June 2nd, 2010 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “century”

  1. She walked alone under the falling leaves. The path wound in and out of a forest that harbored the yellow-orange glow of a late autumn afternoon. Only during these times could she look back on her achievements from the last century. She felt like one of those leaves, with her time almost up, ready to be the leaf to let go of the stem.

    By Jackie on 06.03.2010

  2. It takes 100 years to finish a thought that will have any sort of lasting impression

    By suu URL on 06.03.2010

  3. i wasn’t sure we’d make it. you always said we would. like you knew everything. like living into this century was your biggest accomplishment. that and being right.

    By izzy URL on 06.03.2010

  4. Reminds me of history. that damn thing. i hate the subjest… hours spent over those damned notes. thank god theres a chance i can give it up this year, hey? well, aside form my parent’s beliefs… its my life.

    By Shiv on 06.03.2010

  5. The end of a century is always a little apocalypse. The old and fearful of the last dreaded this new age of steam, evolving into unseen powers.

    By Kerrin on 06.03.2010

  6. Driving my car to the doctors surgery took me on a journey across centuries. A journey through a life long gone, now catching up with me.

    By freeme URL on 06.03.2010

  7. I would wait a century and more for you. Please, come back soon. I’ll miss you dearly, but I understand. It’s you responsibility. Thank you. I love you.

    By Keturah URL on 06.03.2010

  8. Stop wasting your time. Finish everything you’ve ever wanted to finish. Smoking, drinking, slutting. Never stop experiencing. You have until next century.

    By Anella URL on 06.03.2010

  9. a time frame. 100 years. we are currently in the 21st century.

    By k on 06.03.2010

  10. one hundred years is not enough time to capture the ideas, movements and changes that can happen in a century. The mind cannot deal with that much in such a regulated way, in time. We need more. We need Morentury.

    By Skais on 06.03.2010

  11. can it really be another century. twirling turning…time seems to just swirl past me, no pattern or reason. And i’m just an observer, patient and a bit in awe.

    By caity URL on 06.03.2010

  12. It felt as if it would take a century until she got what she deserved for needlessly casting him aside. But he’d keep trying, again and again, until her hysterical screams no longer satisfied him.

    By Spanish John URL on 06.03.2010

  13. A century ahs passed since I last saw you. A long century through which I lost my mind. And i don’t know how you took it. But the years were not kind to me. And now I’m sat, staring at your photo, wondering. Are you still there? Are you still out there somewhere, waiting for me? And if we ever found each other, could we ever be the same? This long century has left me withered, broken and lonesome. What has it done to you?

    By Sophy URL on 06.03.2010

  14. The understatement of the century is that my dad only drinks occasionally…life sucks.

    By Kathryn on 06.03.2010

  15. I got… Nothing. This is sad actually. I was going to write about my age, but then realized it was decades I was after. I thought train was hard, this is bloody difficult. Oh lordy.

    By JenKoz URL on 06.03.2010

  16. the boy walked into the deserted room. he felt as if he had been hiding for a century. the teachers had all filed out and he was alone in the large stone room. the alter was still in the center of the room, blood soaked and dripping with the sweat of the boy who had just layed there.

    By LynnNolan URL on 06.03.2010

  17. a time period of 100 years. it could seem like forever, but it truly is a short amount of time. a century ago, it would be impossible for me to write this.

    By M on 06.03.2010

  18. It’s the time of the century to do many things. It’s the time to do great things. The time to do historical things. Just take the time to do what this century will allow you to do.

    By Aaron on 06.03.2010

  19. One century ago, electricity was the new greatest thing. This century, it seems like the new greatest thing is instant communication the internet brings. A century from now, the next greatest thing?? Its unimaginable

    By Aaron on 06.03.2010