August 11th, 2016 | 38 Entries

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38 Entries for “collect”

  1. I collect things i find when i’m on trips, and when im walking places and expecially when i find money on the floor

    By Haley Dittman on 08.11.2016

  2. I collect things i find when i’m on trips, and when i’m walking places like smooth rocks that look like crystals and little shiny things.

    By Haley Dittman on 08.11.2016

  3. When I was little I used to collect sea shells and bottle caps and other useless things alike. Now I just collect bad days and destructive thoughts and things I regret doing and it’s sad that I need a bigger trophy case for the latter.

    By Ambar on 08.11.2016

  4. It had almost been too easy. When the girl had walked past his hiding spot, whistling her little tune, he had almost felt bad for her. Almost.
    Now with the sun having long since disappeared behind the tree tops it was time.
    Time to collect.

    By Nicole on 08.11.2016

  5. The sand scraped her knuckles. She pinched the sand dollar lightly, blew the sand off it, and held it out to him flat in her palm.

    “I don’t want that,” he said, shrugging, hands in his pockets.

    By Yona on 08.11.2016

  6. is the collection of hearts like say mu favorite song, jar of hearts. i don’t know what mean collect alone

    By joicefigs on 08.11.2016

  7. is the word for collect anything, i don’t know what i’m writing, i’m crazy, i think. i don’t have sure

    By joicefigs on 08.11.2016

  8. I didn’t know why the man was standing on my doorstep at first. His black suit startled me, as well as his sunglasses. They were so dark that I couldn’t see any part of his eyes. I felt a foreboding shiver run down my back.

    “Um…may I help you, sir?”

    The only part of the man that moved was his mouth. “I’m here to collect your daughter.”


    “She is needed elsewhere.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.11.2016

  9. I glance at the dashboard. “5.00pm”. That’s the time you told me to collect you but here I sit alone, wondering were you are and casting over old memories of us.

    By Chloe URL on 08.11.2016

  10. Drip, drip, drip. The bucket collects the rain from the leak in the roof. The floor underneath is spattered with drops of precipitation. I huddle closer in the corner.

    By crlsarv on 08.11.2016

  11. collectuign dreams, memories. they have been collecting everything you do since the day of birth. its kind of a drag when you do something embarrassing or cringy, because they give you theyre forms that they’ve been watching you with at the end of the day.

    By Sara URL on 08.11.2016

  12. He stood outside the gate, yelling “euey!” to attract my attention. I barely knew him but the people in my region always refer to people by kinship terms. I looked out the door.

    “I’m here to collect the water user fee,” he said and waved the bill. I walked out to look at it, even though my landlord was the one to pay it. It was unbelievably high.

    He saw my face. “Drought rate. You’re lucky to have access to water.”

    By chanpheng URL on 08.11.2016

  13. I started collecting the coins since I was a kid. Today, I have 200 different coins from 15 different countries. I looked at the 5 paise and 10 paise Indian coins. These used to give us toffee in elementary school. Now, no one knows its value!

    By JayaK on 08.11.2016

  14. i want to collect your protection money right now. if you don’t give me the protection money, i will have to kill your whole family and burn down the business. watch what happens to you if i don’t collect the money by the end of the day today. i will take your family.

    By ac on 08.11.2016

  15. I hate this word. Collect usually means that I owe. I fucking hate owing people shit. IT feels like they are always wanting shit from me anyways. Collecting on my time, my attention, my attitude, my body. Always wanting. Well guess what bitches maybe its my time to collect. Boom.

    By YoMama on 08.11.2016

  16. collect me in your arms
    im all bones now
    suffering elegantly
    on the floor
    its more beautiful this way
    kiss me softly in my dying day
    i run my fingers thru your matted hair
    you claw my eyes out
    and we go laughing all the way out the door
    scream and moan
    i tear you up
    and gnaw you out
    you tie me up
    and then spit me out
    you love me cause im crazy
    i love you cause its easy
    collect me
    and watch me scatter

    By xo on 08.11.2016

  17. In life I have learned that I collect my emotion both positive and negative. At night my mind moves around thinking about everything that has happened in my life because I collect my thoughts and emotions instead of throwing the negatives one away. Like I should.

