January 23rd, 2019 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “cello”

  1. Mia wants to play her cello in the Student Talent Show but she is too scared to try. Her parents say she’ll do great and if she gets stage fright then she should breathe in and out and then continue with her song.

    By Peighton on 01.24.2019

  2. She gets to the hall just in time. Scanning the program, she finds his name under Bach’s Prelude No. 1. It feels like there’s millions of kids performing before they finally get to him, and any doubts she’d initially had about attending suddenly flit away.

    Her heart skips a beat as he steps out on-stage, clad in a fucking tux of all things, hair slicked back for once and not hanging in his eyes. Those stupid brown eyes that made her do equally stupid things like digging her one nice dress out of its place in her closet or sneaking into a hall just so she can watch him play again.

    Just to calm herself down, she revisits all the things she knows about him – predominantly wears black, rides a skateboard everywhere, loved manga like nobody’s business, and apparently loved sunflowers, of all things. It’s ridiculous and adorable, and by the time he’s finished, she’s grinning so hard, she’s sure she must look fucking ridiculous.

    She sneaks out after that. And he never does discover who sends him the bouquet of sunflowers on Monday.

    By fox_face on 01.24.2019

  3. okay so yesterday I id one of these on a cello and my dumb sellf didnty know what a cello was but I do onw its an insterment and im sorrty if I soyundeed dumb yesterdsy

    By deann on 01.24.2019

  4. I used to want to play the cello. It always seemed so interesting to me. It was big and loud and beautiful. Eventually I wanted to just play the upright bass. For all those reason and because psychobilly changed my life! There was something about seeing the lead singer of the horrorpops up there slapping her bass that I craved for myself.

    By MissAdrianLee on 01.24.2019