February 14th, 2010 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “blade”

  1. It felt like nothing. A whole lot of nothing. What really hurt were his eyes. They were what pierced me. I could see the blood trickling down my stomach and feel its warmness through my shirt. But the blade I did not feel. The blade I did not feel.

    By Sarah on 02.15.2010

  2. Blades are for cutting people on an occasional basis. Linfa owns one and it’s her second best weapon. Heaven help the fool that decides to anger her. She could either respond rationally or kill. But she DOES have a blade.

    By Lana on 02.15.2010

  3. she wore the blade under her sleeve, and she approached the man quietly. She spoke a few words, before plunging it deep into his leg. Because she didnt want to kill him, just hurt him, and his career. The career that he had helped her build, and the one that he killed with one word. Just one word

    By Tamara on 02.15.2010

  4. Let me take my anger and use it like a blade, to cut away all of the dark pain that winds around your heart. Cut away the madness, the sadness, the hurt and stitch you up again. Make you better. Make me…better.

    By Nada on 02.15.2010

  5. Blades of grass, simple two-sided words
    that cut:
    Rushes. Thatch. Sedges.

    By Cy Margucci on 02.15.2010

  6. cut through to the quick with a gleam and a carefully honed edge. quenched and heated, hammered and edged, stamped by your maker and readied for the fight, forever cleaving one into two, life into death.

    By kelly on 02.15.2010

  7. It ran like a hot blade in frozen butter.

    By Iris on 02.15.2010

  8. Sword, swift, hard, cold, icy, threatening, terrifying, sweet, sincere, sudden, permanent, red, the end

    By Erica on 02.15.2010

  9. i had a blade one time that was in the form of a machete. this thing utterly smashed through the entire yard, creating pathways of destruction. the pathways later evolved into roads

    By Dan on 02.15.2010

  10. The blade slides slowly out of the torso of his victim. Blood drips onto the young woman’s lifeless face. He stares, perplexed as the splatter on her forehead reminds him of something. Of something foreign.

    By Chris on 02.15.2010

  11. The blade glistened in the moonlight as the assassin crept through the black corners of the stonewalled castle. One wrong turn, one wrong glint of this deadly blade could give him away; knowing this, the instrument was stowed a little more carefully inside the mantle he wore. There was plenty of time for caution, he thought.

    By Samantha on 02.15.2010

  12. knife,the film which has a not really that famous actor in it.
    the thing oj sompson supposedly killed his ex-wife with.

    By BJ on 02.15.2010

  13. to protect

    to uphold




    a blade that kills

    or a blade that protects

    a diffrnce so immense

    the gaurdian must stop at nothing to protect what is his

    By LunarStar77 on 02.15.2010

  14. i could speak volumes.

    but i won’t.

    By chelsea on 02.15.2010

  15. A movie about vampires, a sometimes deadly weapon, a shaving tool, the blade has many uses.

    By Adam on 02.15.2010

  16. Grass–newly mown grass in the summertime smells like fresh-cut hay and makes me happy.

    By Kelly on 02.15.2010