May 20th, 2013 | 192 Entries


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192 Entries for “catapult”

  1. Such a careless movement
    no layers to plan
    just one decision to make
    or no
    be flung
    or climb out of the cradle and think of what it could have been
    no backsies
    no chance for regret or repeats
    toss and turn, weigh the options
    because once it snaps
    whips into the air
    and then it’s clear
    it will have to end
    and it won’t be graceful, will it?

    By Octowhat URL on 05.21.2013

  2. There is such a thing as a catapult in our society. It exists for one reason and one reason only; war. The catapult is one of the most potent weapons, or at least, WAS one of the most potent weapons, in medieval days. If a battling nation had these capabilities, they automatically had an advantage over whoever they were fighting against.

    By James Gewurz on 05.21.2013

  3. “Are you sure you’re ready?” said the woman as she drew back the catapult. I felt like I was going to throw up, but despite myself, I nodded. “Well, okay,” she said. “Remember, I’m not forcing you to do this.”
    She let go.

    By Isis on 05.21.2013

  4. I stand near the front of the line. The whole army behind watched me with fear and anticipation. My first move, will start the war. Will begin this battle which we have been waiting to fight. We will conquer this country. We will win this war. I only have to release the catapult.

    By Kat Yocum on 05.21.2013

  5. It was uncomfortable. The intense fear that I was catapulting myself into something new. A month in Ghana. I had been to Africa before but Morocco seemed altogether different than the sub-saharan. It seemed more solid, stable. Ghana seemed as if anything could happen at any time, as if freedom simply poured from its very core.

    By Ariane Elizabeth URL on 05.21.2013

  6. she saw it there in the distance, a large wooden structure among the tall grass and growing flowers… the most peculiar thing about it was that it was moving but it didn’t seem to be in motion. on the horizon she could see a larger structure moving towards it, she thought… its getting closer to home.

    By Kevin M on 05.21.2013

  7. She was flung, six-thousand feet into the darkness. And in mid-air she never felt more sure than she was okay with falling, in love that is. She reconsidered taking her own life out of fear of becoming betrothed.

    By Megan Johns on 05.21.2013

  8. In the last two days I have been through the same extreme measures.
    The same fickle twists and turns.
    The heart breaking into so many pieces and catapulting out of your throat.
    I thought you were great.
    until you sent me over the Wall.

    By Alex# URL on 05.21.2013

  9. Bow and arrow like
    No! Sling and Stone
    Aim, Shoot, strike, fall, oh no
    What have I done
    Let me go forward and feel and heal

    By Lilamani Benson on 05.21.2013

  10. slingshot.david and goliath.chidhood.being chased by a lorry driver,castles.molten hunting.primitive.

    By simon halliday on 05.21.2013

  11. catapult. yourself into reality. or your mind’s version of it. you never know the tortures of the past until you are catapult into a messy version of a forgotten memory. rape. rape. rape. catapult yourself into eternal violation. an innocence lost, forever.

    By victoria wilson URL on 05.21.2013

  12. Catapult, bringing me into the dark straight from the light throwing me violently into the open, target I am a target out in the open the catapult brings me into your sights, save me protect me for I have nothing left in this dark room out in the open like prey awaiting its hunter, blindfolded unseeing. Dark. I need someone, anyone.

    By Faeyeldrin on 05.21.2013

  13. I built a catapult to launch me into your heart. And I also dug a trench to get the fuck out.
    I was never one for pushing my way in, but your walls were so high I had to do what I had to do. And I”m sorry I left you wounded, but I’m not sorry i was there. I know I taught you some things.

    By Hope on 05.21.2013

  14. You’re always standing by me, catapulting all my fears, worries, and insecurities away. Far away. You’re the final stand, the only thing stopping me from breaking down. But I fear for the day when you get tired.

