May 21st, 2013 | 189 Entries


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189 Entries for “casting”

  1. He’d only seen fishing on TV before. The pole, which seemed like a twig in the hands of the actors, was like a tree trunk in his eight year old hands.

    By Chris Clow URL on 05.21.2013

  2. I cast my character as the middle I live. The cake is casting like the place where it is. Is importan

    By Bruno Faé on 05.21.2013

  3. It was a tough role, casting. Tougher than most, to be perfectly honest. To look for the right ‘look’, that was one thing. But the person had to be able to act as well, to convey the emotion at the right time, at the right pace. And that was an entirely different matter. One that it took a lot of Percy to look for.

    By Kaye on 05.21.2013

  4. Fishing with my grandfather was always fun. I remember when I caught my first fish. It was a sunfish. I remember my grandpa had to snap its neck though… :(

    By Emma T-K URL on 05.21.2013

  5. If I were to do a casting call on my life. I could place nearly all. That girl would be her, and he would be the guy from work. I might, with a little difficulty be able to cast myself. But how could I ever find some one to play you? Who could look, talk, and act like you? Who could have that laugh or that smile? Who could make my heart beat just the way you do?

    By Caitlin URL on 05.21.2013

  6. casting is a role in which a person auditions many hopefuls for a role in anything such as dancing, singing or acting. you can be chosen out of the many to be in the cast. a person judges the hopefuls and then they will be told later how they went. the judges asses on certain criteria to bring numbers down.

    By Jasmin on 05.21.2013

  7. i once was in a play in middle schhool. they cast me as the mayor of the town in the musical bye bye birdy. i was so excited about it, until i realized that it was a male part. and i”m a girl. the rest of the week, i had to remind everyone to say she and her and mom instead of he and him and dad

    By Tessa on 05.21.2013

  8. I want to be casted into something, whether it’s a TV show, movie, or a local play. I think it would be really fun to act and, though I’ve never really done much of it, I feel like I’d be really good at it. I’d have to get over my entire phobia of being in front of an audience though.

    By Sam on 05.21.2013

  9. casting. casting calls. there is a girl at my school obsessed with theater. she devotes so much time of her life to it and enjoys it. i wish i was that passionate about something.

    By nina on 05.21.2013

  10. the moonlight is casting shadows
    over the street.
    big trees and little houses
    get stretched out and pulled like
    elastic over the asphalt
    a little dog runs by and thinks they are monsters.

    By Kimberly on 05.21.2013

  11. I don’t know how I ended up in a casting call for the part of an evil seductress when I’m a balding 55 year old man that barely clears five foot three, yet here I am. I do not know why I let Juliet always talk me into this kind of thing.

    By GDSunshine on 05.21.2013

  12. my heart always yearned for something unspoken. When i knew that i had it in me to get that thing, i sought to find it. I finally did, but it was too late. What i was looking for was too old, and the feeling wasn’t as i expected. I had to cast my heart and move on, and i then understand that life doesn’t always end up the way you expect it.

    By Ficklegirl URL on 05.21.2013

  13. Casting is a manufacturing process by which a liquid material is usually poured into a mold, which contains a hollow cavity of the desired shape, and then allowed to solidify. The solidified part is also known as a casting, which is ejected or broken out of the mold to complete the process. Casting materials are usually metals or various cold setting materials that cure after mixing two or more components together; examples are epoxy, concrete, plaster and clay. Casting is most often used for making complex shapes that would be otherwise difficult or uneconomical to make by other methods.

    By Christina on 05.21.2013

  14. casting for films. something i want to do when i get older. i hope i can achieve this dream of mine. i think about it everyday. if i can’t achieve this dream, i shall become a singer or a psychologist. i want to cast for movies, tv shows, commercials; anything and everything. that, my friends, came to mind when i read the word “c

    By Raylee on 05.21.2013

  15. when i get older, i want to become an actress; casting for tv shows, movies, commercials; all of it. i’ve thought about being an actress day after day, and i am hoping i can become one in the future. my friends claim i would be a good one, but i don’t know.

    By Raylee on 05.21.2013

  16. The casting around my ankle was uncomfortable and itchy. I hated the injury. I hated the circumstances, the treatment I was having to put up with, and the flesh and bone that had gotten injured in the first place. The casting was temporary but the pain was there longer, and the scar was permanent.

    By Katie Wright URL on 05.21.2013

  17. hair plugs turbans bitch dresses baseball should have just done a sport

    By Seven Oclock URL on 05.21.2013

  18. I know that she wants to be more well-read, so I bought her “The Old Man and The Sea”. She liked it.

    By Blue on 05.21.2013

  19. I was waiting patiently in line for the audition, I began to sweat. I could hardly I was here auditioning for Epinionne in Les Mes. I only recently started acting compared to the people around me at least. I stepped on stage.

    By Nora on 05.21.2013

  20. They finally called me back. I had been waiting for this for a very long time. They were casting roles for City of Bones and I auditioned. I hope I got it. Oh gosh, I hope I got it.

    By Al URL on 05.21.2013

  21. it’s a thing where you go and prove your skills and aptitude to do something. generally actors have castings, there they prove if they have what it takes to play a certain character. sometimes its stresful, b

    By jesuisavantgarde on 05.21.2013

  22. “Action”
    I opened my mouth,
    “Cut!” The pudgy director roared,
    I closed it again.

