February 12th, 2012 | 182 Entries

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182 Entries for “maze”

  1. Running. Only running.

    By Erin on 02.13.2012

  2. you have to go now don’t think so much, it will wind and will trap, but as long as their is no scene like the shining, I’m pretty sure you’ll be ok. Don’t worry too much. But I don’t want to deal with the stress of going through this and letting my life rely on the chance that nothing will happen, it doesn’t matter. you have to try. You have to try and wake up and make sure that you don’t care too much.

    By Ylan on 02.13.2012

  3. oh it was ongoing, never ending, to the left to the right. I kept walking and walking, not know to where my next step would take me. And then I found the fountain flowing with purple water and giving forth pink bubbles

    By candance URL on 02.13.2012

  4. I suppose I was wandering. She was out to find me but if a man doesn’t want to be found, there’s always a way. So I struck out looking for a dozen tangerines and a cure. I went all the way to Toronto and there was none to be had. Out of season. I turned and we back toward home, and thus to her as well.

    By Bryan URL on 02.13.2012

  5. Running and running through the city, the lights get caught in my eyes and I make a fast turn. I’m finding my way back to the finish line thru this maze.

    By Mayra URL on 02.13.2012

  6. maze – labyrinth
    this life i live in is such a maze
    go by day to day
    just floating
    don’t know where i’m going or where i’m headed to
    don’t even know where i come from yet

    By Kareena Pamani URL on 02.13.2012

  7. i keep running into the same walls, if only they were see-through i might be able to find my way out

    By Tiina on 02.13.2012

  8. She was lost in the maze, unable to find her way out. Sniffing around, she could smell the sweet salty fragrance, but she couldn’t figure out where it came from. The walls were penetrated with it. She knew she wouldn’t be able to find it.

    By Amanda URL on 02.13.2012

  9. I did a corn maze thing at one point. It was fun. it’s kinda funny how corn is also called maize. so that means I could say I did a maize maze thing at one point. hee hee hee

    By just582 URL on 02.13.2012

  10. Mazes built from stories. I find myself wandering at times. I want to feel safe in my wandering. I want to feel safe in my amble. I want to stop, breathe, look up and see the sky. I want to stop and listen to the nudge that only points forward.

    By Adesola URL on 02.13.2012

  11. A white stone marked the beginning of the maze. Pete and Haannah peered into the spiralling path edged with shrubbery. Hannah sunk down on her hind legs and braced her forepaws. ‘No way!’ she seemed to say…

    By marlibar URL on 02.13.2012

  12. I got lost in the frightening maze and the walls came in and I died. it was scary!!!

    By coeby URL on 02.13.2012

  13. A long-long, winding and confusing road; but alas, my dear, I can promise you this-it will only be sweeter, when you reach the end.

    By Mi Chiamano Alex URL on 02.13.2012

  14. Bobby entered the maze, he didn’t know if anyone would ever see him again. Bobby honestly didn’t care if he got lost, he wanted adventure. He had read all the Maze Runner books, he had studied diagrams of the labyrinth, he had learned how maze creators create mazes and was all set. He had his adventure pack on his back. Bobby’s adventure pack contained everything he thought he would need. The small backpack contained three months worth of dehydrated food packs, 5 adventure guide books, a flare gun with 5 extra flares, a piece of paper to create a map, a high pressure astronaut certified pen with 3 extra cartridges, a solar charger, a low power phone, a utility knife, a makeshift flamethrower from a hairspray bottle and a handheld torch lighter, and a blowgun. The blowgun was equipped with a box of 400 homemade pressurized castor oil extracted ricin darts. Bobby knew there hadn’t ever been any reception in the maze, but he figured he would try.

    By Nick F. on 02.13.2012

  15. I stumbled down the dark, damp passageway. It was hard to keep my bearings with so many winding halls and dead ends. I wasn’t sure I’d ever be able to find my way out of this hellish maze. Somewhere in the distance, there was a faint echo of pebbles scraping stone. Fear siezed hold and I stopped, holding my breath. It couldn’t be him, there was no possible way for him get ahead of me so quickly.

    By Nikki on 02.13.2012

  16. High walls and a sense of unknowing; because a world of corners does not allow you to see ahead. It is impossible to predict what each bend will thrust upon you at its termination–this is the meaning of ‘lost’. This is a maze.

    By Amphigorical URL on 02.13.2012

  17. I’m right now trapped in a maze. A huge maze of feelings. Am I in love? Is he in love with me? it seems that he cannot find me and I cannot finde him here…the huge love maze…

    By Iris on 02.13.2012

  18. maze was very conffusing at first but then it all came clear, it is a path that must be travel to reach clarity

    By willene johnson URL on 02.13.2012

  19. I walked through the maze. It was dark, confusing, and disorienting. Walls were mirrors, corners were inevitable. Damn you maze. I’m so lost.

    By MB on 02.13.2012

  20. i am stuck in a maze
    of misery
    of love
    i’m lost,
    somewhere in between
    heartache and
    night is falling
    i’ve been left in the darkness
    to drown in my thoughts
    instead i’ll
    blow kisses to the stars,
    turn gold in the sunlight.
    i don’t think i’ll ever
    be able to find my way out

    By Iffath URL on 02.13.2012

  21. When I was little, my dad took our family to a corn maze, golden yellow, hot, suffocatingly so. Holding our colorful flag high so as not to be forgotten, swallowed by the golden yellow mass of grain.

    By Hilary URL on 02.13.2012

  22. To navigate this walking puzzle I needed to trust my intuition. But I was afraid. Trusting that sense had led me to trouble one too many times.

    By Ruben URL on 02.13.2012