January 23rd, 2015 | 72 Entries

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72 Entries for “study”

  1. I don’t study much. Just kinda gaze at the pages I’m supposed to be studying and pretend like im somewhere else. its frustrating when i dont get stuff done. at least to others.

    By brittany on 01.24.2015

  2. There was a child who hated to study. It was his worst nightmare to sit down and read, to do his math. He hated it so much that one day he decided that instead of studying, he would become an astronaut.

    By Sophie on 01.24.2015

  3. I really need to get studying as this is my profession. I think one of my main problems is I don’t really know where to start. I’m studying without a focus and it is something that I should get a grip on. It’s quite funny that this is the first word since I”m also simultaneously looking at planners right now. This is quite weird…but I like it.

    By Teal on 01.24.2015

  4. I love to study. Sometimes. Most of the time. I wish I could study right now instead of having to reflect and write comments. It’s much more appealing to snuggle into a book . . . say Marx or Orwell or maybe just a beloved William Trevor and imagine the worlds they represent. Maybe that’s reading, not studying. I suppose studying is a bit more complicated, involves more effort and discipline. Of which I have none at the momen.

    By Carolyn Paczkowska on 01.24.2015

  5. Study harder, even though you’ve been staring at the same book for three hours.

    Study harder, even though your eyes are burning and your head may have been replaced with a thick hunk of concrete.

    Study harder, because you want to get into a good university, don’t you? What’s wrong with you? God, just study harder. Study harder, because you’ll never amount to anything if you don’t understand the concept of two-dimensional motion.

    Study harder. Chug your third energy drink. Study harder, because it’s all you know how to do, anyway.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 01.24.2015

  6. I’ve been studying for years, now. My mother doesn’t come to the door to offer me a drink or food. She stopped doing that about seven months ago. I don’t remember eating, in general. I suppose I just do it. But I remember my studying. I need to remember my studying.

    By Leo Rodriguez on 01.24.2015

  7. Human beings study to finish school. They finish school to go to work. Humans go to work to have a career. People have careers to have homes. A home is a place to relax. Human beings never have time to relax because they are always studying, working and building careers.

    By Soraja Krndzija on 01.24.2015

  8. Inevitable part of life. Often seen as torture, but when approached with the right mindset provides the most enrichment to ones life.

    By Meg Babee on 01.24.2015

  9. I’m growing very resentful of all the time I spent in school. I guess I always assumed plenty of education would guarantee a painless search for work, especially in the sciences. And yet, the struggle for steady employment continues. Why did I spend so much time studying when I could have actually been having some fun?

    By itsgonnacatchon on 01.24.2015

  10. He studies the note like it’s written in a foreign language. The scrawl is perfectly familiar to him, but the words don’t make any sense. He turns it over, as if expected it to have some sort of caveat on the back. When nothing but blank paper meets his gaze, he turns it back around and stares at the words written in purple gel pen: ‘You’re gorgeous.’

    By Baekhesten on 01.24.2015

  11. She wanted to look at that painting forever. It seemed that she had seen it before, somehow, that perhaps she could have painted it herself, but as she continued to look at it, she knew that it couldn’t be true. She wasn’t that good. But it still felt familiar. The moments ticked by, but she wasn’t aware of time. It could have been five minutes, it could have been five hours, but staring at that painting was simply a moment she would never forget.

    By Miss Mallory URL on 01.24.2015

  12. I couldn’t study today. I was too sad for doing anything. My life couldn’t be worst.

    By Ramille on 01.24.2015

  13. Study a word that people say all the time in education. Just study and somehow it will magaically make sense. Well study only made it worse. In fact study is how i realized that I did not know anything. Studying is how I realized how stupid I am

    By journey on 01.24.2015

  14. The girl had been studying day and night, nothing else seemed to matter. She wasn’t passionate about school, but it seemed like the only thing that would allow her to be happy in life. To get an education. We’ve all fallen into this trap.

    By megan URL on 01.24.2015

  15. Studying has always been important in my academic success. My teachers at Campbell High School in Smyrna, Georgia really helped to shape my habits, which lead to great success at Gei

    By AmberRose on 01.24.2015

  16. to work to learn to improve

    By Ernan Hughes on 01.24.2015

  17. to work to learn to improve to be better.

    By Ernan Hughes on 01.24.2015

  18. Getting ready. Almost ready. Need more time to comprehend. Cram, contemplate, consider. Delay of adulthood, greater preparation, advance of the species, delayed gratification, adaptive developing brain. Smarter for not doing, for considering, but at last must act. Was it enough?

    By Clayton on 01.24.2015

  19. study is the process of knowing something. even though reading is the most common form of study, it can be done is various fashion like observation and experimentation.

    By Rupesh on 01.24.2015

  20. The flipping of notecards at the table around him became background noise. Every tap of her pencil, every sigh of stress and disposition from he perfect lips captured Nelson. She was out of his league.

