July 6th, 2011 | 386 Entries

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386 Entries for “cast”

  1. Too late. The spell was cast. A deep regret began to stab at him; the shame run into embarassment to guilt and back to shame; seeping through his body. “How…”

    By visage URL on 07.07.2011

  2. Emotions, feelings, memories, things that collect over time that have taken years and hours and miles to unfold and crystallize, all so seripticiously cast overboard so the vessel can be made lighter, more bouyant, free to move along unencumbered and untethered by the past, by the bygone emotions, feelings, memories, and things that collect over time.

    By Karl Haas URL on 07.07.2011

  3. “The cast list is up!”
    Students gathered in a tight crowd around the light blue sheet of paper, and I have to push and shove to get in to see it.
    I gasp as I see my name, up next to the starring role.

    By missstar URL on 07.07.2011

  4. She couldn’t believe her eyes as her eyes flickered across the computer screen again, again, and again. She had been chosen to play Cassandra in the television show. She exhaled, suddenly out of breath, mostly from disbelief. Then a tear suddenly rolled down her cheek and she stifled back a sob. Why isn’t she as happy as she thought she would be?

    By Kristina URL on 07.07.2011

  5. ……..out.

    By mr584903 on 07.07.2011

  6. He cast the net over the side and dragged in his catch. He didn’t care if the species survived.

    By Steve Locke-Wheaton on 07.07.2011

  7. When I was in high school, I broke my right arm. It happened during PE class while playing “touch” football. The strange thing is that I didn’t realize it was broken until the next day when I drove myself to the doctor.

    By Robert on 07.07.2011

  8. Brings to mind my very short career as an actor in musicals at Summer Camp in the Poconos. The excitement of finding you’ve been chosen and for which role, the initial coming together of the ensemble, rehearsal schedules, working with personalities of all types, and,, of course, the performances themselves. I have always felt that what’s missing in my 4 decade career is those feelings of freshness, creativity, and excitement, the “juice” as I refer to it, that I experienced in acting in a play. Or any type of creative work that brought people together for a short period of time and then dispersed them.
    In a way, every day is the rise of a curtain and a cast of sorts, though it often seems that things are static and unchanging. Those of us inclined to ideas of the East, however, know that this is only an illusion, that it is impossible or at least unwise to cling to any facet of this often gorgeous sometimes painful play, even the members of the cast.

    By Jim Schaffer URL on 07.07.2011

  9. cast. write names on. cast and crew. names on a high school shirt. cast. fishing line. cast. to fulfill fictional lives with actors. i was going to keep going but i ran out of steam, out of ideas.

    By Tyler on 07.07.2011

  10. So called service providers who take your money and then cast you aside are making my blood boil today, quite handy really; in this freezing weather.

    By Jeanie URL on 07.07.2011

  11. Sitting on the dock, with the sun burning my legs despite grotesque amounts of sunscreen, I was very happy. Aunt cast her line and started to reel furiously. Excited we stood up to see what she caught… nothing. The line was caught.. As she pulled and tugged fruitlessly, the wind picked up, grabbed her beach chair, and threw it right over the edge into the murky water. Guess who was given the honor of retrieving it.

    By Finch URL on 07.07.2011

  12. The line spooled out over the curling waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Standing in the surf at coast guard beach he watched the sun begin to breach the horizon as the lure splashed down. He reeled in, imparting motion to the lure. He didn’t really care if he caught anything or not, it was just his favorite place to be

    By Bob Hussey on 07.07.2011

  13. Hey, this is the same word as yesterday. I wonder why they didnt change it. It makes me want to go visit because I am quite courious about the world around me. If onlly I could make this an interesting peice

    By J-sizzle URL on 07.07.2011

  14. Finally at 18 Dad offered me a joint. We were on our annual Canadian Fishing trip, and it took me by complete surprise. This, of course, is a lie. My father and I still make awkward conversation about sports I don’t follow, and he’s never offered me anything but gas money.

    By Andrew C-K URL on 07.07.2011

  15. A cast of thousands…cast my fate to the wind….the cast of Cats (an anagram). Casting my pearls before swine. Cast on, Cast off. I think I’ll cast my best effort forth today and look for the positive outcomes.

    By Mh URL on 07.07.2011

  16. Cast away. Bide my time away. A life line. Behold the heavenly divine. Cast onto the earth. Eternal damnation. Our world a fiction. fic·ti·tious. CAst, conspicuous. Heaven and hell realign. Cast thee, cast me, another line. 2 More would be fine. Ryhme Ryhme Ryhme Ryhme. My soul in a cast. Chose to sleep. Time of Awakening, Cast hollow. The woes! hateful weep.

    By Josie URL on 07.07.2011

  17. A cast of a yellow glow surrounding your face. It hums it’s dull grace, a song of gratitude, lust.. a wanting that hasn’t been felt for so long…

    By Hannah URL on 07.07.2011

  18. cast of house md was accused of hit and rund in boston ma

    By David Marin URL on 07.07.2011

  19. to cast a fishing line, or be cast away. am i casted or the castor?
    is it me who drifts, or am i pushed?
    did they push me until i could no longer swim back, so now i float unto another new thing. something that promises never to let me go.. ever.

