January 24th, 2019 | 29 Entries

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29 Entries for “controller”

  1. someone who manages finances for a company and ensures adherence to policies, laws and regulations. This person is generally supported by a group who collects information to provide management with an outlook for the company.

    By Carla on 01.24.2019

  2. I am a controller or at least they say. I don’t see myself being controlling though. Can a person notice his/her actions? Sometimes, I can’t

    By Alexandria on 01.24.2019

  3. It’s something or someone that’s not always good. Like that man that you used to date or that woman that refused to let you talk to your mother more than a minute because she thought you were lying. She was your controller.

    By Morticio on 01.24.2019

  4. My mom is such control freak. both her and my brother call me a controller but in reality they are the ones who control everything. Its so annoying being called something that is completely not true.

    By brydon wade URL on 01.24.2019

  5. He wasn’t a controller. He was simply meticulous.

    No matter what anybody said, he wasn’t going to give in. Maybe he had some issues, but it wasn’t as though anyone could tell him no. Thinking back on it, perhaps he did like to be in control–but it wasn’t his fault he had standards that nobody could aspire to, much less himself.

    By jadefyre URL on 01.24.2019

  6. She instantly took control of the situation, pushing free of her captures grasp. She took the little girls arm and ran. Nothing ever felt more freeing. Then the girl stumbled and fell. She stopped with dread in her face picked the girl up and ran with all of the strength in her soul. She had to be free again.

    By Sydney Erbe on 01.24.2019

  7. She instantly took control of the situation, pushing free of her captures grasp. She took the little girls arm and ran. Nothing ever felt more freeing. Then the girl stumbled and fell. She stopped with dread in her face picked the girl up and ran with all of the strength in her soul. She would get away and find help. She might have to walk across country but it was better than spending her life in a dirty underground seller.

    By Sydney Erbe on 01.24.2019

  8. Controller people likes to get control of life even over life of people around them. Controller people used to don’t be happy and used to get unhappy people around them cause guide them through their ways not allows them explore their own likes

    By Alejandra Naranjo on 01.24.2019

  9. He stands at the head of the army. Commander, controller. The fragment that stands between our lives and our deaths, and he is deaf. He sees and he shouts, the tongue is the strongest muscle. He moves. He watches. He remains.

    By snowthatremembers on 01.24.2019

  10. controller of my life is…easy, because my life is good and perfect ? Yeah i love my life

    By Pedro Paulo URL on 01.24.2019

  11. I wanted to play video games with my girlfriend, but all of my games had been either stolen by my drunk cousin or scratched to high heaven, and the controllers wouldn’t work properly because the cords had been bent or snapped or chewed up by my cat Timmy (who I loved dearly, but c’mon, you little furry brat!). She suggested that we go to Burt’s house, as he had the most recent hot console.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.24.2019

  12. He was a controller because his biggest fear was to become the one who is controlled. He hated the feeling, being so afraid that he tried to collect as many puppets as possible, just to conquer his worst fear. But while being concerned about controlling he hasn’t noticed one of his puppets has opposed.

    By AyraK on 01.25.2019

  13. I hate Thomas the Tank Engine. It has a character called the Fat Controller. Need I say more? Rude. Though, come to think of it, I’ve had boyfriends like that.

    By Michelle_C on 01.25.2019

  14. he said i was a controller, something with many buttons to be pressed and many codes to be encrypted. so he pushed those buttons, all of the good ones and bad ones- making sure to confuse my brain and, subsequently, dismantle it completely. he said i was complicated, though he knew my programming like he studied it in class, like i was a piece of the curriculum or a phrase in a textbook.

    By neutral-dick-hotel on 01.25.2019

  15. I am a controller. I have been told in almost all of my relationships that I like to control the pace and how things go. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing but it can be a trait that some people don’t like. I like to feel like I’m in control. If being a controller were a job I’d be in air traffic control. That’s what I think of when people say that to me. Controlling planes. That’s a huge responsibility.

    By Jenniva Cummings on 01.25.2019

  16. he threw the device across the room. the tiny purple dragon lay on its belly, bleeding pixelated droplets into a pool, its wings flapping listlessly

    By ari on 01.25.2019

  17. She was tempted to throw the controller at her friend when she found out that he cheated on the game. She was furious, because he promised he wouldn’t cheat.

    By aprilstone80 on 01.25.2019

  18. She was tempted to throw the controller at her friend when she found out that he cheated on the game. She was furious, because he promised he wouldn’t cheat.THEY EVEN SHOOK ON IT

    By aprilstone80 on 01.25.2019

  19. My brother uses his controller to play fortnite all the time. I think its a silly game but he seams to love it. He plays with all his friends.

    By Briana Jo Dailey on 01.25.2019

  20. I love playing video games! They are a great pastime. My favorite game is Hello Neighbor and love holding the controller and trying to creep into his house and screaming when he catches me.

    By Peighton on 01.25.2019

  21. She moved the controller up and to the right, as if that would help her escape certain death. END GAME flashed on the screen. I did the same thing, it had become a habit after spending too many years playing Call of Duty in my best friend’s basement.

    By Grace Roberts on 01.25.2019

  22. karma

    By dhdfh URL on 01.25.2019

  23. El controlador se desquició súbitamente. Dio órdenes erráticas a los aviones que pedían permiso para aterrizar. Dos aviones se estrellaron y comenzó el caos. El controlador sólo apuntó a gritar por el altavoz: ¡Nosotros somos los malos, trabajamos para los malos!

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 01.25.2019

  24. I don’t like it when you play the role of controller of my sentences. But what do I expect? You’re a novelist, even though you would insist that I can’t call you that.

    By Fox Hedgehog on 01.25.2019

  25. the only way you can truly understand them
    is when you are no longer scared of them
    they’re just like us
    controller spoken word
    pray to the gods
    of division
    like a religion
    it’s all the same
    now that we’re so different

    By matt m on 01.25.2019

  26. I picked the controller up after my boyfriend left the room. I never understood the fascination, but I wiggled the joystick and pushed some buttons, watching the screen character react accordingly. Moderately amusing, but nothing fascinating. Until I hit the wrong buttons together. Or maybe it was the right ones? But either way, my comfortable position on the couch vanished, the world started to disintegrate, and the last sound I heard was the controller hitting the floor before I found myself in his game.

    By Lauren Cude URL on 01.25.2019

  27. she was a controller. thats what i called her. for a sister im not sure how she got that much power. you would think she was the parent. really we should have had equal power but her personality was so headstrong and i just couldn’t stand up for her. so i got the smaller bedroom and she got free access to my wardrobe, she borrowed money from me whenever she liked and sometimes without asking, she got to socialise with my friends and contact them and become their friend without even asking. she was taking over my life but at the same time i couldn’t imagine leaving her and living my own life on my own two feet.

    By Ellaandlara on 01.25.2019

  28. I have lived al these years and don’t know what a controller is. I mean I know many people who are controllers. Most of the people in my immediate family are controllers. Of course, being controllers, they accuse me of being a controller. Believe me, I am not. I’m mild-mannered, I let everyone I know do whatever they want without saying one controlling word, although I can assume a critical expression that sends people running, not just out of the room, but out of the country. But what do corporate controllers do? What do they control? Can they empty a room as fast as I can? I confess that I lack the control to take this one word prompt seriously. So I think that clears me of any controller accusations.

    By Joanna Bressler on 01.25.2019

  29. The people were filed in separate rows and columns. There was a controller at the helm of each column. He had a small whip attached to his belt.

    By suriti URL on 01.26.2019