September 23rd, 2016 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “casual”

  1. Like I like everything in my life. I wish relationships could be more casual. Why is it we are so intense when in relationships. Casual, something we need to practice. Just chill, go with the flow, let life happen.

    By emine sharma on 09.25.2016

  2. sundauyyf gk;asedusdksss smashing smashing smashing smashin oik ok ok ok ok casualty thats it thats it more blood makes it bleed more makes it dead faster and the way to bring it back to life is to casually ignore the casualty is employed by a slave driver who drives slaves for free

    By Colton Adrian on 09.25.2016

  3. casual gamers
    casual strange tamers
    casual casuals
    casual basketball
    casual sounds like a funny word
    man writing is hard
    i am a failure
    i am fat
    i have low self esteem
    i am not very good at life
    i am a casual

    By grld URL on 09.25.2016

  4. standing in lines
    drawn with methodical hands
    droves of hoards of
    mindless sunday
    vacantly setting
    another place at the table
    to eat
    to watch
    to say
    to sleep
    awake and then again
    casually pretending to know
    the point

    By katiekieran URL on 09.25.2016

  5. Harder to achieve the more we try.

    By theaterturtle on 09.25.2016

  6. casual is the feeling of relaxation. That freedom you have when you have so much to do but you realize that you have a choice of what to do and what not to. Casual is not the opposite of serious or official but a statement of confidence and freedom.

    By Dan on 09.25.2016

  7. I need casual now. No attachments. No strings. I just want to have a good moment, a good time and not think too much.

    By Christine Rodricks on 09.25.2016