    By Nyan on 05.21.2013

  15. There was a time when I never would have considered doing what I was about to do; It was crazy, insane, and completely asinine, and yet, here I was, crouched inside of a catapult, ready to fling myself into oblivion. The catapult had been placed in our village to ward off our enemies, but I have taken it upon myself to use it as an escape. Things are too complicated here; I need to leave.

    By N URL on 05.21.2013

  16. She ran as fast she could from the stranger cataput from the car. Hopefully he didn’t see her and she siat below the car hoping he wouldn’t see her. lucky for her t

    By June on 05.21.2013

  17. A medieval, slightly naughty piece of boy’s fun. Maybe the mediaeval folk would like Dennis is they read it. Probably not though, because they couldn’t read.

    By Nicola Robey URL on 05.21.2013

  18. When I was in 5th grade there was a catapult at my school. The 8th grade class from a few years ago had built it, and the current 8th grade class was doing a demonstration. I remember they had to pull a rope back to get it set. They launched a bowling ball across the soccer field.

    By Maya Harrington on 05.21.2013

  19. you throw something into the air to possibly destroy other things no one has to fight in war we can all be special and and friendly we don’t have to fight for things no one claims this earth except for god

    By Kelly on 05.21.2013

  20. THe man swung through the trees, trying to recreate the feeling he once had as a boy, when his father had put him into a little spoon-like bucket and pulled a lever, sending him soaring through the sky with nothing to write with. IT was a strange sensation, as well as a strange moment, for th eboy. And now as a man he was trying to find that feeling againin

    By Philip Chidel URL on 05.21.2013

  21. so right, in front of cathartge, mathô, spendius, autharit and the other barbarians build their helepolis, build their wall made of earth and intended to bring hamilkar and the entity of catharge to a bloody fall in a fight to the last man standing (who literall yhappened to be mathnô. nonetheless, were they defeated in the end with the help of nar havas.

    By berenique URL on 05.21.2013

  22. Fling me into tomorrow. I can’t stay stuck in today.

    By mckalice URL on 05.21.2013

  23. Shoot. Go. It is flying through the sky. No end to the journey. On and on it goes. Forever. When will it stop? Never. Catapult across the endless sky. Forever.

    By Lily Harper on 05.21.2013

  24. firing blindly into the night…the power of a thousand tiny mice all straining when suddenly…RELEASE! into the night fire fire fire….breeeeeeze freedom the world rushing by everything a blur….whipping ever nearer the ground

    By roisin on 05.21.2013

  25. My memory lagged as I struggled to recall this entry. Was it a word from long ago, or perhaps this very morning? I played with the thought for a few minutes and decided the latter was more appropriate. It was settled, I had written an entry for this word before and would not deign to use ‘catapult’ once more.

    By csjesse URL on 05.21.2013

  26. I was a knight and my king asked my to load the catapult , so he could win the battle against the rival kingdom. This catapult was not any catapult. It was imported by the asians. It’s ball contained fire.

    By Pedro Toscano URL on 05.21.2013

  27. The catapult so much damage it has created. But what if we used to transport other things rather than having it making it damage. Use it to make your dreams come true and use the catapult to get to them

    By Jose Gonzalez URL on 05.21.2013

  28. in the war the catapults played a vital role… Aram, ordered the catapults in the forward position and before the war began, half of the enemy’s army was taken out by them…

    By Hitesh URL on 05.21.2013

  29. When I hear this word I think war. In the olden days, this was a might powerful weapon. Nowadays, it is more likely to be found in a lego box.

    By Zoe URL on 05.21.2013

  30. (eve)

    there was no serpent,
    was there?

    By h. b. URL on 05.21.2013

  31. You exchange insults with me, as natural as breathing, just like the catapults of old. The very machines of brutality and death that we ourselves once stood manning. We throw verbal boulders at each other with the intent to kill. And as always, both survive to hurl another day.

    By andyprue URL on 05.21.2013

  32. I would like to catapult myself into a lake of cool water and swim luxuriously back

    By Jim "Fitz" Fitzpatrick on 05.21.2013