September 25th, 2016 | 61 Entries

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61 Entries for “degree”

  1. “To what degree are you willing to accept this loneliness?” His features softened at the question. She didn’t need to scrutinize him to know his heart was beating faster. She gazed out the window to give him privacy.

    By H URL on 09.26.2016

  2. “Like this?”

    “No! I said move it a little to the left, just a degree to the left!”

    “Come on! It’s been almost an hour….There. How’s that? Good, right?”

    “No! I said A degree not a million!”

    “What the heck does A degree even look like!”


    By Ami on 09.26.2016

  3. “Like this?”

    “No! I said move it a little to the left, just a degree to the left!”

    “Come on! It’s been almost an hour….There. How’s that? Good, right?”

    “No! I said A degree not a million!”

    “What the heck does A degree even look like?!”


    By Ami on 09.26.2016

  4. “Ugh, it’s like 100 degrees in here!”Michael complained.

    “Well soorrry, my AC decided to die on me.”Jax grumbled as he pulls into the parking lot of an old motel.

    Michael and Jax were good friends going on a road trip, and currently Jax’s 1967 Impala’s air conditioning just went out.

    By Deandra on 09.26.2016

  5. I have always wanted a degree. I am beginning to study my first ever degree at the Open University next month. I am excited but nervous too. I feel like it will be financially securing my future for the positive. I am studying a BA Honours in health and social care

    By Amber on 09.26.2016

  6. Currently the forecast for today is 103 degrees. That seems crazy hot to me, but maybe that’s a mild day for someone in the desert! And I think 80 degrees is a nice day, but that would be boiling hot to someone from a cold climate! It’s all relative.

    By Lauren on 09.26.2016

  7. One degree C is what world governments agreed as the allowable temperature rise as a result of global warming. Unfortunately for many under represented peoples of the world. This temp rise would de

    By Joe on 09.26.2016

  8. It was cold out. There was no way around that. Not even the thick furs and wool blankets could keep out the snapping winter jaws that always threatened to give it’s bite of frost. Who was she to dare attempt to try and traverse this dangerous landscape to begin with? The tundra was below her, and the mountains hulking above her and threatening to drown her in a sea of white if she made the wrong move.

    By norala on 09.26.2016

  9. Something that I hope to one day have! I’m not sure what I’d get one in, but today I’ve been toying around with the idea of Aviation – mostly likely mechanics.
    These are semi-important things that denote a measure of experience/learning achieved in the subject the degree is in. Basically a fancy way of putting that it’s a piece of paper that said “I done learned stuff”. Boop

    By Emma on 09.26.2016

  10. I stared at my hand in pain. I had gotten a third-degree burn from the pot. It was hot and burning. I think it is worst than I thought. My hand is turning an ugly black.

    By Samantha on 09.26.2016

  11. He was working on his Bachelor’s when the raiders came. Strangely, they paid him no attention.

    How ironic. Because this Bachelor’s was in driving off raiders.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.26.2016

  12. I was hoping the word would be quagmire; to some degree, this is an easier word. But I’m going back to quagmire, where I’ve been for the past couple of months trying to find my bipolar brother who has COPD and early Parkinson’s a fucking place to live. The guy has no money, no property, no wife, no kids, no car, no insurance no nothing. But according to the government, he’s just so damned well off that he’s not his problem or anyone else’s. Now I can think of a million (ten twenty thirty times that) people on this planet who’d see my brother as a rich man. But the fucking fact is that we live in the US of A, where he is indeed below the poverty line and barely able to keep afloat. The system that’s denying him access is apparently so corrupt that they’re keeping him so they can get the five grand he owes them from the government that’s denying him Medicaid. Those pricks.

    By ruby on 09.26.2016

  13. I wish I had a college degree. Any college degree to be honest. But it was so unattainable. I couldn’t keep my head above water without going to college.

    But to go, while being a single mom not getting child support, iffy child care at best, and then no transportation once my ex-husband stopped paying child support and I sold my vehicle to keep a roof over our heads…it was impossible.

    By GGplur URL on 09.26.2016

  14. “Ahh! This soup is so hot!” She said to no one in particular. While carrying her bowl of soup over to the counter she yelped in pain screaming from the second degree burn her sup gave her when it spilled on her foot.

    By TessaAnn on 09.26.2016

  15. I have a degree in animal science. That means I study animals all day long. Some people think this is the neatest job ever, but sometimes it’s sad. I work at an animal sanctuary and sometimes the animals are sick or sad. I have to help them acclimate to living in the confines of a place that’s like a zoo.

    By Hailey on 09.26.2016

  16. who even knows at this point how it will all turn out. earning a degree in something i dont even know if i want to is how life goes at this point. im not sure what im working for. looking at this vast open world, this undiscovered galaxy, what i accomplish wont matter. degrees are pointless to strive for if there is nothing driving me.

    By vanikey on 09.26.2016

  17. i am afraid of them always have been. I am on of those ” better not learn and get a bad degree then learn and get one anyway” types. I wish i would get a computer analysed Grade for this thow.

    By Nils Dresemann on 09.26.2016

  18. On one hand, Danny couldn’t have imagined it would weigh as heavy as it did. But on the other, the degree to which the man instigated and carried out the whole plan warrants no further explanation to anyone who fails to understand the gravity of the situation. That is, the weight of the man’s lifeless body inside the bag that was to be thrown out to the sea at 2000 hours last night was not lifeless after all, and the man and Dean decided that they help him undo a wrong, and cast out, even possibly throw out the bodies of the ones who started this whole problem on the first place.

    By Tricia on 09.26.2016

  19. The degree of confusion in my mind is suffocating me. I don’t know what to do. I broke up with Jjaks, but then got back together with him; I was selfish, but so was he. I don’t know what to do. I love him– and I know he loves me– but I still feel a sense of guilt, confusion, loss, sadness. Fuck what do I do.

    By Faith Vinton on 09.26.2016

  20. To me a degree is a certain amount of something…… for example you can have a college degree, or can be convicted in court of first-degree murder. With all that being said degree is either a certain amount of education, or trouble, or anything really.

    By Marshall Lander URL on 09.26.2016

  21. It’s a hot summer day. Tomorrow, if not today my friends will scatter. People who could have been friends will scatter. And the rest of my life is in front of me.

    I am unsure.

    And I am afraid.

    By Peter on 09.26.2016