May 21st, 2013 | 189 Entries


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189 Entries for “casting”

  1. I stood in a spotlight. Unable to see my director, just hearing his voice float to me through the darkened auditorium. My heartbeat was overwhelming, I could barely remember the words I was supposed to say before they flowed from my mouth.

    By Alison on 05.21.2013

  2. This is what happens to actors. Casting seems like the scariest part of being an actor. Actually, I guess that would be auditioning, but they kind of go hand in hand. On the other side, casting could be the most fun for a job. You get to sit and watch people try to act all day and get paid for it. Not to mention that casting is arguably one of the more important parts of a movie because you have to find the right actor for the right part.

    By Alex on 05.21.2013

  3. She took a deep breath, it was time for her audition.
    “Good luck!” Her friends called. She nodded shakily and stepped forward. As she clenched and unclenched her fists she swore she was sweating oceans. The cast list would be up in a week.

    By Ellie on 05.21.2013

  4. Acting and acting is awesoem. GET THE PART! have fun with it though be awesome when youre awesome.!!

    By Hannah Brucker URL on 05.21.2013

  5. Keep casting your line into the sea. Keep seeing what it will reach. Reel in the good and cut the negativity.

    By Kash URL on 05.21.2013

  6. Try to fit in. Never good enough.

    By Fredda URL on 05.21.2013

  7. She came to me with a sheet of paper that described a casting call for models and actors. Although I am an actor, I thought of the casting as primarily for models. I don’t think of myself as pretty, should I do it anyways? I picked up the paper and considered many things.

    By Maddie on 05.21.2013

  8. Upon, The line, Fishing, picking, intention, outreach, forth, choice, draw in

    By jon21 on 05.21.2013

  9. I’ve always wanted to be in one of the plays at my school. Something about the stage, the fun the actors have, the ambiance of it all was so appealing to my creative nature. All of my friends were in plays and they, at the tryouts, always proved themselves more worthy actors than I. It’s okay, because they deserved it more than me.

    By Nina on 05.21.2013

  10. Casting is an important part of putting a play on. Casting is where you choose who will play what parts in the play. The best person will get the part and it’s up to the adjudicator who is the best person and will get the part. It’s all about how well you act and perform during your audition. If you are the best actor or actress out of all the people who audition, you will be selected to portray a certain character in the play that they are casting for. You may be asked to sing, dance or just recite lines from the play at your audition but it’s very important that you try very hard to get chosen from the casting process.

    By Emilia Parr on 05.21.2013

  11. “Send the first one in, Dan.” he says, sitting back in his chair.
    Dan moves to the door, spiel ready. “Casting call number one: reading for the part of Abigail Tanner. Who’s first?”
    The first girl is terrible, elocution all over the place. The second is worse, somehow. The seventh has him gritting his teeth.
    By the time the tenth enters he’s already burned out for the day.
    “Hi, I’m, uh, number ten?” her tone is even, bright but not overly so; any other day, he’d be impressed.
    “Name?” he asks, pen primed.
    She thinks he hears her sigh. “Summer Rayne.”
    He looks up, cocking a brow in disbelief. Wordlessly, she pulls out her license and hands it to him for his inspection. He cracks a smile as he returns it to her and she shrugs. “My parents were hippies.” she explains, the even tone of her voice suggesting that she’s had to explain her nomenclature more than once.

    By S.C. Lovelace on 05.21.2013

  12. Every time I follow Beauty in all the ways it hides and shows and comes and goes, it always leads me to the same Source; each time letting me to stay a little longer, understand a little more, cast a little further.

    By drew URL on 05.21.2013

  13. There is a room, grey and stuffy at the back of an old hotel. The short balding man stared through his lenses at the orange coat and yellw slippers. This was something new and disturbing. She had it all, everything needed to pass his test and so much more, he wanted to cry.

    By Matthew Fry on 05.21.2013

  14. casting
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    By alaa on 05.21.2013

  15. The casting to the video shoot was all dressed up and ready for the tedious work ahead of them. Some were seeking fun while others needed the bucks that came with the job. the cameras rolled…

    By Sylvia URL on 05.21.2013

  16. My dreams are casting immense waves of inspiration on my daytime thoughts. I am constantly influenced by my overwhelming imagination, my actions spurred by the possibilities presented in my dreams.

    By veronica on 05.21.2013

  17. Type casting was something he had feared of falling into. Nevertheless, he accepted the role for the elderly, myopic, hippopotamus with a humpback and no teeth. The show must go on.

    By Andrew on 05.21.2013

  18. Cast out to sea. We were alone together. The waves were rocking us back and forth, the sunset in one direction and the beach in the other. Beautiful like he. He smiled at me gently and pointed at the sharks in the distant water before pushing me in to face my death.

    By Alex. on 05.21.2013

  19. The curtain went up and all of us were standing there, just staring and blinking in to the bright light. It wasn’t laughter that any of us were expecting, but that’s what we got. We were there in our finest Sunday clothes – nothing like the best available, of course; our mothers made do with what we had – but all it provoked was hilarity, not admiration…or what we all wanted: adoration.

    By Anne on 05.21.2013

  20. When I’m waiting for the call, I swear I’m going crazy. Just one moment could make or break my acting career. The cast list will be posted next week but I’m praying for a callback to be the lead. Oh how I want the lead! I pine for it. It’s all I’ve ever worked for.

    By Ansley on 05.21.2013

  21. “Dad dad dad dad dad dad dad dad da-”
    “What, honey?”
    My dad was the most patient person I ever met. I swear every time I saw my bobber move, I thought it was a fish, and I’d just about wet my pants getting his attention, and every time, he would slowly say, “what honey?” and I’d tell him I had caught one. So we’d reel in the line, to find that my hook was still baited, with maybe a piece of seaweed caught on it. He’d cast it back out, and it’d start all over. Never did I actually catch a fish.

