March 27th, 2010 | 189 Entries

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189 Entries for “tragic”

  1. i don’t think many things are tragic. i don’t feel bad for the people who have had “tragic” things happen to them. some people might say i’m heartless, but i just think i’m realistic. not wasting my time on those people. if i feel sorry for kids in africa, what good will that do? none. they won’t know i feel sorry for them. it doesn’t help. it’s just wasted energy on my part.

    By Brittney on 03.28.2010

  2. It was a tragedy that came of the tragic day of when the pigs all blew up. They where flying around with the bunnies when BOOM. Bacon bits showered down on the skies. On a side note, we did have a plenty good eating for everyone, even the little crazy kids who hid in the dumpsters.

    By Xavior on 03.28.2010

  3. Only those that hit closest to home seem to affect us. They are the only ones where we enter a state of shock. They seem to be the only ones that matter. They only happen when things start to go right. Is that what they call a tragic life? It’s an endless, unbreakable circle you can’t begin to hope to escape.

    By Lauren May on 03.28.2010

  4. You know what would be tragic? If everyone was a hipster. Becuase then, no one would be awesome, because we’d all be the same? If everyone were, say, scene, then that wouldn’t be tragic, it would just suck a whole lot. Ew.

    By Roxx on 03.28.2010

  5. of course there are those famous trgedys, romeo and juuliet, etc.but there are other tragedies, too. some that nobody will ever know about, except for a couple folks. see, my mom owns a bookbinding business, and the other day she got a phone call from this man. he was really upset, you know, because his son just died in the war. he wanted her to make a scrap book for him ewith pictures of the man who died throughout his life, and at the funeral, and newspaper articles with him and such. it was really sweet, and usually my mom doesnt do that type of thing, but she just ha dto for him.

    By lola on 03.28.2010

  6. People always think they are more tragic than everyone else. i think that’s what makes the world go round

    By carlyn on 03.28.2010

  7. the only thing keeping her down in the mud was the fact that she would leave if she did.
    she wouldn’t leave on purpose, of course, but she would be whisked away by malevolent spirits that lingered between worlds.

    (I’m a novelist-type person. It takes me half a page to warm up to an idea.)

    By Hannah on 03.28.2010

  8. It was tragic. The way he died. Well, that was the major tragedy that everyone noticed. What about me? I had to witness it? I lost the most. I am the one who has to still live. My life is tragic. Quiet tragic. I can’t change what happened, nor can I tell people how to view me.

    By Dave on 03.28.2010

  9. 9/11 was a very tragic incident. i see it all the time on the clock. it scares me every time I see it.

    By alex on 03.28.2010

  10. tragic things arent good, hence why they are tragedies? i dont like this…im bad at it. this was a tragic thing to stumble upon. it just makes me feel like a horribe uncreative writer. that, is tragic.

    By Lauren on 03.28.2010

  11. It was tragic when my wife decided to take her life. I, Oedipus, shall avenge her death. If it wasn’t for me she’d be alive. If it wasn’t for my dastardly father’s actions, none of this would have happened. Doesn’t he know, sorry, didn’t he know that no one can go against the gods? That is a lesson I wish I had learned sooner.

    By Stephanie on 03.28.2010

  12. I remember all those times when you and I
    would just stare
    and stare
    and I’d wonder if when you’d get home
    you’d be thinking of me while sitting on your couch
    just like I’d be thinking of you
    sitting on my couch
    but then I’d remember
    that you’re not here anymore.

    it’s been 627 days since you’ve been gone.

    By spicer on 03.28.2010

  13. Old way of following tradition. There is nothing tragic in an accident, no downfall caused by pride. You can call your brother’s death in the automobile devastating, and certainly, it might be, but it was’t tragic, unless he boasted he could drive with only three beers in him.

    By Gareth Callenby on 03.28.2010

  14. Tradgedy for you and me. They say that If I cut my finger, this is tradgedy. If you fall off of a ladder down into a sewer, this is comedy. So basically I am tragic, you are comedic. I don’t have to feel your pain. What I wonder is, is my finger cut comedic to you while your sewer fall is tragic?

    By Julia on 03.28.2010

  15. tragic well I got a tough one, I suppose what is tragic is the appauling children’s tv programmes on now a days, I remember the days of Playdays and when Postman Pat wasn’t married!

    By A Van Tromp on 03.28.2010

  16. Tragic is whenever you go to see an awful flick and waste most of your hard earned cash on the snacks.

    By T. Rav on 03.28.2010

  17. And then she fell. Face down in the muddy water, her face brown with dirt and mold. She didn’t move for at least an hour. Just lying there taking it all in. How did I get here, she said. How did I start off so high and end up so low. Then she giggled.

    By Charisse on 03.28.2010

  18. Like her attitude. It sucked like a leech on heat. Giving more meaning to the word than the Websters could ever hope for. Pity is all I could offer, and hope for a cure. Maybe one day she will realise…. that attitude will consume you.

    By Ali Tomali on 03.28.2010

  19. Sad is the day of end when there are no more left to ask, “what shall i do? what shall i say? tell me oh wise of the bunch.” create for me a day when this will all disappear and i will show you God. I will show you perfection. No time for following the herd today. I gotta roll.

    By antisocialgirl URL on 03.28.2010

  20. It was tragic the way it went down. Thirteen hundred people killed in one fateful night. So many families wiped out, all because of one stupid, preventable accident. But what I think is worse is the families that weren’t wiped out… and the people that have to live without them.

    By Kirsten Corneilson on 03.28.2010

  21. tragic tragedy a car crash but is all tragedy tragic is is? because everything happens for a reason. and everything is everything. her hair du is tragic..

    By nicola on 03.28.2010

  22. it was very tragic when i saw his headless body on the floor and that was when i realised it was my fault.

    By Anon on 03.28.2010

  23. very suddden, very scary, many people freak out so much happens in a short period it is heartbreaking

    By kimberly on 03.28.2010

  24. It really was tragic, the way it all began. She was so pathetic. So small. So… suffering. But when he saw her, high upon his noble steed, far above her world, everything changed in that gaze. For he was a prince, and she was a pauper. He was fine, and she was grotesque. He was God, and she was human. But that tragic became beautiful. And that story is mine.

    By Rachel on 03.28.2010

  25. tragic rhymes with magic which is a pretty mystical thing that i most definitely believe exists. damn i really dont have that much time its about to run out i shouldnt have though about it because it said not to dammit

    By lani bidwell on 03.28.2010

  26. 9/11
    one word sums it all up
    thats all i got
    im trying not to think
    but when that happens i end just typing all over the place
    like thinsdhnlfknjklgjklsdfgsdfg

    By Ryan on 03.28.2010

  27. It wasn’t really that sad what happened to her. I guess whenever this sort of thing would happen, she already knew where all the bruises were. She knew how to handle it and what feelings to pretend she had. The reason she was crying wasn’t because it was sad. It was because, for the first time, she wasn’t sure how to deal with this. This was tragedy.

    By meriam raouf URL on 03.28.2010

  28. Tragic is a bad word. It is always associated with bad things that have happened. For example you would hear it in a newspaper article like a car crash, “There was a tragic car accident yesterday”, it can also describe terrible accidents, “There was a tragic accident yesterday when Bob fell off his roof.”

    By Emma on 03.28.2010

  29. felling of anxiety churns the body into complete and utter pain. a single memory flashes as the water carreses my delicate skin. The memory is niether one of sadness of happiness. it is one of being content. life is motion is meaning.

    By Humza Agmed on 03.28.2010