June 21st, 2011 | 528 Entries

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528 Entries for “cells”

  1. She felt as if all of the cells in her body were reacting at once. She flinched as the sword slithered past her ear and ducked, running on pure adrenaline. Duck, lunge, parry, she continued to fight, her sword flying like a bird.

    By Julianna URL on 06.22.2011

  2. Cytology, the study of cells, is a really interesting thing. Cells make up life, we all know that, and that’s what’s so captivating about them. Quarky little guys, they’re like tiny little people making up actual people. I won’t lie, i really love the idea of toying around with cells one day as my payed profession.

    By Tyler URL on 06.22.2011

  3. cells. cells in biolgy. cells in a prison. cells. sells. sex sells. sex sells and your sex cells make all the lost boys drool. cells. cell block tango. chicago. roxie. funny honey. we both reached for the gun. cellular. cell phone. i’m addicted to my phone.

    By aubrey on 06.22.2011

  4. cells. they multiply. they grow. they transform. they die. they are life. they are cells.


    By brittanypaulhus URL on 06.22.2011

  5. Are in your body. Cells make up who you are yet cells are also in jail and keep you from who you can be. Cells keep the good ones safe in both meanings.

    By Kelsey on 06.22.2011

  6. She could feel the shiver run through her body and chill every cell she posed as she looked at the supposed stranger and saw her own face starring back at her.

    By Renee URL on 06.22.2011

  7. We have cells in our bodies, but then one also thinks of cell phones. i suppose you’d really think of the second first, in our techy culture. cell phones are so important. in fact, i’m wondering what’s on my cell right now. Probably nothing. That’s not true; probably my mother has texted me at least twice. She’s in Canada for the rest of the summer, so she texts constantly. Sometimes it’s frustrating because we’re always busy. Texts are just too easy.

    By Courtney Payzant on 06.22.2011

  8. Tiny, invisible structures. Beauty in their infinite complexity. Fascinating that the most important things are so small.

    By AbbieLou URL on 06.22.2011

  9. multiply

    By joana on 06.22.2011

  10. i think cells are very cool they make up our whole boby. heck, they make up everything! i love cells. i had to learn about them in science and it was reallyu boring but i learned it! so hey its pretty fun.but it was pretty boring and we were on the subject for a really long timee…my science teacher is very boring too so yeah..

    By samantha on 06.22.2011

  11. The atoms make up the cells that make up our blood that makes up our hearts that forms our pulses that beat together as one. One tiny speck of a world, in one huge speck of a universe. And yet all we all are is cells.

    By Abigail Sophie URL on 06.22.2011

  12. dripping cells… dank fetid full of rank biology on a horrific scale. designed to dishearten, now I look down and a rat darts into a corner of jet tar. The bell tolls for the living dead. Filth in a bucket, gruel in a bowl, water in a wooden beaker. solitary in the last hours. the priest had no luck. now i go.

    By Antsandpants on 06.22.2011

  13. I often wonder what this world would be like if we did not punish man and put them in cells. Would the wicked ones destroy us all? Or would they somehow reach the point of a healthy mind again?

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 06.22.2011

  14. The beginning of life, can also be the ending of freedom. single cells are the start of human life and being put in jail will mean the end of your freedom and quite possibly the end of your life as you know it.

    By Benjamin URL on 06.22.2011

  15. Cells are what makes us up. I took Biology this year and I would get my notes out, but I’m only allowed 60 seconds, so I can’t really do that. Anton von Leeuwenhoek found them right? He looked at a piece of cork and named all the little thingys cells.

    By Lauren URL on 06.22.2011

  16. How many cells do you THINK i’ve been in.? I’m a freakin criminal for gosh sakes.! and don’t forget it.


    By Zoe on 06.22.2011

  17. Sitting alone in the dark cage, I felt trapped. I wouldn’t say this room was a cell, but it could have been. I only had a small space to myself, considering I shared the bed with four others. No blankets, no comfy cushion. Only a hard wooden bottom. I was uncomfortable. My family had been killed during selection. I was “lucky” to have been considered healthy. If you called this torture lucky.

    By Emily Woods on 06.22.2011

  18. cells make up the life. brain cells. hair cells. body cells. plant cells. where would we be without cells? i dont know. who knows! cells cells cells. go cells.

    By olivia URL on 06.22.2011

  19. the cells of my body realign for you – bursting and bubbling against my boiling skin, craving the feel of your fingertips against my flesh, waiting for the moment where bare stomachs clap together in rhythm, when i becomes you and you become me.

    By devin URL on 06.22.2011

  20. she jumped from pocket to pocket, feeling the cool air whip on her face as she leapt. be nimble, be light, land on one foot only, she heard, the voice of her master as he lectured. reach for the sky and swing yourself by the clouds. ride the wind. it thrummed like a mantra in her empty head. ride the wind. ride the wind. ride the wind.