    By A. Rose on 05.21.2013

  22. I nervously unfolded the paper. I couldn’t help but say a prayer in my mind hoping I would get the part. My eyes were staring at the assortment of letters. I found myself not being able to read them. Then it all came into focus. I read silently.

    By Annee on 05.21.2013

  23. For a play, a musical, a movie.

    By Jason on 05.21.2013

  24. plays and stuff. i always wanted to be in them and that would b sick as well as movies and stuff. fishing and always being in foot cast suck. well, fishing is kinda cool if it not to hot but living in texas and Louisiana means that it is ALWAYS hot. casting plays and movies would be fun like just like being in them

    By christina on 05.21.2013

  25. The seconds pass like hours. My breath gets heavy as I try to remain calm. I pray I did not screw this callback up. I’ve been dreaming of this role my whole life. I can’t back out now. It’s now or never…

    By Ansley on 05.21.2013

  26. The movie casting line was humungous. I was halfway in the line, nervously shifting back and forth. This was a major role, my first major role. Would I impress them? Would I make it in? I crossed my fingers and reminded myself to breathe. I had read the script several times, and I knew exactly what I was supposed to do.

    By Kristina on 05.21.2013

  27. I want to be famous. I went there and I lost. It wasn’t my first casting but it was the last. My children were waiting for me in a cab. The were sad and dirty from chocolate.

    By Kokoszanel on 05.21.2013

  28. Although I want to stop myself from saying this, I feel that the two things that would make me feel better about myself as a person were if I knew how to style my hair and knowing how to make sweaters by hand instead of having to look up “casting on for a scarf” on youtube every time I wanted to knit something.

    By Camille on 05.21.2013

  29. There are sounds in the world that you can immediately hear in your head and that transport you to another time. Another place. Talk about fishing and I am instantly transported back to my childhood, sitting on a floating dock at Jacobson’s with the new fishing pole I’d won in a snapper fishing contest

    By nancy URL on 05.21.2013

  30. I stood alone, casting a shadow that was to be my only company, possibly forever. It seemed that this was to be my fate, not only alone, but undividedly lonely. I belonged to no one, fit in nowhere. My shadow the only confirmation that I had not yet perished, and still belonged to this unceremonious world.

    By Bernadette on 05.21.2013

  31. I feel like you’re casting me away,
    And so I feel like leaving you be.

    But I really don’t want to,
    So give me a reason not to.

    By Abbey on 05.21.2013

  32. He cast it. He cast It away, It wasn’t her any more. It wasn’t her, it wasn’t Rachel, It wasn’t strawberries scented bright red hair, It wasn’t picnics in the park any more, it wasn’t the love of song or dancing in the rain any more. It wasn’t her, she was gone, leaving only this husk of foul, horrible… SOMETHING behind for him to grieve over. She was gone and this shell of lies was all that was left. He cast It away.

    By Mya Freeman on 05.21.2013

  33. He kept casting the line over and over again. Obsessively. I asked him once why on earth it was so important for him catch a fish when he could simply buy one in the market and save himself the trouble, but he only shot me with a glare before look before returning to his fishing.

    This morning, in the paper, I read that the old man had drowned- he had jumped into deep, rocky waters during the storm last night. It’s only now, as I stare at the tombstone that sits beside his, the one that marks the absent body of his wife, who was lost at sea a year ago, that I realized why.

    He wasn’t trying to catch fish, he was trying to catch a meaning; a reason to live without her.

    By Ebony Bird on 05.21.2013

  34. The casting agent looked at the person singing her heart out before him and sighed. All of her pitches were sharp. No good. But she looked so excited, so enthusiastic. He had been waiting all day for someone with this kind of energy. But if she couldn’t sing, she would have to go. He dreaded the moment he would have to tell her that…

    By Iam Me on 05.21.2013

  35. In a large loft style room with scattered posters a nervous teenager entered a casting office filled with other nervous people. Looking around, she had no idea if they’d like her. They all looked professional. She was chopped liver. But her dog, Spot, was the perfect dog would for the Kibbles and Bits commercial. This could be Spot’s big break.

    By John on 05.21.2013

  36. Casting the die, crossing the Rubicon, a word of chance and destiny. I like the feel of it beneath my fingers the chance involved. It is the word of a gambler.

    By pond_ripple URL on 05.21.2013

  37. you look me in the eyes, hard and stern
    And await my word
    But my words are casted at the sea
    Each tide a wish, crashing on the sand
    Swiping away each and every hope.

    I will no longer go there.
    That spot so haunted
    No matter how much I’m tempted
    No matter how much I’m taunted.

    By AngelDuCiel on 05.21.2013

  38. Think of your life as a play and start casting the people you want to share it.
    cast upbeat, bright interesting people I your play. they will enable you to be positive too.a

    By Robin on 05.21.2013

  39. They are casting their lines. I close my eyes and try not to think about the lives this planet will soon lose. I hear cheering and yelling and my hands go up to cover my ears. I cannot think about this. I should not be here. I pick up a handful of stones from below my feet and throw them where the men are standing on shore. They land in the water and hopefully scare away all the fish that would have been there otherwise.

    By Caitlin on 05.21.2013

  40. Annaliese had made the second casting call. She was so incredibly excited, she couldn’t even see straight, let alone think straight! Well, to be fair, she’d never really thought straight to begin with – but she was really, REALLY excited. Ecstatic, even. Hopefully things went much smoother this time around, though. She’d almost died of embarrassment when her brother had dragged her out last time.

    By Aria on 05.21.2013