June 21st, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “cells”

  1. cells. first cells discovered by van leehuwneek? probably way off, but it doesn’t matter that’s why i’m in summer…hmmm. cells make up tissues. there are components in cells called organelles, such as chloroplasts and mitochondria we have the endosymbiotic theory to explains that they were their own organism once and then they had a symbiotic relationship and were engulfed through endocytosis. i believe. don’t take my word for it though.

    By cara on 06.22.2011

  2. Cells are vital to our existence. They are what make up our body. They are also the name we use for the places we imprison our fellow man. Weird that we use this word for both things.

    By nichole on 06.22.2011

  3. Cells are batteries are the basis of all life and the basis of captivity. Cells are technology run amok. You are your cells.

    By Kevin on 06.22.2011

  4. are where many jail birds spend their lives. The cells become their homes. They’re small, cold, dark rooms where many bad people spend their lives. One mistake and they are often taken from their warm, comfortable beds at home and thrown away. Sometimes the cells they are put in are an improvement from what they are used to. Three meals a day, a dry place to sleep, and company of others. Cells are both negative and positive. Peoples lives change there – for the better, and for the worse.

    By Stephanie on 06.22.2011

  5. When I think about cells for some reason I think about people. Not because a human being is made up of cells, but the whole principle of the reality of cells. One cell cannot sustain a human being just like one person cannot make a huge difference on their own. It takes a group of people with the same goal to accomplish something. I wish human beings would realize that they are stronger together. Not alone and bitter.

    By Rachel URL on 06.22.2011

  6. beautiful. active. the most intricate and precise machine. i wish i could take a train ride along the cytoskeleton and look through the windows onto the scenery of life. the origin. to swim in the depths of us.

    By Sabrina on 06.22.2011

  7. The tiny building blocks which make up my body, feeling as though they have liquefied. My limbs turn to jelly, every inch of my body feels as though it’s going to collapse under this pain.

    By Ruthie on 06.22.2011

  8. Cells are our genetic material and determine our chances of survival.
    Red. White. They’re all cells.
    Plants and humans alike.
    Cell walls.
    A basic functional unit of everyday life.

    By Amy on 06.22.2011