June 14th, 2012 | 348 Entries

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348 Entries for “cathedral”

  1. the halls stretched high and the wind crept low, beneath the chairs and through his robes. and though it begged to bring him outside the walls never let him leave.

    By partrick davis on 06.14.2012

  2. This is the church.
    This is the steeple.
    Unfold your hands – hey what the hell happened to my cathedral?

    By HelenGrant URL on 06.14.2012

  3. I was fifteen when I saw the large domed, Gothic cathedrals of Rome. So big, vast – filled with all the hollow emptiness of religion and lost hope of millions.

    By Kate on 06.14.2012

  4. A beautiful place where many go to worship or gaze at awe inspiring paintings and works of art. Notre Dame is what comes to mind first and foremost. Cathedral has nine letters. High ceilings maybe. Catholicism too.

    By Nyssa on 06.14.2012

  5. Life is a cathedral. It can be a cathedral of lies, of love, of hate, or sorrow. It can be huge and monumental and beautiful, or desolate, small and sad. Or it can be average. Up to you.

    By Madylin on 06.14.2012

  6. tall castel, hight lights
    off on a moutain top somewhere
    or right in the middle of a city, bustling
    painted rooftops and finger tips touching

    By rochelle on 06.14.2012

  7. The dawning of the sun always brings a setting sky.
    Over the Cathedral in the town square
    there sits a light that shimmers more beautiful than the brightest smile you’ve ever seen,
    that paints a reflection of the cross through the window onto the back wall.
    Where a child sits mourning the death of his best friend.

    By Courtney on 06.14.2012

  8. The redwood grove was a cathedral… or rather, the other way around.

    By commonloon on 06.14.2012

  9. The redwood grove was like

    a cathedral… or rather, the other way around.

    By commonloon on 06.14.2012

  10. What the hell? Cathedral? What am I supposed to do with that! I could write something like – the cathedral had a hushed interior, smelling of mold and old books. You could just tell that mildewy fabric was hidden somewhere close.

    By Debbie on 06.14.2012

  11. Big and beautiful was the cathedral. Piercing the sky as I walked around it wondering who and how they made it. I wonder how old the bricks are and how the person who made the giant windows lived and created. I wonder how many people have stepped inside and left without wondering anything at all.

    By Angela Salmeron on 06.14.2012

  12. Large beautiful building that house people as well as spirituality. Stone edifices with gargoyles contrasting good and evil, heaven and hell. Music softly floats from with in bri

    By Jennifer on 06.14.2012

  13. Spiked with four marionettes and a gold painted dome sitting like a giant in the center of the city, speaking of the humility of kings.

    By annabelle on 06.14.2012

  14. i sit in front of the cathedral wondering what went wrong. we came on time, everyone was in place, smiles on everyone. and then the music starts. they opened the door, but she wasn’t there. i had on my hands a runaway bride.

    By Cheyenne on 06.14.2012

  15. pointy hats and high ceilings taste the insence and see your sunday best. Pastels and sinners jammed into the heat white kercheifs surrender. pennance

    By Nicholas on 06.14.2012

  16. I looked up at the tall, luminescent crest that stood above me. It was unreal how amazing it was, and how small I was compared to its beauty. I could not compare, sanctuary.

    By Liz on 06.14.2012

  17. sanctuary peaceful amazing thought provoking beautiful

    By memoirs2009 on 06.14.2012

  18. The light came in the cathedral like a small lamp glowing in a room. The priest spoke calmly, yet if you listened, the words were frightful.

    By Jackson on 06.14.2012

  19. It is a place of worship. Not necessarily though. It is where people can find their inner self by taking advantage of the peace too. It can help them become more spiritual. They are also able to find the beneficial philosophical aspects of life too. And that information would benefit everybody even in their daily lives.

    By Maria on 06.14.2012

  20. its a church bright and brimming. its summer in the alps and crystal reflection of religion. it’s hope and a place where lives cross paths everyday. its a place where a man gives his faith to his followers.

    By Tiffany URL on 06.14.2012

  21. I was in church that morning, I didn’t feel like being there, queasy in fact, but it was out of obligation. I was born and raised a Catholic and my mother instilled the obligation of the church for over 30 years of my life, and now, my husband was doing the same. It was the story of my life, obligation. Everything I did was out of obligation. And not once had I stopped to consider my obligations to myself.

    By Kristina Hill Nartowicz on 06.14.2012

  22. i think that a cathedral is something religious, im not entirely sure. but there is also cheese called cathedral city which is clearly the same word. i think popes go there or religious people.