    By Ashley URL on 05.21.2013

  23. video casting, kauai, jurassic park, waterfall, water, ocean. mermaids are awesome, i wish i was a mermaid. the little mermaid was one of my favorite disney movies. I also love finding nemo which takes place in the ocean, 42 wallaby way sydney.

    By meow on 05.21.2013

  24. The actors were dreadfully cast; I mean who puts a flamingo in the role of Hamlet and an orange as both of the ugly sisters. one orange! I can’t truly believe it.

    By Sean Mitchell on 05.21.2013

  25. aw to heck with it. i suck at acting. but i saw a play once, it was nice.

    By Puma on 05.21.2013

  26. casting crowns. every morning. sails mask- casting out to sea- casting the mask. salty island air. sesagulls.

    By franny on 05.21.2013

  27. This is like a casting call, if you’re into modeling. My mom wants me to model but I dont think Im tall enough. you go in for a casting call and if youre good they hire you or call you back. If they think youre pretty and tall and skinny enough, anyway. But not everyone can be like that idk modeling is a harsh business.

    By aksdj on 05.21.2013

  28. Casting agents all around the world look for talent to fulfill their auditions for spokesmodels and actors. To be a part of such an honor is glorious. Casting also can refer to bandaging arms and other wounds. Casting an also be used as a term when fishing!

    By Melissa on 05.21.2013

  29. She was cast as a shadow in life’s play, but she played the role with all the earnestness and dedication of a lead.

    She honoured the prominent characters who shone in the limelight, stretching and elongating their outlines so she could scrape and tickle her tummy across gravel, grass and brick.

    Underneath bridges, she drew herself into puddles of black ink that silver coins and tattered t-shirts could lounge in, and she would widen or shrink her embrace as she coated walls, fences and faces more lovingly than an artist, brushstroke by brushstroke, hour by hour.

    She loved the sun, though she hid from it and she feared the night, though it gave her the world.

    By nytrist URL on 05.21.2013

  30. here i am, casting my thoughts upon the screen, oh i wish that i could sing. if i coudl i would sing of beauty, the beauty of this tie. tie? why yes, i would sing of a tie, just because bow ties are cool. I know they are cool because the doctor wears one.

    By Jessica URL on 05.21.2013

  31. When the casting call began, a girl walked in who looked a little worse for wear. I was, in fact, shocked by her appearance, for lack of a better word. There was a streak of concern painted across everyone’s face as she exposed the bruises, blemishes, and cuts creating a mosaic along her own cheekbones, jawline, and nose bridge. We had to ask.

    “What happened?”

    She rolled up her sleeve, and we saw the word in red on her arm. Inflicted by a knife, the word “Dyke.”

    “I wasn’t going to let a hate crime stop me from auditioning.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.21.2013

  32. Casting is a word that is used to describe the action that someone makes when they are fishing and they throw a line out in the water for fish. It is also used by witches when they place spells and it also used by directors when choosing actors for a movie.

    By Joan on 05.21.2013

  33. i went on a casting call. as they called me, i could feel my hands begin to perspire and heat up…as that happened beads of sweat began to run alongside my face. what was I doing here? am i crazy? my self-doubt will always hold me back unless i break free from it’s grip today. this is my moment!

    By Angie on 05.21.2013

  34. I wait in line, behind 30 different girls. I feel the sweat on my forehead, and look around. There’s a cute girl behind me, who grins as my eyes pass her face. She’s the only one who doesn’t look nervous, and it’s actually reassuring. She waves a little as my eyes linger on her, and those cute brown fingers waggle at me, and I blush turning back to the line. Focus. You need this commercial. You do. Stop wanting to flirt with the competition.

    By Zoey URL on 05.21.2013

  35. The role we play our entire lives. Surrounded by a society built to make sure we aren’t prepared for it. Casting a line into the sea of information, we hope to pull out a new and improved guide to success, not realizing we already have it in our grasp

    By Camilla URL on 05.21.2013

  36. the casting call was on monday, and i was nervous as anything. I had all weekend to prepare my script, but i didnt think it would be enough. Nervously, i called Dan and asked him to come over to help me prep. Dan laughed. “On a friday night? Take a break. Relax. Come out for a little bit” I sighed. “Please?” I pleaded. “Noooo” Dan moaned. “Fine” i snapped. “Just so you know, this means everything to me” Dan chuckled from the other end of the line.

    By sasha on 05.21.2013

  37. I am just part of the casting of the play called life.
    This time I happened to get the leading role.
    I follow the script.
    Say this.
    Move here.
    Feel this way.
    It’s all mechanical. Precise. I have all of my lines memorized.

    By Amanda URL on 05.21.2013

  38. This particular casting was surely of foreign make. Our crew had seen nothing of its sort for a few years, and the similarities even then were meager. He picked up the sword and examined it for inscriptions, and all I could think of was the consequences for such a theft.

    By csjesse URL on 05.21.2013

  39. She worked on her wax piece for over a month preparing it for the final casting in the centrifuge. Soon it would be a glorious ring of pure silver.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.21.2013

  40. A casting call for petite blonds with 0% body fat. Long hair, preferably curly. Your face has to be perfect, too. I hope you’ve been practicing your eyeliner. It’s too bad that guys don’t realize that the girls they’re really looking for are the ones who don’t know how to accessorize or apply eyeshadow.

    By Caitlin URL on 05.21.2013