    By sarah-jade on 07.07.2011

  20. The lights flashed on, curtain went up. The Cast performed their final performance, unaware that when the curtain fell, it would be for the very last time. Their standing ovation a cheer for all their hard work now over.

    By onewordwasheard URL on 07.07.2011

  21. Even with her arm slung up in a cast, James couldn’t keep his eyes off his wife as she sat across from him in the restaurant. She had demanded on being taken to the fanciest one they could find since he had promised to do anything he could to cheer her up after the accident.

    By Anna URL on 07.07.2011

  22. The cast of the musical in my school is like the cool kids. We’re amazing. Even though we spend every waking moment in the school auditorium for 4 months strait every year. Now that I think of it, it kind of sucks. Why do we do it?

    By rollinggnomes URL on 07.07.2011

  23. A cast is what a doctor puts on a limb that is broken and needs time to fix. You can have a cast on many different parts of your body. A cast can stay on for as long as 5 months. It smells bad when you take it off. You can’t get that limb wet for a while after the cast is off. Having a cast would indicate that you have been injured, so be prepared to have people ask you what happened.

    By Gabby on 07.07.2011

  24. Actually, it was hard to understand. Love was what motivated her. She stood by the event. Helped set up as much as possible, and stayed int he background to allow the main characters the room to play out their roles. Yet, still, she was cast as an ogre. Outcast now. Without any contact from any of them.

    By Seansj URL on 07.07.2011

  25. A cast is a group of people in a production, preferably theater or film. A group of people, paid to put on makeup and pretend to be someone they are not. They’re meant to be performers, actors in roles that they may not be naturally- they may pretend to love, when even it is not meant to be so.

    In that case, we’re all part of some sort of cast, aren’t we?

    By spazzycorn URL on 07.07.2011

  26. I think of a play or of dance. I used to love finding out the cast in my dance performances. The cast parties were always fun too. A cast is also for broken things which is sad, because dance for me is broken, a broken dream now.

    By Lydia on 07.07.2011

  27. He stood tall and mighty casting a dark shadow. The darkest shadow. It told of adventures yet to come. Adventures unlike any other. Ones of magic and mystery but of endings of tragedy.

    By FaridaEzzat on 07.07.2011

  28. shows you to your seat

    By abhay singh URL on 07.07.2011

  29. Do not cast pearls before swine. You may want to give your best to others but not everyone can understand or know they need what you are offering. Let each find their own path, it will save wear and tear on yourself.

    By paulie aragon on 07.07.2011

  30. cast cast away. tom hank hank robinson. volleyball named wilson. cast a fishing pole into the pond yo wont catch anything. cast the line in the pond to get the real fishh

    By Dustin on 07.07.2011

  31. i set my cast out into the dreary lake, in hopes to find anything. anything at all was completely fine with me, because i was desperate. i was desperate to prove to everyone around me that even girls can fish, and even girls can do the “guy” things that are so common to be only theirs. girls can do anything that they set their mind to, so i was going to show up these guys, as best as i could. i casted my rod, in this lake, in this world of ours.

    By volleygirl17 URL on 07.07.2011

  32. I cast my mind back to call the ‘fuck yous’ we exchanged
    As we carried on pretending it was working
    And suddenly I’m smiling on my own.

    By Anna URL on 07.07.2011

  33. A perfect day:
    I stand in the river to cast
    to catch the fish and play
    and know my worries won’t last.

    By David Saleeba URL on 07.07.2011

  34. dom’s cast was bright yellow. he got friends to write names on it, and some very rude words. he still has it, he tells me. locked away with other childhood toys and memories. being 31 he has little time for any of those. his feelings about childhood, sadly, rarely surface in conversation any more.

    By Lynnw on 07.07.2011

  35. Crew.

    By Alexa on 07.07.2011

  36. I broke my arm when I was in the fourth grade, and I had a pink cast on it.
    It was really embarrassing because that summer at camp, I couldn’t get in the pool, and I even had to wear a plastic bag over it to ensure it didn’t get wet.
    Then my cousin convinced me it would be OK to get in the creek. My uncle, a vet, had to re-wrap my cast….. With horse gauze.

    By Hollie URL on 07.07.2011

  37. I’m a theatre major.
    Getting cast, cast lists, cast parties, I’m always part of the cast.

    By Hollie URL on 07.07.2011

  38. I love to be in plays. I always have loved to perform. It’s been my dream, my passion, my way to live. To sing is to breathe for me. Thank you my beautiful cast for making my life worth something.

    By Stephanie Ortega on 07.07.2011

  39. A regular cast of characters without a show. A regular adventure waiting to happen but has nowhere to go. They think no one understands them and they’re alone but deep down, their hearts are all the same colors.

    By Chloe on 07.07.2011

  40. I was very scared of that ghost that swayed outside my window. I was so embarrassed and distressed that i consulted a psychiatric. who was unable to cure me. But then then watchman solved the mystery and showed that the shadow was casted by bamboo tree.

    By rauf on 07.07.2011