April 20th, 2010 | 235 Entries

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235 Entries for “joyful”

  1. my life has become more joyful since I left California. While nothing is ever perfect, and Minot ND isn’t the best place, I love my life as a wife and going to school for a political science degree. I need to remind myself of this more often, i tend to forget and focus more on the negative.

    By Jessica on 04.21.2010

  2. i haven’t fely joyful in a very long time. i can’t even remember what it feels like. it’s unattainable. and eating disorder will do that to you. everything becomes about calories, numbers, relationships fall by the wayside. and i don’t know how to fix it.

    By rosie on 04.21.2010

  3. She opened the mail and found something she hadn’t been expecting. her son, Henry, had been away for so long, but could this possibly be some hope for his return? The worn and tattered envelope was thick with paper. She moved into the next room to sit down as she opened the envelope. To her astonishment and joy; there was a letter. He was coming home.

    By Melanie Sidman on 04.21.2010

  4. It’s the moment where you laugh so carefree that you don’t care how you look

    By Anners on 04.21.2010

  5. It’s a brand new world. It green, fluffy and a great place to be. Full of nice animals that fly around. In the background there is a sweet rainy song playing. Love to be there.

    By martijn on 04.21.2010

  6. Joyful, joyful, joyful. The word joy brings to mind a woman named Milly Collins, once my mother’s best friend, once a second, better mother to my mother’s children. She wore flowers in her hair and perfume on her neck, which stayed with us in our clothes after one of her enveloping hugs, the kind that said, “I’m so joyful to see you and oh, I’ve missed you so.” She brought us joy, Milly did.

    By Barbara on 04.21.2010

  7. The term “joyful” is rarely used.

    By John on 04.21.2010

  8. happy,excited is how they feel.
    How wonderful it is to be here today.
    This has been a very plesant hour.
    Only if the clock ticked it would be more fantastical.

    By garrett johnson on 04.21.2010

  9. I feel joyful when I see a basketball.
    Joyful, joyful, joyful is how my life is.
    I feel joy when the sun shines and no clouds out.

    By garrett johnson on 04.21.2010

  10. Joyful is the feeling of absolute happiness the feelilng I get when I am with him or talking to him the feeling I get when he says hes loves me he feels my life with joy

    By Nikki Connie on 04.21.2010

  11. At the moment joyful would be the last word I’d use to describe my life. Even though nothing particularly horrible is happening, I feel like an empty husk. Incapable of emotions. Sometimes it gets on top of me and my chest feels as if it’s being crushed by the weight of what I cannot feel. Then again, things could always be worse. This old saying is no comfort when you realise that they could also be so much better.

    By Gord URL on 04.21.2010

  12. It’s how I feel. All the time. I know it’s hard to believe, but having joy in all things is possible. You just have to want it. It doesn’t mean you don’t get sad. It doesn’t mean you’re always happy. It just means you’re glad to be alive. And you’re thankful for what you have.

    By Trish on 04.21.2010

  13. How happy we would be if we were more joyful in our relationships. We tend to be thermometers and not thermostats, though, our attitude controlled more by others than ourselves.

    By Russ Hicks on 04.21.2010

  14. joyful is what you are when you’re happy. really, really happy. joyful means being full of joy. but what makes a person joyful? something that makes me joyful may not make you joyful? something that makes me joyful may actually piss you off.

    By Don Peters on 04.21.2010

  15. Joyfully I crept along the corridor, anxious not to be seen. I knew if I was seen that Fqather would hate me, but I didn’t care all that much, Mother had bestoewed upon me a most bountiful girft and nothing could contain my joy upon recieving it. As I thought this I heard footsteps creaping towards me, i ducked into the shadows.

    By sophy on 04.21.2010

  16. My name stems out from this 2 syllable word, and even if it does, sometimes I still am not sure whether I am worthy of being called such. I’m joyful, yes. I love making people laugh and I especially live for the mantra that people should always have a reason to smile. Unfortunately, people around me think that I’m only good at trivia and answering questions, and not for who I really am..

    A person who wants people to experience life the way she does.

