February 15th, 2010 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “cash”

  1. Cash Cash cash. my cousin in law wants to name her son Cassius and call him Cash. I don’t know– sounds like an outlaw. Or a rapper. I couldn’t go for it. It seems like a name you’d have to earn, not just be assigned. You get this reputation that you only do things you get paid for.

    By Tuesday on 02.16.2010

  2. If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Notes with the faces of people who meant something crumpled, folded, slid across counters and tucked into wallets. If you haven’t got it, strive for it. That last coin you found on the street, or anything you find down the back of the sofa. Such is our society, and we love it.

    By Kiote on 02.16.2010

  3. evil

    By Ivan on 02.16.2010

  4. i hate money. its not the worst but one of.. if time is money im the brokest mf ever bc i wast too much time..
    when i first got money i liked it
    i was ignorant

    fuck money b..

    By rick harpersonston on 02.16.2010

  5. Cash. I’ve got none. I don’t need it, and quite frankly I honestly think no one in the world does. Freeganism. Anti-consumerism. Stop relying so much on something they say you’ve never got enough of, check the dumpsters and steal from the rich. Modern day Robin Hoods are hard to come by, which is why we need more.

    By Emily on 02.16.2010

  6. i need it

    By jessica Irwin on 02.16.2010

  7. money, clothes shopping, nice house. salary buying a new car. dirty. register, coins, Washington Franklin,

    By Brittany on 02.16.2010

  8. money. it pays the bills and for the pot. I wish I could live without it mostly. It would be awesome to live where I could grow my own food and live off the land. It would be an eden on earth.

    By Janna on 02.16.2010

  9. cash. I didn’t see this word at first so now i don’t have a lot of time to type. oh dear i keep making spelling mistakes. i’ll correct them later. people don’t seem to have a lot of cash these days. i wonder why. well there are reasons why, but i mean it’s weird how these things just come up randomly. well not very randomly but still. i don’t know i think i’m going to start writing a book.


  10. Cash is a way that people pay for things. It’s is money and paper and technically useless. Doesn’t matter it’s made of, apparently, just what it’s worth is to someone else.

    By Denyse on 02.16.2010

  11. “Gimme the cash!” He growled through his teeth.
    “Nah, you don’t deserve it, Jimmy. The deal fell through, remember?”
    “But I gotcha the unicorn, didn’t I?”
    “Its dead, stupid. It doesn’t count!”

    By Emily on 02.16.2010

  12. I slipped him the cash as he put the coke in my hand. It had gotten to the point that this was just a normal part of my day. I no longer felt nervous or paranoid, it was just something I had to do, like eating or pissing.

    By j on 02.16.2010

  13. I need more cash. Please.

    By m on 02.16.2010

  14. Today I won a boatload of cash. I guess you could call it the luckiest day of my life. I’ve lived in this damn camper for years. Trapped with all of these memories and nightmares haunting me in my sleep. And now I can get out with all of this cash. I just may be in love. In love with the beautiful green paper.

    By qpm on 02.16.2010

  15. cassssshhh. i got paid the other day and i bought some ridiculous nikes that im wearing right now. tiana loves cash. she has a lot of ones though. hmm, wonder why.

    haha i also have a cousin named cash. he’s pretty cool. goodtimes! i wish i was getting paid again on friday. i currently had only one dollar.

    By logan on 02.16.2010

  16. i know a certain someone who obtains small quantities of cash by standing on the corner oogling their goodies to random strangers. While it is disgusting and unattractive, this person loves the idea that someone loves their nasty smelling genitals more than his cat. He is the very definition of a nasty boy.

    By oh, you know! on 02.16.2010

  17. It’s what we all need. I don’t know, don’t understand why it’s so important. I wish we had none. If the whole world was poor we’d all be so rich. No poverty just being, together, living helping learning. Maybe we need to barter or something, i don’t know, but this cash thing really isn’t too great.

    By damon moore on 02.16.2010

  18. aint got it.

    By d on 02.16.2010

  19. Cash Rules Everything Around Me – C.R.E.A.M… Dolla dolla bill, y’all!

    By Tiberiu Popovici on 02.16.2010

  20. mine

    By jane on 02.16.2010

  21. I needed to go to the bank that day. I had just sold the last of it and could subconsciously feel my bank account getting smaller and smaller. It was so hard to count the bills in the parking lot of the bank, especially when the heat was like it was. Record high, they said. In between the fifteenth and sixteenth twenty dollar bill, I lost count.

    By Adam on 02.16.2010

  22. cash money green leaves falling from the canopy coat tail pockets of the corporate I despise these linens only because i lakc there lavish foliage and I despise those who have it but only with envy I would run from such cascading winter falls of cash crops

    By austin.charvet on 02.16.2010

  23. cash. everyone wants some. then there’s johnny. i’m cash poor. need to pay bills and get a haircut. money buys happiness. no lie. it’s true. If i had money i’d have a car that would go more than an hour away.

    By Leah Derby on 02.16.2010

  24. Hand over the cash you pig before i let my tommy gun settle things

    By Forrest on 02.16.2010

  25. it’s something i need very much. especially if i want to get myself my own guitar instead of using my sister’s all the time. and though i have a job, i don’t earn very much, because I’m a part-time student. cash. but let’s not be materialistic.

    By alouaiii on 02.16.2010

  26. Cash ? I wish I had more cash, but I have not yet met one person who thinks she has enough of it… Cash has largely been replaced by cards, so people use cards instead of cash

    By Oppoponax on 02.16.2010

  27. Cash is what makes the world go round. Without it the world would be in a crisis. We wouldn’t be able to buy stuff that we need. We would have no way of knowing what was what.

    By Abrah on 02.16.2010

  28. I really want some gawd I need some some of that lovely green, smells so good – smells like sweat and patent-cloth. Smells like food in my belly and fire on my face – smells like perfumed hair and pleasure – I really need it.

    By nicci lee on 02.16.2010

  29. I hate TOY dogs
    They quietly shiver or loudly bark
    But their bites barely leave a mark
    Not as useful as any type of tool,
    They let themselves be used like fools
    By spoiled stupid rich immature girls
    I’d send ’em all straight to Hell.

    Can accessories be cool when they poop
    Man, I hate folks that like the TOY group

    By The-Apoth. on 02.17.2010