October 19th, 2011 | 422 Entries

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422 Entries for “castle”

  1. a castle is what they use for protection in the dark days. it would house the king queen and its army. it would also be used to store weapons. so thats about it

    By James URL on 10.19.2011

  2. i live in a huge castle!! !! !!!! !!! !! !!!!! !!!! !!! !!!! !!! !!!!! !!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

    By somethingweird URL on 10.19.2011

  3. Payton looked at the castle and gasped. This is where she was to live with her prince Marc for the rest of her life. Her eyes filled with tears and she galloped away on her stallion Flower. She sped to the castle and met Marc there. Her heart was filled with joy.(:

    By TogetherWeWaffle(:<3 URL on 10.19.2011

  4. Right now: I wish I lived in a castle. I wish someone could lock me in and throw away the key. I wish to be alone. Without anyone affecting me and my thoughts. I want to be myself for a while. Just for a while.

    By Victoria Vartanian URL on 10.19.2011

  5. a house in the aicent times

    By santos URL on 10.19.2011

  6. A castle is what princess use to live in! I am going to tell you a story once upon a time there was a princess she was very beutiful and loved her kingdom!

    By garvin URL on 10.19.2011

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    By seth maerker URL on 10.19.2011

  8. she was a very beautiful princess… but something wasnt right….. princesses are suppose to be kind loving and just all together a good person…but she was not she didnt deserve to live in her castle or be blessed with every thing that she has……

    By BFABB24 URL on 10.19.2011

  9. i wish i could be in a castle

    By Gabrielwood ortiz URL on 10.19.2011

  10. the castle towered over the heads of armies trying to conquer it; arrows and bodies of the fallen crashing down on those below. The smell of sweat and fear stronger than the courage to obtain victory…

    By Megan on 10.19.2011

  11. king of the castle
    king of the castle
    king of the castle
    wa wa wee wa
    more rats
    rats make me crazy!
    crazy? i used to be crazy once
    they locked me in a padded room
    there were rats in that room!
    crazy? i used be crazy once
    they locked in a padded room
    there were rats in that room!

    By Neil on 10.19.2011

  12. From the ramparts we watched this country’s great beginnings, revolutionaries, irreverent rebels, traitors to the king. And now today, siege is laid to the castles of Wall Street, but the rebels are called anti-patriotic. Go know.

    By William Rosenfeld on 10.19.2011

  13. I looked out the window. I looked at the ground that seem millions of miles away. I want to be able to get out of the horrible place. Get me out. Fast. Come running to me. Come running to my rescue. Come running to my castle…

    By *B-Fabb* 12 URL on 10.19.2011

  14. castles are majestic creatures looming high in the heavens. Most are filled with evil spirits and secret chambers unknown to 99.9% of people. I have never seen a castle before and thank god for that.

    By finn URL on 10.19.2011

  15. Torianna thinks she should live in a castle. A castle should only be for princesses. Tori is not a princess,she is a hard core camper.

    By Together_We_Waffle URL on 10.19.2011

  16. That abandoned castle in the sky, with it’s grass so long, it’s water so clear, and it’s animals so protected, how can I possibly reach that heaven? Not to steal the treasures it’s people has left behind, but to relax on it’s soft grass, under the close-to-touch clouds, just for a moment.

    By Elizabeth URL on 10.19.2011

  17. I wish I had a castle right now, with servants and all those people you can order to do your things. But hell, maybe not, I love doing stuff myself. Castle, a TV series I’m addicted to right now.

    By Claire URL on 10.19.2011

  18. the heat off my reddened face a dragon
    breathing through the castle ruins of your
    hairdo that collapsed on top my treasure chest
    that holds my heart that has pounded my
    walls my whole life, just, to one day

    love you.

    By drew URL on 10.19.2011

  19. safer in sky than sand. build high, dear ones, build high.

    By lily on 10.19.2011

  20. I have always wondered what it would be like to live in a castle. it seems like they have a perosnality of their own like my dog who constantly protects us with here eyes and her presence. It is cold, but home with the right number of people and candles. Sunny days are made sunnier and rainy days seem more of an adventure when you have a fortress to shelter you from them as opposed to just a house.

    By Danielle Saubert on 10.19.2011

  21. The castle was about to fall. All in it would be destroyed. That was what they had asked for, that was what I would give them. War. Shame to destroy such a architectural wonder.

    By jasmith URL on 10.19.2011

  22. There is a princess in the castle and there is a moat beneath her with an alligator in it and he is wearing a sailor hat. He looks sophisticated. I think he might also be wearing horn rimmed glasses. He glides through the water. He protects the princess from a giant stork who roams around trying to throw eggs at her. When he throws the eggs into her window, they splatter into her long hair and it becomes tangled. She doesn’t have any conditioner, which is a problem.