    By Joy on 04.21.2010

  17. Words cannot describe this feeling, especially since it’s been a while, since I felt Joyful.

    By Angela on 04.21.2010

  18. I am joyful in your arms. It’s like going to the candystore, swimming in a lake of chocolates and jellybeans, giddy with excited glee.

    By Chrissy on 04.21.2010

  19. There was a joyful dog in my backyard. Yesterday I saw it. It was very happy to see me. It was wild. I liked it a lot. I never saw it again, ever.

    By Grace on 04.21.2010

  20. joyful singing through empty hallways
    choked with dust motes

    we’re running down corridors
    singing jesus loves the little children
    all the children
    of the world

    pulling all nighters in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit
    world without end

    By Grizabella on 04.21.2010

  21. I am not joyful. The joy has been sucked out of me. I bring you joy when you’re sad and alone, but who brings it to me. I can’t fathom how you thought this was alright, how you thought I would still stay strong and carry on without you, without you…my Joy…

    By Jonathan Hansen on 04.21.2010

  22. I fell like I am very joyful at times. I like cats and dogs. And I love my boyfriend. But sometimes I feel sad and it’s very saddening. Cupcakes are delicious. My cat is under my bed right now She is my best friend, but only because i feed her.

    By Jessi on 04.21.2010

  23. joyful sunshine o my face, oh, i wish to have such day. i need a deep breath and stop and think about it all. leave myself for a while, go somewhere. Wish to see spain, i would be so joyful.

    By videel on 04.21.2010

  24. Ahhh Joyful – with sunshine, breezes, good things to eat and a few friends to make you laugh…how wonderful!

    By JA on 04.21.2010

  25. Everyone loves to be joyful. I wish you could make me feel joyful all the time. Sometimes is never enough. I see your face….I smile…You leave and I cry. Life isn’t always fair…One day you will see that I can make you feel this way all the time…and we can be together forever.

    By Kandi on 04.21.2010

  26. i am joyful for this beautiful day. for all the people that love me without wanting anything in return except my love. i am joyful to have a roof over my head and a beautiful roommate inside and out. i have two jobs when some people don’t have any.

    By Jenny on 04.21.2010

  27. Dios God,Dios, jesus, jesus ,jesus, su palabra, hes words, go to jesus, he knows

    By josÈ on 04.21.2010

  28. Anything joyful had left my mind. Children wept, animals snarled, blood was shed. Our peaceful little neighbourhood was no more. I watched as a boy was whipped across the back, useless to make it stop. I covered my face in my hands, willing myself to shut it out.

    By chantelle on 04.21.2010

  29. when the shit hits the fan you know its going to be a good day because chaos is joy, joy is meaning, to be meaningful something must happen, to happen then you must know what it is to be joyful fore without joy nothing matters, not today, not tomorrow, not yesterday. without joy in your life the chaos will consume you.

    By kyle on 04.21.2010

  30. “Make a joyful noise!” Dean Rivera shouted as the audience and graduates stood in celebration. It didn’t take long for the students to start cheering for the end of their schooling.

    By Mandy on 04.21.2010

  31. I am generally a joyful person, i have a good personality. I make things the best that i can. I don’t cause to much trouble. I just in general am a joyful person. Many people don’t really see that though. They only see what i let them, and they get confused by that. I guess i really am afraid of what they might think about me. I don’t know what to do.

    By Maureen on 04.21.2010

  32. Joyful is the type of feeling that someone gets when something good happens to them. Jessie was such a person. His life changed when he felt that he ran into the person of his dreams: the head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He felt as if his dreams were finally coming to a start.

    By Becca Moore on 04.21.2010

  33. im in paradise, bathing next to the woman of dreams in this twenty million dollar house, just cause i got lucky and won the lottery.

    By samuel henry on 04.21.2010

  34. I am joyful about money. who do you know that is not joyful about money. Money makes the world go round. but like the saying more money mo problems.

    By Julian Tarazon on 04.21.2010

  35. It’s hard not to be joyful when you can launch yourself over any given object without batting a bionic eyelash.

    By Steve Austin URL on 04.21.2010