August 2nd, 2017 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “cement”

  1. Little by little the cement began to crack as the stubborn roots of Mother Nature forced their way through. The first, naturally, to break the barrier were the dandelions- so aptly named for the tenacious predator. Sweet, but deadly. Next was the common grass and after that

    By Helen on 08.02.2017

  2. Standing up to your knees in wet cement, you know you can flee the scene, but you’re also aware of the prints you’ll leave behind, prints that will dry into bits and pieces of fossilized humanity for the forensic scientists to study. Trouser hems clotted in gray as you settle on a bus that takes you to the edge of Nowhere, only Nowhere’s an actual place now, with people living in it, and they all have your number.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.02.2017

  3. Zementiert sind die Meinungen. In Zement wird gegossen, wer widerspricht. Man widerspricht nicht! Man akzeptiert, was einmal festgelegt worden ist, was uns nicht beunruhigt, was usn Sicherheit gibt. Das ist fest gemauert. Wenn wir alles richtig machen, geben wir uns keine Blöße.

    By Lisa URL on 08.02.2017

  4. It was hard and cold. I’m pretty sure it left a mark on my face. I wish I fell on this a week ago, then I would’ve left a mark on it instead.

    By autumn on 08.02.2017

  5. The cement was hardening around me, my inescapable prison growing steadily larger and stronger. I tried to take a step back to view my surroundings, but found myself to be unsuccessful.

    By Livia on 08.02.2017

  6. Cement is like a hard rock, I mean when I fell on it I died. And I ate 27 bannah smoothies And I lost them to the cement. It is a liquid then solid.

    By Burger on 08.02.2017

  7. I fell to the hard cement floor. I cried out in pain as my knees got scratched and bled.

    By Hee-Eun URL on 08.02.2017

  8. Cement is used to build houses and buildings. Cement is hard and is very hard to break. Cement usually is white and is good to hold hard things.

    By Varsha on 08.02.2017

  9. I walked one wet cement, Dang Atleast now I can say that my footprints are in cement I have always wanted that, but this is going to be so hard to get off. I can’t believe that they would just have wet cement in the middle of a footpath, UGGH

    By Eliza Trotman on 08.02.2017

  10. The cement glistened on the bright afternoon. The construction workers just finished and were ready to enjoy a weekend. It was still wet and if anyone or anything touched it, It would make an indent that would stay there for ever. The boys both looked at each other before deciding if they should do it. They looked at each other very briefly and nodded at each other.

    The cement now looked like a heard of elephants ran all over it. It was rough and people would struggle to walk on it.

    By Lachlan URL on 08.02.2017

  11. Jay and Mike lay in the hole in the temple. Suddenly they felt a wet, sticky substance drip onto them. They were too tired to care. They just lay there and fell asleep. When they woke up they were covered in it. It covered their legs and stomachs and had started to cover their faces, it was getting close to their mouths and they started panicking. They tried to move their legs but they wouldn’t budge, they were stuck, frozen, and covered in cement.

    By Sam on 08.02.2017

  12. Sally was running as fast as she could. She looked behind her and the cement had continued to turn into sand. She was afraid she would fall through the ground into the world beneath her if she stopped.

    By hayeley on 08.02.2017

  13. Cement may be what he needed to mend his heart. Or maybe his life together, cause honestly, therapy wasn’t working at all. He didnt know which aspect of his life was messier.

    By maria on 08.02.2017

  14. If we sink our hands into the gray matter, would it solidify your fingers twisted in mine? The weight hanging from our knuckles makes such a light affirmation a heavy burden. Permanent and static, I can’t move, I can’t touch, I can’t feel. I cannot glue us together any other way. It takes such bulk and strain, I wish my arms would break, I wish it didn’t take constriction to make tomorrow a possibility, to avoid the future being at stake, yet those protected days lie disheveled in the wake of fake smiles and cramped fingertips. The passing moments ring like a jackhammer, and I can feeling it jolt through my bones, endless chipping away, and when the fissures open, what will be left inside to bind?

    By Ai URL on 08.02.2017

  15. The leaves sprung up through the cracks in the cement, determined to reach the sun….

    By DM URL on 08.02.2017

  16. Cement on the fine, light feathers
    over to the fireflies, dead
    in stone
    and once the kingdom of sparrows
    is overthrown
    away with your last history
    goes the sparrow

    By Siobhan on 08.02.2017

  17. If grass can grow through cement, love can find you at any time.
    There is nothing more hopeful than that thought. The gentle, beautiful, bright green spire pressing through. It gives hope.

