August 1st, 2017 | 25 Entries

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25 Entries for “concert”

  1. At the Jelly Fang concert, Chris and Neil each took two tabs: One pink, and one green. The pink pill would relax the muscles in the arms and legs, while the green pill would stimulate the heart and head. Without minutes of their self-prescribed doses, the two fans of the prog rock band found themselves collapsed onto the grass of the amphitheater, laughing loudly and screeching like animals from time to time as their fellow concertgoers stared at them in both confusion and horror.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.01.2017

  2. I liked our time at the concert.
    His sweet sweat at the concert.
    Only me and you.
    The music is magic, it turns like fire around us.

    By Eugenie on 08.01.2017

  3. Something about them worked in concert: the clickly-clack back-and-forth with an occasional soaring overture, always followed by gasping, delighted laughter at their own performance. Even the inharmonious minor splits were interesting, additive.

    By florencefarfaletti on 08.01.2017

  4. The concert looks great today

    By Jessie URL on 08.01.2017

  5. i went to a concert it was fun

    By who r u on 08.01.2017

  6. The arena darkened as the famous singer Patty rose from the back of the stage. I eat dildo she said.

    By MONO URL on 08.01.2017

  7. i went to a concert in dildo land where every meal has a dildo and we get to eat them the movie was about a woman transgender getting a dildo

    By harry mcgivin on 08.01.2017


    By MONO URL on 08.01.2017

  9. i went to a concert in sydney it was a shakespear movie and i like him so i went it was the best thing i have ever done it was so enjoyable

    By jayden on 08.01.2017

  10. Concerts are a group of people becoming one. Coming together to hear and enjoy the music. Forgetting all things they disagree

    By Nikki on 08.01.2017

  11. fun loud tired energy happy yelling silly strong emotions movement crowd dark crowded sweat crying emotional big

    By Jess on 08.01.2017

  12. Your moans like a concert
    my favorite tune
    to throw my head back to and
    like the stream running between me and you
    every little inch
    covered in the flesh
    of me and you
    through and through
    splash my fears away
    as waves crash
    between bodies
    between hearts
    one of one
    two of two
    stop, start, start.

    By Emily on 08.01.2017

  13. My first concert was with a boy that I no longer speak to. We went to see The All-American Rejects, A Day to Remember, and Blink-182. I knew the words to approximately three songs and I wish I had listened to the playlist he made a little bit more before we went so that I could sing along. But it also just made me happy to see how happy he looked while belting out the lyrics to (all) the songs. You see, he went to see some of his favorite bands perform; I went to see some bands from which I knew one song each and all the joy they would bring to one of my favorite people. He’s not one of my favorites anymore, but that concert was a good day for us. Bittersweet, I suppose, but I don’t think the memory is tainted just because of the way things are now. The past is the past; past happiness brings current happiness; good things are not tarnished after-the-fact. A remembrance of a shiny silver spoon will always feature that spoon. The tarnished monstrosity that currently resides in the door is but an after thought. No need to be any more or any less real than what existed in a bygone season.

    By Robyn URL on 08.01.2017

  14. Charris is performed in a concert last week. She is in an orchestra and is doing a marvellous job. To think she’s only 11 years old and doing such wonderful work. I am such a proud aunt, I cannot wait to see what she does next. She is very accomplished.

    By The_Bottom_Line on 08.01.2017

  15. I didn’t know who to see or what to do ,but I wanted to go to a concert. I like Alanis Morisset and he like Metal bands like Slipknot or whatever. Either way I wanted to go to a concert. I wish I can go see Coachella or a Bonnaroo festival,but I can’t because of responsibilites. It’s been years since I’ve been to an even like it and I miss it. I miss the loudness and the people ,but I mostly miss the socializing. Usually when you’re in a concert with the same taste in musicians it means you are surrounded by like minded people. I miss those connections and it’s a great way to make friends. Watching a concert online like Twitter is not the same thing! It really isn’t! I’m jealous at some of my friends who goes to these concerts with no responsibilities. They just go whenever they feel like it as if they have no jobs or families. I’m going to stop now because I sound like a whiny b*tch. Someday I will go to a concert!

    By mokatsee on 08.02.2017

  16. The strings, at first, tuning. A moment, suspended. Silence. The first movement of the conductor, in silence. And then, it starts.

    By and& on 08.02.2017

  17. There are drunk teenagers. Everywhere. She’s pretty hot up there. But is anything worth that much beer? Why can’t we just watch? She’s really talented. But instead of enjoying the pleasure of the show I’m surrounded on all sides by a bunch of hip teenagers with tank tops, who do not know how to enjoy the pleasure of a pop concert.

    By Braxton on 08.02.2017

  18. A concert, bearing tears,
    not always end in a demonic ending,
    because tears wipe away viruses,
    those little scoundrels in your veins pending;
    sadness, in itself, shouldn’t be a retrospective regret,
    its more of a bet,
    a bet against oneself, to
    find a wager to that’ll put a badge on a girl scout’s shirt,

    An audience can listen to a song for a vacation that
    extends in the rest of their lives,
    but what’s stronger contrived,
    is a the revive,
    in a tune that never lets down
    and seldom ends in a frown,
    quality over quantity,
    all day,
    because we can control our own biology!

    By Milad URL on 08.02.2017

  19. The band played timidly over the deafening crowd, but you couldn’t tell unless you knew what they normally sounded like. Their normal sound of fire and heat was a little less warm, but the crowd made up for it.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.02.2017

  20. rock and roll, jazz, classical, contry, blues

    By jordan on 08.02.2017

  21. Live was a concert of noise and strife before I met you. When I was tired and parched, you gave me fresh water and some place to rest. When the sun came up, I was feeling at peace… for once.

    By Pierre on 08.02.2017

  22. The flashing lights, the cheering audience – I guess these are the things that add to the experience. But nothing beats my love for the artists. In 8th Grade, I first heard this song “The Rain” on a random playlist on 8tracks and it stood out. It was atmospheric and chill, without compromising the quality of the lyrics. I looked the artist up. And that’s how I discovered Oh Wonder. I’ll readily admit that they are not my favorite musicians, but when I found out that they were performing where I live, I simply would not pass up the opportunity. And so, I went to my first concert. I expected myself to leave unimpressed, and oh was I wrong. Oh Wonder completely blew me away. You could feel the heart that goes into every song as they performed as though each word represents a part of their lives, and we as an audience are vicariously transported into their world in their perspective.

    so yeah the concert was ayt

    By humanly on 08.02.2017

  23. If I could have seen any band in concert it would have been Tool. I had the opportunity but missed out. Tool, Maynard, is an inspiration.

    By Shelby Lee on 08.02.2017

  24. happy loud noise crowds dark bright fun friends enemies people sweat dance lighters emotional tired energetic

    By unity on 08.02.2017

  25. I went to a concert outside once. It was in the middle of the summer and it was very hot. I had a good time and the band was great. I prefer to go to concerts that are indoors.

    By Cath on 08.02.2017