    By Jessica URL on 06.22.2011

  21. cells are what we are.
    cells are where we lock bad people up.
    cells make photography lights different colors.
    cells are what we are made up of.

    By Eener on 06.22.2011

  22. the cells in this jail are so disgusting! there is shit and vomit everywhere and it smells awful!
    what has the world come to when criminals are treated like this? we need to clean up these cells or let them all be free. even better… make them clean it and keep them here.

    By red on 06.22.2011

  23. Life can be hard. There can be a feeling of being trapped. I know this because that’s how I feel right now. I just moved to the most amazing place and yet I have no work and am bound like an inmate with loans as shackles and a lack of money as my cell… At least i’ve got the beach here :)

    By Alix on 06.22.2011

  24. You know, I got to thinking after I watched the YouTube, “Denver Airport conspiracy” if indeed the so called underground storage units were some sort of holding cells to destroy cells. Human cells.

    I don’t know…check it out

    By vanhaydu.com URL on 06.22.2011

  25. Cells, padded walls, thinking jail, just jail prison maybe crazy people. Padded rooms and straight jackets, staring out of the windows longing for sunlight, feeling the darkness, falling into the blackness, darkness, i see the light but i don’t know its hand, love from the sun, i wish for love from the sun.

    By Arielle on 06.22.2011

  26. Well, cells are a simple word to define small things. That’s why organic molecular structures from the body are called cells. Also, there are examples like the cellphone.

    By Kazuhiro Nishi URL on 06.22.2011

  27. Her dead skin cells are all over the house. In her mattress, on the couch, everywhere. Scotty couldnt take the smell of her anymore. He ran out the door and down the street. His neighbors yelled as he pushed past them, but he didnt care. He had to get away. Away from her and the ceramic jar on the counter.

    By Alessandra on 06.22.2011

  28. The cells of life are the teeny almost unseeable things that make us up. When I learned about them, I didn’t really think about them actually being the complete composition of what I am. But in fact that is all i am, cells.

    By katierae URL on 06.22.2011

  29. little tiny things found inside our bodies and the bodies of other living things, which float around and make us what we are. the essence of our being. without cells we would be nothing. the cell has a nucleus and I learned about the human cell in school but i don’t rmember much abou tit. i guess there are different types of cells.

    By Kevin URL on 06.22.2011

  30. cells are small, kinda awesome, make your body function. kinda like the cat that was just in my face. it has cells. they help all beings thrive and survive, yeah. im pro life. kinda…..whatever. yeah cells. they rock. they keep me breathing and writing.

    By Kayla on 06.22.2011

  31. make up tissues. nucleus, ribosomes, mitocholdria, flagella,f

    By Michelle on 06.22.2011

  32. I suppose it’s sort of a miracle that we are all made of building blocks. And we function. So no matter how different we are, we function because of our building blocks and we all think using our “little gray cells”.

    By Meghan URL on 06.22.2011

  33. Every cell in my body ached as I peeled myself off the bathroom floor. I felt the tile on my cold feet, the pain in my joints as I turned the doorknob to go out and face the world again. Brace yourself.

    By taytay URL on 06.22.2011

  34. Everything is made up of cells. Everything. It is unfathomable. We are all just a collection of cells. Living, breathing, cells. Feeling, thinking, hurting, loving. But when it comes down to it, we are all just a combination of cells.

    And yet,
    despite this,
    the only cell I can think of
    is the one that I lock myself in,
    the one that keeps me stuck inside my skin.

    By JD. on 06.22.2011

  35. Each cell is behind a thick wooden door, brass numbers in elegant serif type bolted to the front at about head height.

    By grovestrolls on 06.22.2011

  36. Cells. Divide and multiply. Like the thoughts in our memory.
    I want to multiply the cells of innocence and experience the multitude of childishness in adulthood.
    What a wonder that would be.

    By Akiko Mahreen Mukai Agha URL on 06.22.2011

  37. cells die without reason, and sometimes with reason, that exceed all expectations…
    Now brain cells, a whole different perspective, there’s only two left, and that should tell you! lolololol im crazy…

    By Claudio on 06.22.2011

  38. Body multiy animals plants complex helpful needed life white red heal harmful blood many fat breath batteries energy shock plug electricity light fuel

    By camryn johnson on 06.22.2011

  39. Cells are faboluos, they’re part of our body, of our communication networks. They’re the concept on which we separate organisms and systems into understable parts that allow easy study and create advanced knowledge about this system.

    By Gustavo Adolfo Monraz Durán URL on 06.22.2011

  40. Cells are part of everybody, they’re the small space were living beings are separeted and the physical matter were the sould is dispersed. Cells should be considered the most important part on actual science and medicine, and even esoteric studies.

    By Gustavo Monraz URL on 06.22.2011