January 22nd, 2015 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “catwalk”

  1. A cat walks down the hall, trying to sniff out a mouse. Really what is a cat walk????????????/?????????????

    By Hengirl on 01.22.2015

  2. The woman on the catwalk seemed extremely uncomfortable, and I made note of it in my journal. I was set to do an entire blurb about the designer exhibit, and yet so far, no one had appeared happy or enthusiastic about the clothing they presented. To top it off, the shoes looked clunky, the skirts looked like something out of a war zone, and the shirts and coats were, for lack of a better word, tasteless. I watched as the woman lumbered off the runway, stumbling a bit in her Lego-like galoshes.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.22.2015

  3. if i recall correctly, it was Hozier’s Take Me To Church playing at the end of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. never was a song more perfectly used.

    By edrianredentor URL on 01.22.2015

  4. If i recall correctly, it was Hozier’s Take Me To Church playing at the end of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Never was a song more perfectly used.

    By edrianredentor URL on 01.22.2015

  5. She strutted down the catwalk with such confidence that the crowd was swooned. Damn except one dude in the back, he was yelling and screaming “Give me the computer back” She woke up with a start, what an odd dream.

    By Ari URL on 01.22.2015

  6. I’ve read that a person actually appears more attractive if they strut as if they’re on a catwalk. Legs a bit apart, arms swinging, chin held up, etc. I don’t understand how anyone can pull that off. It looks so silly.

    By itsgonnacatchon URL on 01.22.2015

  7. death was sure . but the catwalk don’t lie, no more. goodbye mission done

    By Ari URL on 01.22.2015

  8. i’m too sexy for my car
    too sexy for my car
    too sexy by far
    and I’m too sexy for my hat
    too sexy for my hat
    what do you think about that
    i’m a model
    you know what I mean ewe
    and I do my little turn on the catwalk
    yeah on the catwalk on the catwalk ye
    i shake my little tush on the catwalk

    By sexybitch on 01.22.2015

  9. Clinging to the rail that lined the catwalk, she inched her way along until she’d reached the edge of the platform. “I have a visual; do I take the shot?”
    “Negative. Hold position,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 01.22.2015

  10. After a long photo shoot the catwalk was the last things she wanted to do, the show it self was bright but the business end filled her with dread. The flash of people that submerge her was a different and depressing tail filled with drama and glam, but she loved it all the same

    By April on 01.22.2015

  11. we tiptoe the catwalk, spinning and hoping someone will be looking. we can’t tell if it will be the right someone, but we just want our hair to be captured by the flashing light– immortalized.

    By alexis on 01.22.2015

  12. the sound of high heels clacking on the floor was drowned out by the loud music blaring from the speakers. each woman walking down the catwalk had a blank stare on her face, her eyes locked forward on something in the distance. It was terrifying.

    By Abby on 01.22.2015

  13. She briskly walked up and down the catwalk, as she always did. But that was the last time before she would start a new life full of action and adventure, love and romance, and of course, excitement. Gennifer Ronzales always dreamed of doing something that mattered to the world. Not some perfect, prissy, beautiful girl’s life. But that’s what she was stuck with. At least until now.

    By Tatym Gettling URL on 01.22.2015

  14. Stealth abounds
    soft paws peddle across the lawn
    never know she’s coming unless
    by her choice
    quiet as the morning breeze
    across the dew laden grass

    By Protean on 01.22.2015

  15. She chased the monster down the empty catwalk. She started to lose it through the curtains. Damn it, where’d it go? After several hours of fruitless searching, she sat down, defeated for the night.

    By Lisa URL on 01.22.2015

  16. She walked down the catwalk, smiling behind a closed mouth and stoney facade. Everyone loves fashion. She stood there, stage lights sparkling down on her, and she realized that life is about letting the bright moments conquer the shadows of doubt.

    By Calli URL on 01.22.2015

  17. She took a deep breath, then raised her head high and stepped forward, exuding confidence she didn’t feel. The catwalk wasn’t something she was used to–it was her first time after all–but as she continued on down, a sense of comfort washed over her being. this was where she belonged.

    By Neutral on 01.22.2015

  18. The club had a catwalk. It always reminded her of the Bronze from Buffy. Kay stood up there, looking down at everyone. Now that she knew that there were real vampires in the world, she wondered if she could find them just by looking. It didn’t seem likely. No one was in dated outfits. She kept looking for her real target and found him by the bar, trying to avoid eye contact with everyone around him.

    By Meghan Gabehart URL on 01.22.2015

  19. She swung her hips smoothly as she walked down the platform. The light were on her full blast. The microphones were all set to the maximum frequency. The faceless announcer then spoke into the microphones ‘Which one of these young ladies look best in their gowns. Choose wisely- remember, their lives count on your decision’.

