September 23rd, 2016 | 47 Entries

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47 Entries for “casual”

  1. as

    By MADELEINE on 09.23.2016

  2. “I thought this was business casual Friday,” scoffed Ingrid as she watched Tom shuffle in, dressed in a very nice black suit.

    “Just came back from a funeral,” he mumbled before disappearing like a shadow into his cubicle.

    Ingrid bit her tongue and went very pink in the face. She turned to Allie, who hadn’t looked up from her computer. “I’m an a**hole, aren’t I?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 09.23.2016

  3. His attire was as casual as his gait, as he sipped his morning latte. She trailed him, flawlessly dodging the curious views. She was anything but casual.

    By Spots on 09.23.2016

  4. he was so chill, sitting on a rocking chair made of wood.Out in the sun, squinting his eyes and with skin glistening, he had the perfect casual look with his plaid button down and light denim jeans. I could not bare those sky blue eyes staring back into mine.

    By Valentina on 09.23.2016

  5. Nothing casual about outpatient surgery in a hospital. You’re asked your name 40x, and your birthday, and other particulars. You’re asked about heart disease, kidney bladder liver and gall bladder problems, even though prior to being there, you’ve filled out forms about not having those several times. You’re poked prodded blood pressured temperatured over and over by different people, some gentle, some not so much. You’re asked about a life directive, or some such, next of kin, your personal representative, your beneficiary. All this for simple cataract surgery on your eyes.
    Any false teeth? No, why do you ask? In case we have to intubate you. You know they have to take precautions but by the last time they ask you to spell your name, you’ve forgotten it.

    By Joanna Bressler on 09.23.2016

  6. Act casual, act casual, act casual!
    “Uh, hey. I didn’t see you there,” I attempted to say in a nonchalant way. I folded my arms across my chest, trying to seem suave, and leaned back against a wall, but I tripped and nearly fell into a nearby trashcan.

    By Shr on 09.23.2016

  7. This is how it will be: You take a seat. I watch. I wait. You sit. You watch. When we are done, when the Master gets here… I alone will speak. You listen. Be #casual. Because if you blow your cover, we both die. @oznolem #oneword

    By Oz Nolem URL on 09.23.2016

  8. Now the beast wasn’t to go unchallenged, because even as the witch dreamed it up, she also dreamed its three adversaries.

    And like all fairy tales, it takes trials to reach any type of result.

    So the beast was to conquer the fields of asphodel, gather the five Hwansaengkkot, and steal the Sudarshana Chakra.

    In response to this hodgepodge of mythology, the beast spat in narrative convention’s face, but left for the fields anyways. Even beasts must follow rules after all.

    By AMeursault on 09.23.2016

  9. She kicked her boots up next to the china vase on the mahogany table while I bit my lip to shut me up.

    By Helianthus on 09.23.2016

  10. i walked casually in the dooorway leaving behind the biggest mistakes of my life without even caring .Help i thought. i cant do this, its impossible i dont have any time why am i so casual about it?

    By ange on 09.23.2016

  11. casual
    what does it mean
    to be relaxed
    to be honest and open
    in jeans tshirt and converse
    instead of
    heels and dresses
    what does it mean

    By Daisy Leason on 09.24.2016

  12. Our Meeting was rather casual. We talked about everything and anything and had dinner together. There was no reason to be nervous.

    By BR on 09.24.2016

  13. my casual approach
    was deliberate
    as slowly
    I spun
    a web
    that said
    I love you.

    By Steve O URL on 09.24.2016

  14. I wish I could keep things casual with my job. Text it when I felt like it, make a plan to meet up, keep things short and sweet. Wish I could stop myself from getting invested, never take work home, never worry about it when we weren’t together.

    I’ve never been able to stop myself from falling in deep.

    By Kate on 09.24.2016

  15. Clothing can be casual or you can have a casual party. It ,means relaxed or that you can’t be bothered about it.

    By Modest Christian Girl on 09.24.2016

  16. She leaned against the railing, praying she looked casual as he passed close enough to her for his cologne to fill her nostrils. Oh god. She kept her position and didn’t look wistfully after him, even though she desperately wanted to.

    By Bridget Grace on 09.24.2016

  17. He was in a casual mood. He didn’t want to do much except relax and sit down all day. He wanted his mind and body to want to do something, but after the funeral of the love of his life; he was just casual.

