March 26th, 2010 | 228 Entries

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228 Entries for “cave”

  1. black hole dark moist sweaty drawings ancient

    By christine on 03.27.2010

  2. man lived in them. i wouldnt mind living in one. would be too dark though maybe. na i would live outside one and use it for shade. would have to be fully furnished though. i would have a the time up now?????

    By Gem on 03.27.2010

  3. i did not see caves before , i want to get into one at at once and give my love some kisses in it

    By moh on 03.27.2010

  4. caves seem to be such a dark place for people to hide their feelings and hide their fears.

    caves never seem to be the place that people take the time to discover and dig out the feelings that they have buried from long ago…

    we need to return to become cavemen once again.

    By miles on 03.27.2010

  5. A small compressed room where anything can be hidden. Jewels, bodies, and even secrets. Dripping with wet saltwater. Small creatures will comfort you in there when lost. Sometimes dark, or sometimes bright.

    By Zainab on 03.27.2010

  6. cave in with waterworks and hard to reach places where submarines implode on people and seeds for the trees that kept them fresh and that people who didn’t. fresh air isn’t what they’re look for, as long as it’s breathable, who cares if we’re alive as we were 20 years ago.

    By The Founder URL on 03.27.2010

  7. We dove into the underwater caves together, laughing in our snorkels as luminescent fish fled at our approach. Here, in this aqueous world far away from anything and everyone else we knew, we were truly alone for the first time.

    By vish on 03.27.2010

  8. The cave opened up into a crazy treasure trove, just like in a movie starring Donald Duck and his nephews or INdiana jones, or huey and dewey and company dressed like indiana jones.

    By tom on 03.27.2010

  9. When in a cave you could experience fear due the dark, dank conditions. Maybe, you’ll hear bats and imagine monsters. Maybe there really are monsters.

    By pablo pescado on 03.27.2010

  10. I wondered through the cavernous caves wondering what kind of beast or person could have made their home on this island. Rough craggy rocks loomed eighteen feet high on all sides and the ground bit into my feet as stumbled along.

    By Serena Jaros on 03.27.2010

  11. In a dark cave I found my self, for the first time. Sharp-tongued and dripping with sweat; a stalagmite, planted to the ground, afraid to move. I was afraid that I might be stuck there forever. I decided, right then, to make a change. Through the cave mouth, into the light.

    By Crystal Suydam on 03.27.2010

  12. In the heart of the planet, a cool dark place to hide and rest my mind. The geological womb, from which I can be reborn; all my faults replaced with potential for self-improvement. I am new, and I can become someone that I can be proud of.

    By Crystal Suydam on 03.27.2010

  13. a cave. a dark, cold place. light passing through the tiny spaces between my own thoughts and the entrance…………….a space for expression….intensity, coldness…..hidden. thought.

    By alice on 03.27.2010

  14. I finally have emerged from the cave of darkness, which had been my life for two long years.
    Someone finally went adventuring and stumbled across me. At the time he wasn’t even sure what he had discovered, but as time goes by he begins to learn about my dark past.

    By Jill on 03.27.2010

  15. even darkness cannot hide the feeling of fear that encloses over my body as i search for a light, any light to give me a feeling of security within this endless abyss. where am i and why can’t i see?

    By vicky on 03.27.2010

  16. The cave was filled with dragons, and they were muttering amongst themselves about the dismal state of their economy. Unfortunately, the dragon dictators weren’t interested in economic reform, and would rather remain in a communist government. Alas, it didn’t end well for the cave dragons, and it turned into a civil war as the dragons were involved in a massive conflict against all odds.

    By Aeolian URL on 03.27.2010

  17. Cave in. Do it. The smoke wants you as much as you want it. The weed hides in a tiny cave in the pipe, waiting for the flame. Waiting for you to light it, waiting to enter the cave of your mouth.

    By Julia on 03.27.2010

  18. I entered a cave of bright white sheets and met you there. There were stalactite pillows. Or stalagmites. I can never get those straightened out. But that’s where we met. In a pure white cave.

    By Leah on 03.27.2010

  19. cave it was dark and cold
    i felt alone and scared
    but i saw you
    and the light you brought with you
    and i was warm and cozy
    and i felt like i could escape that cave
    or at least bear it
    because you were then
    but then a gust of wind came
    and you disappeared
    your flame went out
    your spark gone
    and i was left all alone in the cave
    the cold dark cave
    im scared.

    By Hannah URL on 03.27.2010

  20. There he goes. Back into his cave. And I’m not allowed to go in, or to wait at the opening. This is what I get for reading that book about Men being from Mars and Women being from Venus. So now I know. And what do I do with it?

    By Mary Minjares on 03.27.2010

  21. His heart was a cave. It was so dark and empty that I could hardly move forward without having my arms stretched in front of me, hesitantly gliding my foot over the smooth, cold stone. I wonder what secrets he had hidden at the end of it.

    By scarlet on 03.27.2010

  22. I already wrote about this. It was credited to someone named Scarlet or something. Whatever. Kinda fun though. I don’t want to be in a cave. I want to be in a meadow. With a couch, though.

    By mary minjares on 03.27.2010

  23. Oh bloody hell. How did he get himself into these situations? Dean grimaced as he felt around in the darkness, searching for the cave entrance. It had been there a moment ago, he was sure of it. Fucking flashlight with its generic-brand batteries. That was it. Next time he was going with the Energizer batteries, creepy-ass bunny or no…

    By MJ on 03.27.2010

  24. deep beanath a surface, hidden creatures, dark, scary, bats, diamonds, lost, confusin, quiet, lonely, secluded, peaceful, hidden, secret, gloomy, wet

    By laura on 03.27.2010

  25. Bob wandered into the cave. He was warned to stay away from the cave. He refused to stay away from the cave. inside the cave he found a giant stone head. the head was round, with only large eyes and a mouth. The mouth moved. The stone head told Bob to leave the cave

    By vladdytrout on 03.27.2010

  26. In the absence of light,
    A path has been set
    In a cacophony of subtle labyrinths,
    and unaltered allure;
    the essence of life flows,
    Following harrowing absence,
    And frail stories and prints
    Buried but ever pure.

    By Travis e. on 03.27.2010

  27. There was a cave on the outskirts of town that had once held significant importance to the townsfolk. Somehow, that significance died down, and the people lost interest in it. It still lingers there to this day.

    By python862 on 03.27.2010

  28. A cave in a castle in a country in a continent in a …planet? I don’t know, honestly. Caves are so trivial. Although, the can hide some nasty secrets. This isn’t very poetic at all, is it?

    By Shiina on 03.27.2010