November 20th, 2022 | 5 Entries

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5 Entries for “canopy”

  1. bro what even is that like idek. i think it’s the thing that people paint on. wait. thats a canvas. wait anni says that its a tree thing. i think it might even be a big piece of fabric. this thing is dumb. why isnt the timer finishing yet.

    By bob URL on 11.20.2022

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    By window glass repairs URL on 11.21.2022

  3. I like how the canopy procters your from the sun radiation. Also gives you a some of privacy and you can enjoy your drink in your own garden. That`s fantastic.

    By Ana on 11.21.2022

  4. a canopy of stars
    muffles the crying of trees
    smothering their screams as they burn
    We are waiting
    And waiting
    for the stars to leave
    and for the sun
    to come and smother
    the truth

    By Somebody on 11.21.2022

  5. Neviem, či som svätá, ale niečo mi visí nad hlavou. Bombrlce sa hojdajú vo vire

    By Iveta Bachnakova URL on 11.21.2022