February 13th, 2012 | 197 Entries

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197 Entries for “carnival”

  1. The carnival is in town and the children are so excited. They love the rides and the shows, but their favorite is seeing what new creatures come to the carnival. They love messing with their mines.

    By teeda URL on 02.13.2012

  2. i went on a cruise once, and it was a carnival cruise. not terrible, but it was a backstreet boys cruise so it was more exhausting than it was relaxing. also, carnivals make me think of carnies, and i’m not crazy about either of those things. although a funnel cake can be good once in awhile… same with a corn dog, though i haven’t had one of those in years.

    By Alicia URL on 02.13.2012

  3. i love carnival! Next week we’re celebrating carnival in Argentina, holidays at last! I love wearing costumes! my favourite: batman!

    By jorgelina on 02.13.2012

  4. Carnival is what I want, I guess, my life, no. Nothing like a carnival. Carnivals I hate, I am spinning, nauseated, swirling. Sweetness, love, take me, show me. Let us sit and watch the spectacle together. Everyone on your feet. We are in this together. Aren’t we. Love?

    By MT on 02.13.2012

  5. There is a hotdog filled with cotton candy and a psychiatrist scolding me for event thinking such a thing. But it’s all and act, it must be, as the psychiatrist is wearing a diaper, and he’s a dwarf, and the man in charge is yelling at him to clean up the goddamned elephant shit.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 02.13.2012

  6. The carnival was dusty, noisy, and hot. So very hot. The sweat trickled down Aaron’s face and neck, down into his shirt, making him sticky and uncomfortable. He grimaced.

    By lil_nail URL on 02.13.2012

  7. Carnival

    I loved carnivals. I only find them creepy now, as an adult. I still like them though. Amazing what we don’t notice as kids.

    Remember the McDonalds do it yourself carnivals? Those were cool. We’ll never see giveaways like that again! I remember EVERYBODY having one at my school. Lots of mini carnivals with bean bag tosses, roll the ball into the cans, and knock down the cup games … with turnouts of 3 or 4 people!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.13.2012

  8. What the hell, oneword. First you repeat festival, and now it’s carnival? What’ll it be tomorrow, faire? Parade?

    By floppybelly URL on 02.13.2012

  9. Carnival is a happy word.
    I have nothing happy to feel, to say, to think, or to do today.
    Therefore, this word means nothing to me.
    Maybe tomorrow.

    By Hollie URL on 02.13.2012

  10. Swirling, twirling, beautiful colors. Everywhere, happy people smiling, and I wish I could go talk to all of these people. I really want to know everyone. All of them. The adorable little children, stuffing churros in to their small mouths, the parents, pushing the strollers, the young couples, walking hand in hand. All of them look so polite, so happy, that I want to have a conversation with every single one of them.

    By NCISaddict on 02.13.2012

  11. Lestrade sighed and let his head sink into his hands. “First you finger the fall festival out by the forest, (Sherlock smirked at the unintentional alliteration) and now you’re accuaing the carnival in Surrey of being some kind of cover for a giant heroine operation? Sherlock, this is insane. Not every entertainment organization has ulterior motives, just because you had one bit of trouble with that Chinese circus.”

    Sherlock leaned in closer, hands in his pockets. “Detective, I am positive that these two groups are part of the same network, which has been smuggling heroine, meth, and other drugs from a lab of enormous porportions in Bangcock to Britain and France.” He withdrew his hand from his pocket, placing a small baggie of white powder onto Lestrade’s desk.

    “Please tell me that’s not what I think it is,” Greg deadpanned, nearly able to feel a few more of his hairs turning grey.

    By floppybelly URL on 02.13.2012

  12. A carnival is a place that has creepy clowns

    By Shadow URL on 02.13.2012

  13. i stepped into the carnival and immediately i began to ask myself what am i doing? i wasn’t scared at the time of decision but now here i am sitting here, wishing and wanting to be next to you. to be anywhere but here and anytime but now. i want you i need you, i don’t want to be at this carnival any longer.

    By Abra URL on 02.13.2012

  14. There was green candy candy at the carnival, and pizza slices sold by the bridge. Harvey Talon got a squeaky hammer for a prize at one of the water gun games and drove his father nearly mad. Meanwhile, his little sister, Ginger, was on the ferris wheel with her new boyfriend, and they were making out to the sounds of the screams from the clickety-clackety haunted house ride down below.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.13.2012

  15. I want to run away to the carnival. With my hoop and cheetah spandex and dreams. I want to be the star. I want the spotlight on me as hoops aflame trail around me. Circling, hypnotizing the children brought to watch.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.13.2012

  16. Dang just the other day was Festival…I guess the two are different carnivals aren’t annual just a celebration. Lots of rides and treats. Reminds me of the movie PollyAnna….sad :(.

    By Annabelle Trokey on 02.13.2012

  17. Mardi Gras
    St. Charles
    French Quarter

    By ShannonC URL on 02.13.2012

  18. Life is a Carnival. Carnivals are pretty great. Sometimes they offer you deep fried treats, other times they offer you animals to pet and rides to ride. Sometimes both. Also, they can sometimes be dangerous and creepy. And feature funny Bon Jovi tribute bands where the singer has hair that’s too long. I dig them, overall.

