November 16th, 2009 | 692 Entries

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692 Entries for “lane”

  1. walking down the dreary lane
    i find myself wondering some of the same
    and then i am there in a train traveling fast through rain.
    until at last i feel it. great unending pain

    By The great Yanathin on 11.17.2009

  2. There was a girl who lived down that lane he always passed on his way to school. Her name was Janet or Janice or something. He’d never really talked to her per se, but he needed to. She might be able to help. She might have the cure for the disease eating at the pest in his chest.

    By blah on 11.17.2009

  3. lane

    By Anonymous on 11.17.2009

  4. Penny Lane is in my ear and in my eyes… BA DA DAAA!

    By Mary on 11.17.2009

  5. i chose to go down one lane. Sending you down another. Now that I’m on the other side.. I kind of miss you. I think about our paths crossing again, then i remember how you scare me.

    By rh on 11.17.2009

  6. I walked across the street, and as I walked I thought of him. I thought of what would become of me if I were in the wrong lane

    By Iris on 11.17.2009

  7. i was sitting in a lane in traffic. the little girl in the backseat of the honda next to me was picking her nose and eating her boogers. i crashed into the escalade in front of me and when the guy got out and started yelling at me i pulled out my gun and shot him the face

    By amanda on 11.17.2009

  8. Lois Lane. Bowling Lane. Get out of my lane. Driving down a country lane on a warm breezy spring day. Lovers Lane.

    By Heather on 11.17.2009

  9. he stumbled down the lane, foot half-broken and eye already starting to bruise. he could feel it. it was bleeding hard, dripping through his lashes. as he fell against her door, he willed himself to stay conscious long enough to press the bell. his fingers slipped from it.

    By katie on 11.17.2009

  10. The lanes on the road are never-ending. They take you to places you never imagined you would go. Some lanes are big while others are small. You see other people from other parts of the country just because you are driving on the same lane. You get to experience something spectacular when getting to travel by lanes to other parts of the country.

    By Amanda Kerns on 11.17.2009

  11. the way I am in the road. My stance, my being. I am the one, and I would like to head somewhere other than here. This lane holds me back. But, I will move forward with all my might, to achieve what I have set my mind to. There is nothing like success and I was embrace this upcoming success. But first I have to exceed the lane.

    By Anonymous on 11.17.2009

  12. She walked into my life on the left. I exited the stage on the right. Will she ever know how I truly feel about her or is this star-crossed love just a disaster?

    By Penny on 11.17.2009