32. The deal of the century. The best book of the century. The best movie of the century. The best decade of the century. The best century. The cent

    By ko on 06.03.2010

  33. 20th, film, history, movies, fox, 100, long time, latin,

    By fab on 06.03.2010

  34. 100 years is a long time, but every century turns on only a couple of events, People, and ideas. when we understand these contexts we can better understand the century we live in or how other people viewed their world.

    By Glenn on 06.03.2010

  35. Presidentially speaking, a century is a milestone for the country blah blah politically blah blah I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say. Centaurs are cool? Firenze. Yes. Divination! Uhh, a minute yet?

    By Meg URL on 06.03.2010

  36. Don’t think just write why is there the same word? No generator for new ones? Why am I writing this again, then? Productivity is waning here.. I don’t care about the word century anymore. Did I ever? Well, no. It’s not a word to care about, to be honest.

    By Meg URL on 06.03.2010

  37. In a century, I will not be underground. I will be condensed into a bottle, or perhaps a box, perched upon a night table or scattered across the pavement. They won’t pour me in the lake because of my fear of the water. I just don’t want to be in a coffin.

    By Tori Fontenot on 06.03.2010

  38. The century passed so slowly. Immortality was a lot less exciting than Jakub had originally thought it would be. Every month he would get the urge to end it. Kill himself. But he couldn’t.

    By Willow URL on 06.03.2010

  39. a century had passed since the great pancake famine of ’69, and the maple trees would see no more human shaped bottles coming to collect.

    By Jared URL on 06.03.2010

  40. century. What a big word….a big concept. What does a century do as a hobby? what color is a century? does a century have a beard? is a century squareshaped or spherical…why didnt they name it something more exciting/thought provoking….can a century FEEL…can it want, can it live, can it give CPR….and if it had a beard, do you think it would let me surf on it?

    By rachel on 06.03.2010