    By Camila on 09.24.2016

  18. He was dressed casually for the meeting, a decision that was perhaps not the best he had ever had, but he was certain that it would go well.

    Well, it went about as well as one could expect, really.


    By Scotty on 09.24.2016

  19. Terror


    World of suffering
    A CASUAL attitude
    Kept by normal men

    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 09.24.2016

  20. He was trying to act all casual, but it was getting harder by the second. Padme was right there. The most popular girl in school. And she was talking to him.

    By Shadow Writer on 09.24.2016

  21. casual lies
    vacant potential
    succulent flower
    stating the obvious
    a statue of a bee
    high five

    By too stable on 09.24.2016

  22. Casual sex, the most fun sex of all. Until the strings show up. Oh, no strings attached she’ll say. But that’s a lie. It’s a gambit, pure and simple. The strings will come, oh yes, they’ll come. Next thing you know you’re naming cats together,.

    By Mac on 09.24.2016

  23. I am go to the park in my casual clothes because it is not a a place you want to put on nice things. At the park I got dirt all on me. Me an my friend are having fun at the park.

    By Simon Woodard on 09.24.2016

  24. casual. the word is a little silly to think about because when you’re a spy, nothing seems casual. you watch and you observe, but there is nothing casual about it. you’ve seen the world. you’ve seen the change. plus, who would want to be casual? it’s the ones who hide people seem to think the most about.

    By Cally D URL on 09.24.2016

  25. The gathering was supposed to be casual, but Jason felt underdressed. Everyone else was wearing trendy clothing and some were even in costume. Jason had arrived, dressed in a tee shirt and denim jeans. He wandered through the rooms, drink in hand, trying not to look lost and being generally ignored by everyone.

    By chanpheng URL on 09.24.2016

  26. casual to me means like calm, laid back, and relaxed I like to be casual myself, how about you?

    By Marshall Lander URL on 09.24.2016

  27. if you pay attention to cats they are very casual, they just kick back and relax and they don’t do very much.

    By Marshall Lander URL on 09.24.2016

  28. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was just sex. It was never supposed to turn into anything more. But here I am, lying awake in his bed, trying to ignore this damned feeling in my chest.

    By Skittles The Unicorn on 09.24.2016

  29. I walk down the street. Two police officers directly ahead. I keep walking I don’t lower my eyes, my gaze soft, I don’t stop. Keep walking, keep walking.

    Excuse me sir do you have a minute?

    By Peter on 09.24.2016

  30. I leaned against the picnic table and watched her stare into the distance, the sunlight shining through her reddish hair and making it catch fire. She turned her head slightly and met my gaze with a light smile. Sometimes I was glad things were so casual between us.

    By Alicia on 09.24.2016

  31. How you see me in a way where you touched my very soul and yet you’re standing so far away.
    You leave without notice and yet I can still smell your lingering perfume around my room.

    By Jon on 09.24.2016

  32. 1casual=Comfortable Attributes Superimposing Upon Available Living-style

    By Garz on 09.24.2016

  33. You know…. I told my crush I liked him the other day (selfishly) and turns out he liked me back! AND now we are dating. It’s casual you know? yup

    By Nubia on 09.24.2016

  34. Loose clothes, and her hair lying in semi-tangled waves over her shoulders and down her back. She is balancing precariously on one of those rails they have in the city to lock pushbikes onto. She’s swinging her legs. I imagine her falling, hitting her head, blacking out. It could happen, but it doesn’t. I keep walking, and she keep staring, off into the myriad of other passers by.

    By Archanza on 09.25.2016

  35. A sense of person. A type of clothing. What a lot of people call dating now. What could be perceived as lacklustre can be a break from reality and from a well buttoned front.

    It can be a tipping point between yes and no.

    By Emma on 09.25.2016

  36. It was just the two of us. Me with the baby back ribs. Him with the Caesar salad. Who would think where that first dinner meeting would have gone.

    By Karen Beard on 09.25.2016

  37. I’m here because of a link on another site, so I think it was casual.
    I love this word, makes me think that in my life where be beautiful and unexpected things that are coming.

    By Nelly on 09.25.2016

  38. when I’m going on street andd see some but things for me is casual , people do somethings bad but it’s normal

    By youssef gharib URL on 09.25.2016

  39. Everyone seems so casual. However in reality, they’re all dying from their anxieties.

    By Alice Rose on 09.25.2016

  40. slacks walk talk remark ways dress moment drive friends

    By sakina on 09.25.2016