January 21st, 2015 | 69 Entries

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69 Entries for “offering”

  1. They gave an offering to their Gods. “Why are you doing this? Your Gods have done nothing for you but still you give everything to a statue. Come to the temple and repent to the one true God who has risen from the dead to give you new life. He died so you could be with him. The one that I speak of is named Jesus and his father is the God of the heavens and earth. He is the prince of peace. Come I say and repent to be with the one who loves you.” The people just stared at the man, he was not a disciple but he knew the God was the one and only. Everyone left the statue and went to the temple with the man and they all where saved in the name of the Lord.

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.22.2015

  2. the offering was perfect. an unblemished lamb. the poor creature was placed upon the alter, knife gleaming, poised ready to take its life and make its blood run over the already blood stained stone. everyone watched expectantly.

    By Cate Write URL on 01.22.2015

  3. I offered you all of myself. Only for glory. It was the ritual of peace, but who breached it?

    By Samsara on 01.22.2015

  4. because nothing gets her off like hands and knees on the ground and most especially when it’s someone as infuriatingly sweet as this one, with that cupid’s bow on her lips and cupid’s arrow on her tongue.

    By paper on 01.22.2015

  5. she was offering her heart to him but, it seemed like he didn’t even notice or cared.

    By kyndal on 01.22.2015

  6. The offering plate went round the room and when I first saw that happen I also saw a little kid down the pew take out a dime instead of putting it in. I wondered whether it was a give/take situation. I still do sometimes not just in church but elsewhere, do you take or do you give?

    By norma on 01.22.2015

  7. People often offer things to others to show generousity. It is a symbol of caring and acceptance. when someoen walks into your house for the first time, the host often offers you a refreshment of some sort to show you are accepted in their house.

    By lizzie on 01.22.2015

  8. An offering of peace. Offering a good, a commodity, to accomodate another one’s mood. This will be in your advantage.

    By Tom on 01.22.2015

  9. i went to the poor man on the street side and offered him some money. he said no but i made him take it, then the next day i ewent to give him a blanket and a battery powered seat warmer. for the rest of the winter i gave him batterys

    By mike on 01.22.2015

  10. She hadn’t seen the sunlight in a while. Her eyes were downcast and there was a vague look of worry and acceptance, as if she knew what to expect but not how to deal with it.

    By Max Roose on 01.22.2015

  11. to give

    By Liberty Brouillette URL on 01.22.2015

  12. Erin shifted in her pew as the preacher ranted on about the wicked ways of today’s youth. A cacophony of agreeing ‘amens’ and “hallelujahs’ stung her like accusations. When offering plate came around, she gave a more than usual, hoping to buy a little absolution.

    By Soft URL on 01.22.2015

  13. The people of Nilan wanted their gods to fell welcomed and appreicated. SO they brought them an offering. An offering was something you gave to the gods to keep them happy or to keep them from doing something harsh. This is what the people of Nilan were doing. Keeping the gods happy so that they would not be punished. The offering was a lot of items. Fruit, gold, precious metals, and valuable fabrics were all offered to the gods and the were all excepted by the magestic gods. The gods were no longer angry it seemed to the humbled people of Nilan and that satisfied them. There would be no more hardship that was out of the ordinary. No more flooded farms and dead toddlers.

    By Nellie Bradford on 01.22.2015

  14. “What’s in it for me?”
    “I’m offering you freedom.”
    “For the last time, I don’t want freedom!” I snapped, screaming at the man.
    “I’m offering you anything you want so long as you help me with this. Please I’ll offer anything to you.” The man said in a mellower tone.
    “Fine.” I growled, rolling my eyes.

    By Nellie Bradford on 01.22.2015

  15. I appreciate the offering of your advice, your offering is well received. Your offering is a blessing to my heart and soul. You have counseled me with wisdom. I hope to offer wisdom to you my friend.

    By charissaooh on 01.22.2015

  16. The earth is a offering to higher beings. We must give the earth to them.

    By Jarrett on 01.22.2015

  17. When I think of the word “offering” I think of church, and the offering plates being passed around to everyone in the main worship center. I always found it kind of weird that God would want part of your money. It confuses me, honestly. But oh well. Traditions.

    By JakkiMarie on 01.22.2015

  18. clumsy as ever its me. hard to understand someone but never judge someone.

    By Elvas on 01.22.2015

  19. He left her an offering. A gift of remorse. He truly did feel badly about the way he had treated her–but at the time, it seemed logical, kinder almost, to push her away. It was better that she hated him in that moment. But now, everything was different.

    By Kate Windsor on 01.22.2015

  20. The quickest we ever found an offering was ten minutes after selecting the previous one. Usually we butted right up against the time limit, and had to select at random, but this one was a volunteer. Some people are so attached to family that they don’t want to live without them. Weakness if you ask me.

    By Kit on 01.22.2015

  21. What is left to give?
    I gave my time, my life, my value
    I gave my heart, my tears, my joy
    All for you, none for me

    By mtnslamgrass on 01.22.2015

  22. You stand back emotionally, always offering that love you claim to hold in your heart for me. I’d rather have See’s candy. At least THAT sticks to my teeth.

    By Valerie Bologoff on 01.22.2015

  23. i offer you my life. i offer you this and that and everything that comes with it. i offer you the promise of love, of bright days and warm nights. i offer you things that you may never be able to return. i offer you everything and more. i offer you, me.

    By alex on 01.22.2015

  24. I’ve tried offering the keeper of dreams everything I’ve ever had just so he would let me relive the ones with you once more when you’re gone. I don’t think he understands how horrifying it is to live without someone who taught you everything you know about yourself. I don’t think he’s ever known loneliness like this.

    By Madison on 01.22.2015

  25. he asked me to give him my most precious possession. and i did. and i regretted it for the rest of my life.

    By leona on 01.22.2015

  26. The offering was simple, my own soul, my father’s soul, and my mother’s soul. That is easily worth the safety of a small village, we thought. Turns out, we were far from correct. The one we were dealing with didn’t think anything near 100 was close enough.

    By Hank on 01.22.2015

  27. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, that’s for sure. And I didn’t think of it, at the start that is, of any kind of sacrifice. I wanted it. Period. But now I see that what I was doing, what was really going on, was something else. Something bigger. Something I couldn’t have understood when it started. And now, it’s gone. And it’s my fault.

    By Beka on 01.22.2015

  28. I always admired my auntie for giving to the church offering prior to church service. Even though

    By Shana noel on 01.22.2015

  29. I offer to you, all the fog in my brain
    it is not much
    but it will be there, so comforting,
    on the nights when you are all alone
    scratching picking at your frontal lobe and
    making sure you don’t see light till morning

    a sort of friend, none the less, that I’ve carried
    all my life, a little darkness, keeping me
    sad bleak hazy and oh what a magnificent gift
    I would like to share with you, the cloud that hangs
    behind me and makes my heart race suddenly, makes
    my finger tips remain so cold, — you too, babe, can have some
    of the haze that blankets my desire to ever leave bed

    By stargirl on 01.22.2015