August 12th, 2016 | 23 Entries

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23 Entries for “camp”

  1. July 20th, 2014

    We decided to set camp near the river. Stranded for four days now, there wasn’t much hope of leaving finding a way out soon, we are short on food but at least we found a water supply. There is a lot of tension in the group since no one has had a good for days.

    I don’t want to give up but at this rate, I’m going to go crazy. Hope someone find us and that no one was to read this diary.

    By Bramsy URL on 08.12.2016

  2. I really enjoy camping. the last time I camped with my family I was about 10 and we packed our whole campsite into a sentra. those days were simple.

    By anchorforever619 URL on 08.12.2016

  3. When i was in the camp, all the children there were looking at me in a strange way.

    By vaishnavi on 08.12.2016

  4. We walked two miles into the wilderness before setting up camp, pitching our tents and lighting a fire in a nearby pit that appeared to have been dug out by travelers before us. As I breathed in the smoke and ash from the smoldering, sparking wood, I watched as my friends took pictures of the sunset on their huge, cumbersome cameras, before they came back for the cans of meat and beans that I had opened for them.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.12.2016

  5. camp out under the stars
    i find bones and teeths and rocks
    pu t them in my pockets and light a fire
    i sway with the breeze with the trees and the leaves
    the sun shines in my eyes and i sneeze
    i wait for you by the rocks
    the rocks by the water
    the water by the trees
    i feel most at peace here
    find me where the camp tent lies
    or far behind

    By xo on 08.12.2016

  6. i fancy the idea of camp cuz when i was very little my elder brother had gone to a camp,.and he told me stories of different kinds about how they enjoyed their trip.
    summers camps are also cool things but not so popular in india.
    hmmmm nice idea to think about

    By pratik10 URL on 08.12.2016

  7. so i don’t camp very often, but my sister and her fiancé do. well at least more than i ever have. sometimes i wish was like her, i mean like being able to be comfortable with nature and free of society

    By Corina on 08.12.2016

  8. Well they always said he was camp. He certainly behaved it. He flounced around like a window dresser for a top fashion house and he wore Chanel No. 5. Secretly I always fancied him but I never thought he went for women, so I didn’t think I stood a cat in hell’s chance of getting him interested in me.

    By Fiona Faith Ross URL on 08.13.2016

  9. Donald unnervingly ruffled through his hair and bit his bottom lip, eyes glued to the campfire. He’s never been out in the wilderness before and it made him feel quite uneasy.

    By Crystal on 08.13.2016

  10. I haven’t camped in a long time. Last time it rained and the clothes went mouldy so we didn’t go again. Mum doesn’t like camping. As we were putting down the tent we missed my favourite band play. I’d like to go again some time.

    By Beth on 08.13.2016

  11. Her heart was racing. “How’s my child going to be in the week away camp all my himself”. She pulled her car into the drive way as the camp teachers were standing to take the kids. They both gave each other a tight hug, smiling knowing they will enjoy their week of freedom !

    By JayaK URL on 08.13.2016

  12. She swatted a mosquito on her arm and sniffed. “I hate camp. I want to go home.” Her counselor sighed a heavy sigh. Jan thought, “What is she sighing for? I’m the one whose life is falling apart!” But Jan didn’t say any of that. She just looked up at the preteen who was supposed to be in charge of her and waited for the next steps.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.13.2016

  13. what do I say about my camp experience? Its muggy. Its buggy. I’m tired. I smell. but wow. I have deeper friendships than before and I found out I can climb a mountain!

    By J on 08.13.2016

  14. “I don’t want to go!” my sister whined from the back seat, arms folded around her chest and covering the Mackintosh Summer Camp logo glowing on the front in sickening orange.
    I rolled my eyes and turned back to the road as my mother retorted, plugging my earphones in; i was thankful to be getting a break from the whiny brat.

    By Sharna on 08.13.2016

  15. when i went to camp
    i met you
    you died in camp
    still, miss you tho
    come back
    i need you
    thats it
    -by me

    By Milk Coffee URL on 08.13.2016

  16. “And one time at band camp …” Sherry singsonged the movie line as they shed the last of their camp counselor uniforms and tumbled to the soft grass.
    “Seriously? You’re quoting ‘American Pie?’ Now?” Justin shifted position and craned his neck looking for any prying camper eyes.
    “Hey,” Sherry wrapped her legs around him and squeezed.. “Eyes down here.”

    By Izolda S Trakhtenberg URL on 08.13.2016

  17. So this begins my oneword journey.

    Camping, something really I link with adventure. Should I even be writing in first person?

    Shit getting distracted. its Camp. being in a tent in the middle of nowhere and just enjoying a sunrise.

    time to settle and feel the stillness.

    By KHK on 08.13.2016


    By ELVIRA on 08.13.2016

  19. Ooh camping! What fun!! Though I never got to do much camping in my life, the ones that I have done have been crazy memorable experiences. Let’s see, campfires, smores, songs, tents, bugs, outdoors… What else could be better?

    By Deanna.a URL on 08.13.2016

  20. I think Camps is the place very plasent for to go people . Where I live no

    By Dayanne Santos URL on 08.13.2016

  21. the rusting mud and how our feet / sunk into clay into moulds. water, siphoned from the touch-repulsed boot, the stink of it, the smell. the sogging tent flap, and the wind—bitter. the squelch, the soft, the silence.

    By tate URL on 08.13.2016

  22. I never thought I’d be in the “send it back” camp, but here I am.

    Seemed like a great day when, in a flash of light and whirling winds, the damn thing showed up on a rock in the South China Sea. Any government with so much as a tin can in the sky detected it.

    By Sam R on 08.13.2016

  23. Louis camps out far from all the other boys because he simply doesn’t want to associate with anyone – that just might be him being stubborn, but at this point he doesn’t care. He sets up his tent and lays out his sleeping bag and decks out immediately, his headache banging throughout his skull.

    A while later he’s being stared down by a boy with a mop of curly hair. Louis nearly jumps out of his skin once he opens his eyes and he scrambles into a sitting position. “Jesus Christ,” he mutters. “Bugger off, will you?”

    By amandaxx URL on 08.13.2016