    By Katie on 02.13.2012

  19. fun is happiness carnivals are fun and happy they make me feel good

    By Isabel Kelly on 02.13.2012

  20. Today, I went to the carnival. The flashing lights and the noises… I got lost. I was lost in a surreal new place of wonder and things I could only imagine in my dreams. I wish I had been asleep. It would have been the most fun.

    By Darby on 02.13.2012

  21. fun is happiness carnivals are fun and happy they make me feel good

    I LOVE CARNIVALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    peace out P.S oneword rocks P.S.S see ya

    By Isabel Kelly on 02.13.2012

  22. great place to go to at night time with a bunch of friends.
    makes you fat.
    makes you throw up.
    creepy carnies
    ripe off.

    By margrethe on 02.13.2012

  23. fun lights music happiness games friends everything really!!!!

    By Isabel Kelly on 02.13.2012

  24. rip off way too expensive thats wot i think

    By Isabel Kelly on 02.13.2012

  25. The carnival was my first lesson on cynicism as a young child. My father told me about the bent nails, the half-filled balls, the off-centered hoops for the baskets. All made up, all false.

    The carnival is tricky.

    By cafo URL on 02.13.2012

  26. PIZZA!!!!! LOLLIES!!!!! HOT CHIPS!!!!!

    By Isabel Kelly on 02.13.2012

  27. a mountain of ballons with a clown that flys up and pops the mountain. The kids cry. Big fat lady.lions eat her and are full.

    By Coleen on 02.13.2012

  28. It’s like a carnival, acid is. All the colours, spinning around and around and up and down, the ever-changing sights, the crazy tricks that wow the crowd, make you laugh, the thrilling rides that spin you, throw you, move you so fast, make you scream with joy until tears pour down your face, until you don’t know what you’re seeing or feeling but you know, you just know, that it’s fucking brilliant.

    By NJ Lee on 02.13.2012

  29. I’ve never been to a carnival. A carnival is where they have a whole bunch of booths and fun things to do like a ferris wheel. I think a good idea for a horror movie would be a haunted, desolate carnival. (hides)

    By Damaris URL on 02.13.2012

  30. in only a few days the celebrations will begin, the time when we all pretend to be without sin and go about sinning like an ingenue, here now we will cast aside our clothes of repsonisbility and embrace with alacrity the kindness nestled in sin that is loving your fellow man, here now we will clasps masks to our faces and lies to our lips

    By bluish on 02.13.2012

  31. The carnival came to town this week. It was full of dangerous rides for a penny a piece. The tents were full of peek a boo scenes. Scare the life out of little old me.

    By Sheila Good URL on 02.13.2012

  32. I don’t remember going to a carnival when I was young, although I remember going to a fair. They might actually be the same thing, but who knows. When I think of carnivals, I think of circuses. Well, actually, I think I have been to a carnival, I’ve been to them mostly from church ones that happen all the time.

    By Jesus on 02.13.2012

  33. It’s like a carnival, acid is. All the colours, spinning around and around and up and down, the ever-changing sights, the crazy tricks that wow the crowd, make you laugh, the thrilling rides that spin you, throw you, move you so fast, make you scream with joy until tears pour down your face, until you don’t know what you’re seeing or feeling but you know, you just know, that it’s bloody brilliant.

    By NJ Lee on 02.13.2012

  34. The carnival was dusty and smelled like dirt. The performers all stood in a circle and stared at each other. “So?” Mila spoke first. “How are we going to get rid of him?”

    By Spirit URL on 02.13.2012

  35. Carnival eyes shone in the nighttime gloom, seeing sights and glories just past the smoke of the midnight bars and sleazy strip dives. Girls! Girls! Girls! called the signs, but they saw something else. Skeletons roaming the streets for the dream, always the dream.

    By Sage URL on 02.13.2012

  36. Zombie killer. death. hospitals suck and the damn button going off. beep beep beep beep. regular show nails k jh

    By ashlee on 02.13.2012

  37. “You’ve never been to a carnival?” Jamie asked, “I’ll take you. For free.”
    But I had already seen the elephants parading down the street in front of our dorm, bicyclists scrambling to get out of the way; even louder than the elephants’ trumpeting was the shouts of the crowd, taking an impromptu study break with streamers of cotton candy that had appeared out of some GRT’s closet.
    I had work to do.

    By Holden URL on 02.13.2012

  38. She glared at the clown. It glared back. That fucking grin on its face. Painted red cheeks stretched tight, teeth bared. Rounded red nose. But the eyes. Frigid, cold, vicious. She ran for her parents dropping her ice cream, sending it splattering to the ground. The carnival continued.

    By Imogen on 02.13.2012

  39. Josie went to the carnival with her parents that autumn. She remembered how excited she was – the smell of caramel apples and candy floss heavy in the air. She knew things weren’t perfect between her parents, but she didn’t really understand what that meant. Twenty years later at the same carnival, the same smells of caramel apples and candy floss heavy in the air, a man’s arm tight around her shoulders, she finally understood.

    By Linda Irvine URL on 02.13.2012

  40. The carnival is such a nice place to go. It’s filled with fun and joy and laughter. If you ever feel down, the carnival is the place to go. See clowns and children and happy things. No one could ever have a bad thought there. It just blows your mind, what is all there. I enjoy it.

    By Hannah on 02.13.2012