July 6th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “cast”

  1. a lot of people on a stage who usually act out a play of a movie on screen. with a director and actors and actresses. there is a whole cast full of characters and people who help off screen, like cameramen and light people.

    By bethy on 07.07.2011

  2. a cast is what a doctor puts ona patient when they have a broken bone and it is what a play has a cast is what performs a musical or a non musical play i dont know what else to write…….

    By zoey URL on 07.07.2011

  3. the cast was swollen on my arm. The pain was shooting up my face. The bed was uncomfortable. “Mom? Jack?” i yelled as a nurse ran into my room. “Hold on one second sweetie.” as she called for other doctors and my parents. “You are oneeee miracle.” she said with a huge smile.

    By Laura on 07.07.2011

  4. There was this one time that we went to the pavillon of our school and we prayed for someone who had a cast, and whose hand was in pain. The doctors told him that he couldn’t get it out and that he would be healed from it in two-three weeks. And what happened was that when we prayed, after the prayer he took it out and it didn’t hurt anymore. He completely believed that God had healed him; he didn’t have the pain anymore; glory to God!

    By Jordys URL on 07.07.2011

  5. we cast about, starfish arms seeking anchor, trying to filter sense from nonsense coming to no solid conclusion,
    there is a shady cast to the sky tonight as we try to fly on ashen wings, a cast of blue that filters out light, leaving us gasping for freedom

    By bluish on 07.07.2011

  6. IT could be anything. a cast of characters, a cast on an arm- or a casting for a audience call. cast–does it mean to just put somehting together? how can a cast be two different things plus a medical term? how long has it been around like that in 2 ways?

    By Linze on 07.07.2011

  7. a lot of people cool people with nice hair celebrities famous people who star in movies or tv series people who work together friends or not sharing the same job living the same dream living in the same world.

    By Elly on 07.07.2011

  8. Casting aside her desire to be a cartwright, she took up archery instead. It was quickly discovered that her aim was so true that she could impale a worm beneath the ground on the tip of her arrow when it arced back to the earth from its flight in the azure sky.

    By Ama Marie URL on 07.07.2011

  9. A cast makes me think of pain and injury or maybe even a film that has a great crew. Oy this is not the easiest of things to do. Can I write spontaneously? Possibly, it looks at is the timer is going slower. What’s going to happen?

    And now it starts again because I didn’t enter my name and e-mail. Alas, thwarted by the man. The big old internet man. This idea is somewhat enchanting *hat tip Guy Kawasaki for the word*

    So cast, what’s the big deal?

    By J on 07.07.2011

  10. Whenever I think of ‘cast’ I think of the one thing that really brought me out of my shell. Eighth grade year, I joined drama club. Everyone in the cast was super fun and nice. They didn’t judge you for who you were, I mean.. you all shared the love for acting. Being with that cast brought out my true personality. I’m glad I joined the plays and musicals.. or else.. who knows where the real Taylor would be. :)

    By Taylor Fielding URL on 07.07.2011

  11. a cast is used to heal a broken arm for example, but can also mean a cast as in the people in a movie. It is also a many sided verb: cast away, cast some light or one can even be a cast away. (cast as in throw also works).

    By pami on 07.07.2011

  12. Cast. I’ve never been casted in a play at my school. Sure I’ve been in plays in local theaters but never big parts. I wish I was an amazing actress so I could be casted in plays. but nope. not one in high school. I’ve tried out for almost every play.

    By Madi on 07.07.2011

  13. again, the murderous applause slashing and clashing through the untamed chorus of laughs and whistles. it had become a repetition for the grinning line of flamboyant architects on stage. the theatre rang with the love for the cast

    By brookekat URL on 07.07.2011

  14. The turnout wasn’t what I expected at all. People I’d never dreamed of were making appearances. There was one guy with his hair flying out like Einstein, but his jeans were torn at the knees. i guess that was his style. A woman with a polka dotted blouse but striped skirt. It wasn’t pretty. And yet… we were all here for the same reason: when a casting call goes out, an actor must respond!

    By S. C. Sexton URL on 07.07.2011

  15. He had been cast out. His whole world crashed with three words. It still hadn’t fully dawned on him as he walked along solemnly in the snow filled air. His own decision had made him an outcast. But, somehow he found strength in this fact. Because there was one person still left for him and that is all he cared about.

    By Rain URL on 07.07.2011

  16. Cast in a play. cast on a broken arm or leg. cast my soul into the sea. the way a dyslexic person might spell cats.

    By ChloeSullivan URL on 07.07.2011

  17. broken bones celebrities movies action fishing poles over cast cast away far away length of time reality

    By vanessa stegner on 07.07.2011

  18. the cast is the actors, right? the actors in a play or a musical or whatever. i’ve never been in one. not since fourth grade. i’m too scared. i wish i could sing, i wish i could project my voice. i wish i knew how to act or how to memorize lines. heck, i’d even do crew. lighting and stuff. i just wish i could be more involved in it. instead i’m just another audience member.

    By Emma URL on 07.07.2011

  19. sign it right here. whatever you want it to say. just no inappropriate pictures. nice thoughts for my recovery.

    By jacob on 07.07.2011

  20. I cast my line out as far as it could go.
    With it I took all of my worries, my troubles, my insecurities.
    Because I was finally out of there.
    Because I was finally free.

    By Tes on 07.07.2011

  21. a cast of movie, teleplay, show cast, broadcast, cast magic, wow

    By Yan on 07.07.2011

  22. I have never been cast in a real play. When I was in Junior High I was cast as the mom of the Brady Bunch group. It was hilarious but I really wanted to be one of the daughters. Kind of funny that I was a mom character at such a young age. Right? I always thought I wanted to do theater but struggled with remembering lines. I have never been one for memorizing.

    By Melissa on 07.07.2011

  23. He carefully looked over the cast list, quite surprised at the reputation of the names he was seeing. He had never thought his play would garner such an impressive cast when he first wrote it ten years ago. The first cast member walked in, your typical high society, slightly snobbish actor who had apparently earned every ounce of his success, well, as far as his parent’s wallets went.

    By Matthew URL on 07.07.2011

  24. The neon pink cast on her arm started flaking. Names of classmates covered it.

    By M on 07.07.2011

  25. “The die has been cast,” he said as he looked listlessly at her. She sighed. “I know, I just wish it hadn’t been so soon.” They lifted the bloodless body from the bed and transported it to the backyard. Not their backyard, of course–that would have been too obvious.

    By Lina Andrea on 07.07.2011

  26. cast and crew of a show. he was cast off of the island for bad behavior and he landed in the ocean. he had to swim to shore, but it was a far trip and a difficult feat. he didn’t know if he was going to make it, seeing as how the mainland was five hundred miles away.

    By Rachel on 07.07.2011