    By Britney Kennedy on 10.19.2011

  23. It’s seems like a place that could be filled with lots of mystery and adventures .
    It’s seems like it may have been a place that was there for a long time .
    a place where someone ay have had their kids and hosted many events or gatherings .
    it seems like a place someone can be locked up in .
    its a place full of secrets

    By breanna carter on 10.19.2011

  24. I like the tv show, I think Stana Katic is gorgeous. I miss the days of building sand castles. Wasn’t very good at them, but I loved building them. Just a way to kill some time at the beach while listening to the waves crash.

    By Norm URL on 10.19.2011

  25. if i could ever live in a castle it wouldn’t like all the big rooms and halls. my favorite part would be trying to find all of the hidden passages and going on grand adventure, both inside and out. i don’t like to play princesses and princes, i like to play robber and .

    By Natasha on 10.19.2011

  26. The castle lay dorment, in the earth. Left there, after the people fled the mosters, hundreds of years ago. Up until yesterday, when Willow, Peters Dog, started to dig, had anyone noticed the steeple, made of beautiful colors and patterns. It stuck straight up, though was covered by pebbles and moss. This new find, would lead the town to uncover its wonders and solve mysteries it never even knew existed.

    By Chloe K. URL on 10.19.2011

  27. the heat off my reddened face a dragon
    breathing through the castle ruins of your
    hairdo that collapsed on top my treasure chest
    holding a heart that has pounded my
    walls my whole life, that has pushed my blood
    every moment to keep moving, just, to one day

    love you.

    By drew URL on 10.19.2011

  28. big pretty princess rapunzel jousting olden days horses kings and queens jestors marriage the prince will find his princess and ask for her hand in marriage but only after he gets the approval of her father. movies about this time period are very awesome i like them when they’re funny mostly such as a something something in king arthurs court

    By caitlin URL on 10.19.2011

  29. the heat off my reddened face a dragon
    breathing through the castle ruins of your
    hairdo that collapsed on top my treasure chest
    holding a heart that has pounded my
    walls my whole life, that has pushed my blood
    every moment forward to find you,
    just, to one day

    hold you.

    By drew URL on 10.19.2011

  30. There once was a man who lived in an amazing castle. It had giant walls and was perched on the edge of an amazing scene.

    By To on 10.19.2011

  31. I saw the most amazing castle ever. It was completely covered with snow and underneath the snow was a wall of gold. The castle had numerous servants that were there to assist the King and Queen of Verbancia. I thought it would be awesome if I could just go inside those huge walls of magnificence. The question was, how would I ever get in? I sat down by a tree and thought about what my plan would be. I decided the best thing for me to do was to just go up to the front door and knock on it. Who ever came to the door would be the person I asked permission to go in and peek around.

    By Traci Hill on 10.19.2011

  32. He built his sand castle close to the water, the tide threatening to pull it down. Here he had access to the best sand, and there was a little risk. Every time the tide would come he’d run out of the way, laughter bubbling from his mouth. Even when the sand castle was taken by the tide he giggled as he began the process yet again.

    By Haley URL on 10.19.2011

  33. Though many thought the castle was grand, in the end it remained simply crafted from sand. The tide would roll in and leave nothing behind. The ground would shake and the castle would fall into the brine. Then off in the distance, set upon a hill. Was a little shack so peaceful and still. It sat on a rock, both solid and safe, and it knew. Rather wind or rain or snow or drought. It would be there, still standing throughout.

    By Faith URL on 10.19.2011

  34. My mind is a castle, being protected from you and others. When we catch sight of each other, we try to seem like our castle is so much better. I have more friends, I am prettier. My castle is going to need a lot of protection from you, but I’ve managed for this long.

    By Katie G on 10.19.2011

  35. The building is perched on the flowing silky hills of emerald in Ireland. The new king is as green as the serene surroundings and as foreign to the regal building as could be. He was sacked by the robe and boomeranged into the crown. He still has whiplash from the impact of the catapulting projectile that landed him in such an inappropriate predicament.

    By Erin on 10.19.2011

  36. The castle loomed before them like a big, haunting monster. Dozen of pretend monsters ran around ringing doorbells and shout of trick or treat filled the air. The pumpkins smiled with forced cheer as the children made their way trough the gate and up to the door of the haunted house.

    By abr URL on 10.19.2011

  37. I am trapped.

    Not in a literal sense, but in my mind. I’m locked away in my castle, unable to escape, a damsel in distress.

    Until the right person comes, I’m trapped in the stronghold of my mind, waiting for him to set me free.

    By Kat413 URL on 10.19.2011

  38. living in a castle might be fun, i thought when i was a kid. just another ordinary fantasy. as an adult, i have no wish to live in a castle, even if i have enough money to buy one… why bother?

    By kaorita on 10.19.2011

  39. lo doae re
    te gaî-ho

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 10.19.2011

  40. you are my castle. you are my strength, my support, you are home to me. I couldnt ask for more. I dont believe i deseve a castle though…mayba small cottage, but not what i have. what did i do to deserve you?

    By kayla on 10.19.2011