August 4th, 2017 | 14 Entries

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14 Entries for “parallel”

  1. “So darlin’, darlin’, stand by me, oh now now stand by me, Stand stand by me, stand by me…”

    The record spins parallel to the floor. Vertically I orient my mind to the set of shoulders next to mine.

    “Who are you? And who was I?” I think. Solemn are the questions I have tonight.

    By Darling URL on 08.04.2017

  2. In another universe, I stumbled when I entered, seeing myself in a mirror, that showed me from the inside. There’s no telling what had become of my mind, but it was surely nothing sane. This was a parallel verse, but surely nothing seemed quite the same.

    By Jaco Human on 08.04.2017

  3. parrelel iscool and edablre fun smells like potatoes

    By elijah on 08.04.2017

  4. the righteous do well
    to not amble parallel
    with harm or with hell

    By omqwat on 08.04.2017

  5. parallel is running side by side lines on a graph run parallel

    By elijah on 08.04.2017

  6. the bars were even, unyielding, going the same direction and the same way. Everything was going along together, it was even. there was nothing perpindicular about their relationship. This was a twin or a sneeze. You can’t begin to imagine how even things were.

    By Laura on 08.04.2017

  7. Parallel lives and parallel lines. Geometric bodies and angular eyes. Demonstrating distance but accelerating time. Try to solve the equation, but the shape is undefined.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.04.2017

  8. Two parallel lines come together in infinity. Thats what my grandfather said about the lives of himself and my grandmother, his wife. She sat there, looking up at him, giving his mighty speech, chest blown out as usual. My grandma, nodding yet resentful.

    By and& on 08.05.2017

  9. Same speed miles apart, in a smiling face lies a dart,
    A coward to the bone as silence prevails, with lips sealed shut
    Do I have to be the one to take what’s precious and sever it, clean cut?
    It’s not harsh to anyone, it’s true: I give up wholly and completely.
    And now it might have gone on too long to erase doubts, so can I delete me, discreetly?
    Covered in a sheet of misery, hurting anyone can’t be worth it.
    Every other word is nothing less than a critical hit.
    Two worlds so different, the dark, the bright,
    Existing the same time but separate, but living in both can’t be right
    The world in a bubble, and the world outside
    But, coward I am, at a noise I run and hide.

    By Ai URL on 08.05.2017

  10. parallel right okay all im thinking about is trains because when you work with people with autism all you are ever thinking about is trains. when they come where they go what kind they are and a million additional useless facts i never wanted to know about trains.

    By Scarlett on 08.05.2017

  11. Even when I’m on the wrong road, I know it runs beside the main route. I know that even while I’m walking through quiet, beat down neighborhoods, I’m going the right way – and it feels great.

    Even though that odd choice of direction would stir discomfort in others, I know you think like me. I know you’ve made all the right calculations, all the right presumptions, all of the right everything. Neither of us are perfect but the chemistry balances itself as if it were, and the result is a thin film of sweat I can ignore over hearing you laugh.

    We run parallel to each other in so many ways. It feels so good it out to be a drug, and it is, isn’t it? An addiction to running parallel -except maybe you won’t use the word here like I do, maybe you won’t stretch the boundaries like I do, maybe you won’t let your lips loosen like I do – all of it, without ever realizing that it means we never cross.

    We never cross.

    The weight of that realization brings me back to my senses, staring at the surface of this lake for the 3rd, 4th, 5th hour in a row. I see the frogs, smell the smoke, feel the heat eating away at my skin, but the burn of this moment is so much greater than the marks it will leave on my face, or on my arms.

    I can see those lines – running parallel, and it feels great.

    It feels great.

    It feels great.

    I just keep telling myself,

    It feels great.

    By mistyfizz on 08.05.2017

  12. parallel is a street in Barcelona, although I’m not sure what it runs parallel to. I never really stopped to think about it. It actually seems kind of diagonal, at odds. parallel is something I did with my shins this morning, parallel to the ceiling while doing little crunches.

    By Amanda on 08.05.2017

  13. the parallel lines on the wall drew me in closer to examine the texture. reaching out to touch it, i realized that it was soft and plush. almost drawing my finger inside…

    By crys on 08.05.2017

  14. The universe which ran parallel to ours was strange and… different. In fact almost the exact opposite of our universe. As the first human being… Hell, as the first INHABITANT of ANY KIND from our universe… to step inside of this one… Well I felt parallel to myself. Surely by the laws of probability there was another me who turned out entirely differently living on a parallel Earth somewhere in this universe. Talk about your existential crisis. Phew.

    By Lee on 08.05.2017