    By Lady Hobbit URL on 01.22.2015

  20. Walsh’s eyes scanned the room as the arena filled. He saw the agents at each entrance, and the SWAT team in the rafters and in the catwalk above the stage. All seemed in order, but something bothered him. Minutes later, as the president approached the stage, he answered the final radio check, then got back to scanning the room. As the president walked to the podium, the sniper in the catwalk stood up. It was that cocky young kid who had joined the detail that day. Then Walsh realised what was wrong; That sniper had not answered the radio check, he had not even been called upon! He wasn’t on the team! As he raised his radio mike to his lips, the muzzle flashed, and his warning was lost as the room filled with screams.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.22.2015

  21. There was a strange noise coming from the end of the catwalk, out of sight due to the lights shining onto my face. It sounded like a sparkler, a faint crackling under the applaud and roar of the crowd as I span to adequately ripple the silk that hung around my legs.

    By Windsinger URL on 01.22.2015

  22. the catwalk , the catwalk baby, this is where we go along the catwalk. and in the ocean where cat’s don’t walk, the fishes swim all over the sand and bubbles and make one or two of the only things we can see from above. We are the only ones who can do anything from above. We are the ones. We are the ones. It is us.

    By Dee on 01.23.2015

  23. Τις αγαπάω τις γάτες. Από μικρός τις θυμάμαι σαν ένα κομμάτι της παιδικής μου ηλικίας. Αυτό που θυμάμαι περισσότερα από όλα είναι το περπάτημα τους. Από τον τρόπο που προσεγγίζουν την τροφή τους μέχρι τον τρόπο που προσεγγίζουν το θήραμα τους.

    By Alexandros on 01.23.2015

  24. There she goes again doing her catwalk, walking away from all the nonsense and the trouble I’ve been giving her recently. For how long was it going to be this time? I wondered while the Empire was playing her strange egiptian song.

    By Stef URL on 01.23.2015

  25. It wasn’t a strut exactly. Maybe more of a saunter. What’s the word for when you walking in a confident manner and also don’t appear to know exactly where you’re going? Like a cat, maybe. Yeah, a catwalk.

    By Lewis URL on 01.23.2015

  26. I love to see the women on the catwalk, as they display they outfits on the stage. It take a lot of nerves to face the cameras while walking and to maintain their posture.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.23.2015

  27. where cats walk to get to where they need to go to. Why wouldnt a cat walk? all cats should. if they dont they should try it and loose some cat fat. silly fatty catty and its fluff. xxx

    By tim URL on 01.23.2015

  28. The way a cat walks, in a slow and sleek way. Catwalks are sophisticated and seductive ways that many women can emulate. Often seen in models that walk on runways during fashion shows.

    By Hasil Patel on 01.23.2015

  29. models on a catwalk, catwalk your way through life, work it girl, sashay chantay!! batgirl and cat woman dueling their walks of life out on the cat walk…slinky sexy slurry into the sexy night with g

    By Jim URL on 01.23.2015

  30. chillin’ on the cat walk calling these cats that like to talk, to me, it’s weird there’s not enough of those here. but i mean i try not to fret over such petty matters, one day ill find the right one, maybe one one day she’ll find me. @grldg

    By grldg URL on 01.23.2015

  31. The fisherman threw the netting up over his shoulder and began walking up the catwalk leading from the dock to the ship that he would be sailing soon, and leaving his family behind him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.23.2015

  32. “Help me!” the lady shouted as her dozens of cats jumped out of her balcony and onto her neighbor’s lawns.
    “Help yourse— no, wait, what?” The old man looked up from his newspaper at the cats falling from the sky.
    One came up to him and raised out a claw: “We come in peace.”

    By betaveros URL on 01.23.2015

  33. When the stoplight turned red, she would play her 3-inch stilettos like a drum. Switching in time with the slow and steady click of her heels, she used her hips to hypnotize them all.

    By Soft URL on 01.23.2015

  34. you are up on the catwalk at the play and you sudenlly fall of because you were not paying attention so when you land you land on the stage and soon everybody starts laughing at you and then you relize you are not hurt because it was a prank from thre cast

    By mike URL on 01.23.2015

  35. There was a catwalk above the stage in the auditorium where I went to high school. Working on the school play I got to go up on it a couple of times. It was a great first lesson/exposure to the idea of how different things look depending on your perspective.

    By norma on 01.23.2015

  36. beutiful like the words of shekspir let me say what i see seems to be my mother when i talk on her .
    my voice my freedom .

    By ghofrane on 01.23.2015

  37. Life is not a bed of roses. Not all the tasks that you get to do are catwalk. There are many tasks which prove to be more tough than what you had thought at first instance and then the term catwalk seems to be obselete term.

    By aniketnikhade URL on 01.23.2015

  38. Some think of models walking down a stage. i think about cats, doing their own walk. Just imagine cats twerking while they walk down the road. i think i’m going mentally insane, but really. Twerking cats!?

    By Lee URL on 01.23.2015

  39. Some think of models walking down a stage. i think about cats, doing their own walk. Just imagine cats twerking while they walk down the road. i think i’m going mentally insane, but really. Twerking cats !?

    By Lee URL on 01.23.2015

  40. Catwalk is a walk that cats usally walk but rather women are seen walking. it is the walk used on ramps by models and has a very

    By kashaf on 01.23.2015