    By The_Bottom_Line on 08.02.2017

  18. The heat had left nothing untouched. The cement that holds the place was cracking. Broken glass was simmering on the ground and a smell of hot metal filled the air. As I walked across this hell, I couldn’t help but fill sick at the thought of what it used to be.

    By Pierre on 08.03.2017

  19. Cement is a thick substance used as a building material. Though fluid at first, it will harden if you let it dry. It’s used for floors, walls and other framework materials of buildings though it’s currently trendy to have smooth cement floor. As way of creating an industrial feeling to your interior.

    By Ludwine on 08.03.2017

  20. Hard and brittle. Hard and brittle.

    By and& on 08.03.2017

  21. at the earliest

    By Venugopal on 08.03.2017

  22. I once tried to get a job at a company that made cement additives among other products used in construction. I didn’t get it though. Cement is both a noun and a verb but the verb is not used too much

    By Norman Quesnel on 08.03.2017

  23. hard wet concret cement truck mix

    By loyalty URL on 08.03.2017

  24. a form of rock that hartens whena water tuchis it a cheocole reakshon hapens

    By elijah on 08.03.2017

  25. lololol minecraft dab dab dab dab :)

    By jl on 08.03.2017

  26. lava is rising! LAVA IS RISING! wrrr! WRR! danger! DANGER! MUST EVACUATE THE MINING CAVES! INMEITLY! danger!

    By jordan on 08.03.2017

  27. a form of rock that hartens whena water tuchis it a cheocole reakshon hapens.

    By elijah on 08.03.2017

  28. it is wet at the start hard at end

    By jl on 08.03.2017

  29. it is wet at the start hard at end cement .

    By jl on 08.03.2017

  30. How can I cement what I teach in the students’ minds? Cement is a mixture that is used to build house, driveways, etc. It it hard to break up and you can’t without a sledge hammer. To cement is to place in hold.

    By Pamela Harris URL on 08.03.2017

  31. The sun was hardening the cement faster than she could think. “Ugh, I need more time!”
    “Just put your hands in it, like a normal person.”
    “No, I want to do something memorable! This will be here for the rest of this sidewalks life. It deserves our respect and our best work.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.03.2017

  32. Cement
    where suburban animals
    come to die
    stretch their tiny bodies
    and make little girls cry

    By Jessica Gonzalez on 08.03.2017

  33. The sound of his feet dragging on the cement had a strange resonant frequency. It carried with such timbre that it seemed as if the air was experiencing a heightened reaction to a noise previously unheard.

    By asavas on 08.03.2017

  34. The cement across the road was as gloomy as my mood. Obviously, Amanda was late. Again. Even though she had promised that she’d never be late to something as important as her best friend’s wedding, she had obviously lied.

    By Amanda on 08.03.2017

  35. You know you’ve come to the end of the road when the cement breaks up. Large sections of the road buckle and your car can’t climb these little sharp hills forming in front of you. You hear cracking sounds. The cement is a glacier about to envelop you as it melts into water. You stop your car, of course, and prepare to make a U-turn. In your rear view mirror, you see that behind you the cement is exactly like the cement in front of you. Trapped, you beat the inside roof of the car. You try to break a window but the car has you locked in. Left with no alternatives, you relax, for the first time in your bleak life.

    By Joanna Bressler on 08.03.2017

  36. Cement is what could be called ajoint. Whether it’s in making houses or building a family. In the first case you assemble material things and joint them with cement. In the latter cement is love and joint family members together as one

    By Martinelli on 08.03.2017

  37. the wet cement hung on the wall like an unfinished sculpture. she looked at it, wondering if it could possibly be a mirror, though deformed. but soon, when she saw that it was drooping and dripping slowly, she realized with horror someone had done this to her apartment.

    By crys on 08.03.2017

  38. cement is rock and water mixed together its really cool its hard it smeels good it taste good

    By elijah on 08.03.2017

  39. Cement, concrete, death, the sea, sinking in green murky water, the surface looks like opaque glass, your lungs are filling with water, the panic is real, it fills your heart like the water. Is this death? You don’t know what to do. You close your eyes, you feel the panic, the desire to trash is real, you cannot escape.

    By jassy on 08.03.2017

  40. The cement is hard, cold under my skin. reminds me that im alive. that not all things have to be soft to be comforting. its real and brings me to my senses.

    By Jess on 08.03.2017