    By Spencer on 01.24.2015

  21. zitao haven’t been doing anything else than studying for the past 9 hours. yes, 9 hours. without his phone, without candy, without tv, without sehun. only books, and some snacks. he misses sehun so much he almost wrote sehun’s name in his exam sheet. holy. if only he knew this would happen, he would’ve asked sehun to join the stupid private tuition along. but then again, sehun’s not into studying, so his presence would not really help zitao in his studies anyways. really. sehun is a nice kid, very. but when it comes to studying, he would always find a way, the most annoying way to pester zitao or anyone near him, pulling them out of their obedient student mood, asking them to play with him. sehun’s like that one annoying son of the devil. stupid and attractive. also, dangerous for someone who is determined to chase his dream, especially zitao.

    By Fii on 01.24.2015

  22. Zitao have been doing nothing else than studying for the past 9 hours. Yes, 9 hours. Without candy, without his phone, SNS, TV, Sehun. Sehun, he miss that boy. What is he doing now? Have he eaten his dinner? Did he got bitten by the mosquitoes?

    By baekhyun on 01.24.2015

  23. looking over my grades,
    i begin to pull at my scalp
    though the hesitation of studying is rather overwhelming.
    “What if I don’t remember the materials?”
    “What if I can’t cram this all into one night?”
    “What if-”
    What if-”
    Beginning to become flustered with the circumstances,
    I throw the notebook into the wall.

    By kaila on 01.24.2015

  24. “She’s a quick study” there was a stifling atmosphere as he spoke. It didn’t matter that she was a quick study, who could ever be ready for what she had to do next.

    By Kate on 01.24.2015

  25. the study
    of sea-bed bodies
    buried beneath the heat
    of alarm clocks – reminders –
    and the desire to fix more
    than a door, or a headboard,
    before each soul is stolen
    from its hibernating shell
    and read by the frigid
    hand of death.

    By Pandatry on 01.24.2015

  26. Whenever I have to study for a test I feel depressed. I feel so alone and I drift off into my world of dreams. Whenever I study for tests I don’t really I just stare at the words upon the page trying to process it thinking about how much better my life would be if I lived in my fantasy world.

    By Zara URL on 01.24.2015

  27. Whenever I have to study for a test I feel depressed. I feel so alone and I drift off into my world of dreams. Whenever I study for tests I don’t really I just stare at the words upon the page trying to process it thinking about how much better my life would be if I lived in my fantasy world. I love books and I dream deep about the words that bring me that warm feeling in my chest that I wish I could bring with me to face the snowstorm.

    By Zara URL on 01.24.2015

  28. She stared at her textbook, tapping her pencil against it endlessly. She was too preoccupied to study. Her thoughts were tuned into him and how he made her feel. She recalled the days earlier events and began to blush. Just as she closed her eyes and shook her head, she heard a loud thump against the table and looked up to see him standing there staring down at her.

    By Merlin on 01.24.2015

  29. She loved to study. Studying was the only time she had to herself. When she wasn’t studying, she was left to the gossip of her friends or the overbearing support, or rather strict guidance, her parents offered. But when she studied, she was in control. She decided what she thought was ok and what wasn’t, she paid attention to her boundaries and her never hurt anyone.

    By Calli on 01.24.2015

  30. i’m sorry
    after so many hours of study,
    you still drifted away,
    a failing grade.

    and maybe i’m nothing more than a badly written textbook
    compunctions, predilections, conflicting emotions,
    strewn over jumbled pages

    but for that
    i am not sorry.

    By S on 01.24.2015

  31. The walls of the study began to close in on her. Books sagging from their shelves and threatening to drown her in a colossus of knowledge. If she had any say she supposed that it seemed a fitting way to go. But then that’s a common occurrence nowadays–to be killed by the thing we love most.

    By SprawlingInk URL on 01.24.2015

  32. You tell me I have developed bad habits.
    You tell me I am not sick. Tell me the anorexia is long gone.
    You tell me I have developed the worst habits. But no, no, you say. You are not sick.
    You are more than the stars in the sky put together in a jar.

    I then say this. You do not know me. You cannot begin to study me like an exam and tell me what or how I am. You do not know me. You cannot tell the way my bones ache at night, you cannot tell me I am worth the sky. I am not your sky. I am my own. I bleed and cringe at the sight of you.

    You are not what you say you are.
    Justifying that I am seemingly dead already. I have to prove, prove, prove. If I don’t show it, I must not be it. So you feel.

    Nightmarish reality now comes down from the altered states. I seem to wallow. It is up to you, you say.
    To be on your best. You can choose, you say. To be on your best, you say, is to control.

    I try to prove.

    I am not in control. I am the paint that you paint over vulgarities with. I am not the night sky. I am a mistake.

    This is a mistake, I say.
    You say, a mistake? How could you?

    I respond with the highest regards.

    of hatred. of dignity. of passion.

    How could I? I am not your mistake. I am mine.

    You groan. You say, You are not yours nor mine.
    You are the night sky. You are an extremity. An endless pool. Own it, you say.

    I have nothing to own! I scream. You come to me with no boundaries. No room to talk. Just to force. You force feed me to prove. prove. prove.

    That I am lost, lost for me.

    I am my disorder. I am not your extremity.

    I will sink to the bottom, bringing nothing in return.
    Only control, I say.
    You’re next, I say.

    You’re sick, you say.
    I become all the things I never wanted to be. Your night sky. Your endless pool. An extremity.

    Yours. Yours. Yours.

    It’s too late, I say.

    Far gone never was an excuse.

    By Hayden on 01.24.2015