    By emily on 06.14.2012

  23. In the cathedral, I drifted past the pews over to the statue of Holy Mary herself. I was tempted to spit in her face. Of all the times that I had prayed to her, she never answered and she never showed any kindnesses toward me. But I did not. I had learned to forgive.

    By Lina Bean on 06.14.2012

  24. It was a beautiful day. The sun shining through the windows of the cathedral that day only made her the angel she was. And to me, it was everything I could wish for.

    By Craille on 06.14.2012

  25. Cathedrals depress me. They loom over me like giants, mocking my smallness…..

    By Zachary Williams on 06.14.2012

  26. I’m convinced Italy has more cathedrals than people. Or at least more churches. It seems almost every city we’ve visited on our vacation has what they call a duomo. Don’t get me wrong. They’re all freaking gorgeous. Nothing in the U.S. comes to mind that compares. Seriously.

    By Sophie on 06.14.2012

  27. The cathedral was an absolutely beautiful place, set in the treetops. It had high, stained glass windows, and beautiful light streamed through, emerald. The perfume in the air was reminiscent of spring, and captured the aroma of the trees. It was the greatest, most peaceful place I could imagine, and I spent some of the happiest days of my life there, in that cathedral, among the cedars.

    By Nolan on 06.14.2012

  28. Shattered stained glass decorated the floor of this desolate, empty cathedral. Overturned pews lay crooked and sideways, barely maintaining some resemblance of an aisle to the deserted altar.

    By Devin McCrary on 06.14.2012

  29. Sanctuary. If one could reach the large building at the top of the hill, they could be safe from anything. It was the only place in the world that could guarantee that. Safety. A place to catch your breath when the world around you was falling apart.

    By ED on 06.14.2012

  30. I think it would be awesome to turn a gothic cathedral into a nightclub. Dark drinks, beautiful women, and fine dance performances. Music like that of Silent Hill, or maybe some Celtic. Piano. Violin. You’d need to know the secret words to get through the doors though, it’s by invitation only. I wouldn’t let but only the greatest of people in.

    By Kiss_My_Freckle on 06.14.2012

  31. The Cathedral in Prague is a grand gothic cathedral which overpowers all the other buildings in Prague Castle. You can see it from the River Vltava at any time of day, but the view at night is the most gorgeous: the different colored lights make it seem almost like a painting, or maybe like a festive building that just so happens to be a massive castle.

    By Liz on 06.14.2012

  32. We learned about cathedrals during history. I always hear of cathedrals in songs. Do people get married in these? I guess so then. Well i find it to be a pretty decent place to get married in.

    By sorryimnotperfect on 06.14.2012

  33. A golden cathedral with rays of peach-colored light shining through, and a man whose confessions have found no home. He’s lost, in a room full of moonbeams, A stellar being closer to the dust on the sill than he is to his own soul. An empty room grants to comfort, and no justification.

    By Holly on 06.14.2012

  34. The stained glass windows were illuminated, glowing orange from the fires raging outside.

    He felt the small hand close around his wrist. Squeeze. Then grow limper.

    And then came the whisper.

    “What are you afraid of?”

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 06.14.2012

  35. A cathedral filled with hopes prayers dreams …. a place in that faith hold so much power ….. yet it is the unanswered prayers that with test our faith and make us question… in truth it is the answer u asked for u just don’t realize it …..

    By kelly krisman on 06.14.2012

  36. Something we needed in the past. Something we needed as a species to evolve.

    By Karl on 06.14.2012

  37. She stood at the entrance of the cathedral, frozen. She has dreamt about this day and she never imagined that it would be like this. Scared, nervous, sad, loneliness, all the wrong feelings, she had approximanly 5 mintues to turn around and run. Would she be sent to tell for it. Would he ever forgive her? Her maids were pleading, her father was quietly standing by, not knowing what to do.

    By Dani Coco on 06.14.2012

  38. It was a grand wedding, paid by the groom’s wealthy parents. I watched as the guests poured in, one by one, happy faces scattered in the room. But I could not go in. No, they would not want the groom’s affair in there… Who would?

    By Amy on 06.14.2012

  39. cathedrals. cathedrals and churches surround us making us see the world as a gift. we think of it as gods creation and everyone should cherish god. but god seems to be a figment of ones thoughts

    By anonymous on 06.14.2012

  40. I recently watched a series about the building of a cathedral a long time ago. I loved the series for many reasons but what I loved even more was the dedication to a purpose that the people involved in the building of the cathedral felt. It was life and death to them. I want that purpose in my life.

    By Paulina Brusca on 06.14.2012