November 21st, 2022 | 4 Entries

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4 Entries for “suitcase”

  1. I gripped my suitcase tightly and took the leap, soaring through the air in a ball of fear and trepidation, spurred forward only by a deep and unquenchable desire for more. My other hand grabbed the bar along the train’s railing as my feet touched down, and just like that my next adventure began.

    by Bee on 11.23.2022
  2. There was a article about Russia doing a nuclear test and so people died from the nuclear react

    by 토토사이트 카림 on 11.23.2022
  3. Me and my family are packing our suitcase for a vacation trip during the summer holidays. As mum yells out I finish packing and head to the kitchen.

    by Noah Prujean on 11.22.2022
  4. Alyssa pulled her suitcase behind her as she ran through the airport terminal. Being late wasn’t ideal, and after having barely made it through security she’d heard on the overhead system that it was last call for boarding her flight. Heart crashing against her ribcage, she deftly wove through the throngs of people that stood in her way.

    Until she miscalculated and slammed straight into the back of a very tall man.

    Though there were people behind her, none of them bothered to help Alyssa break her fall, and all she could do was cry out as she stumbled backwards and hit the linoleum, the right side of her head hitting against the handle of her bag.

    by AJ Kenobi on 11.22.2022