    By sherinalashay on 08.11.2016

  18. he grins and leans over my walking corpse. he leans onto my shoulders as I walk, smoothing out my scarf as I trudge like an Atlas given temporary freedoms. perhaps the ball and chain was better.

    “are you feeling your feet walk the path to me?” he whispers in my ears like seduction, and goosebumps travel down my spine. a stray hair is captured at my nape, and brushed over my shoulder like a whisper. I want to lurch away and vomit. I want to lean into the touch and have his teeth steal all my thoughts. I want – I want.

    “stop it,” but my heart isn’t in it. oblivion is far too tempting a mistress, and I can feel her vortex in his fingertips. take me, take me, take me.

    Death just chuckles, and evaporates like tearstains. I know he’ll return eventually, to collect, collect, collect.

    By Pandatry on 08.11.2016

  19. From Young boys to grown up Uncles, film stars to school teachers; all of them now walk around with their phones in one hand looking around to collect Pokimons. Its the new thing Pokimon Go. For what ever it is good, atleast people will become fit.

    By Sharan Bindra URL on 08.11.2016

  20. She took a moment to collect her things. Her trinkets, over the years, moldy and aged with a patina only time can create. Time, dust, and bitter memories. That’s all that was left of them.

    By Schneideldee on 08.11.2016

  21. something warm and soft that spilled against me and a window and a rain outside something in my bed and in the blue and on the wall paper textures something warm in my throat

    By The Widest Smiling Faces on 08.12.2016

  22. ıt is like a hobby,somebody loves collecting something.ıt is a easy way to show your interest and sometting you care

    By nilay on 08.12.2016

  23. I was collecting memories in the back of my head, but it was all clogged. I couldn’t remember any of them which was incredibly frustrating. All of these great stories and what’s the use if I can’t recall any of it? So cloudy. I want clear skies.

    By MaddieMayJailer on 08.12.2016

  24. the pieces spilled from us, like a jigsaw box.
    night sky lit stars above us, the forest, the fox.
    I collect memories and dream slices of you,
    in my fondest moments, and in all the things we do.

    come down to my cloud castle, have a fleeting thought.
    of all the things we had once, and all the things we forgot.
    dry the moon’s tears, and sing me a song.
    i’d promise you love, but it might not last long.

    By Marissa on 08.12.2016

  25. The shells were shining, glittering in the sand. She picked up one, two, three, four, her hands were soon full with smooth colorful shells. She examined all of them carefully, pretending to be discerning, but they were all coming home with her. They were all too amazing.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.12.2016

  26. we collect a lot of things – collectibles such as action figures and physical music albums.

    but one thing we collect the most throughout our entire lives? memories.
    and they’re the most cherishable.

    By Felicia on 08.12.2016

  27. Stacks of cartons lined his closet and the far side of the room that was otherwise unused. “Probably about 10,000,” he replied. I wonder how many Don Mattinglys he has in there?

    By ml on 08.12.2016

  28. She collected things. Things no one wanted. Incomplete decks of cards, buttons, matchbooks, seashells…hmm – she needed more of those. And barbie dolls. Oh she LOVED her barbie dolls. Her collection was pristine. Two hundred and seventy three boxes lined the walls of her apartment with perfect shelves made just for them. All unopened, staring at her through their thin, plastic cellophane windows, providing them a barrier to the world. Keeping them pure. Pure and clean. Which Amber thought she would ever be again.

    By Ginger on 08.12.2016

  29. There was no use collecting anything from the body on the ground, James could see that the whole place had been looted many times over already and the damn thing was so dried out you could see right through him. Or her. Probably him. Didn’t matter, it was dust in the wind.

    By Kate on 08.12.2016

  30. He waited patiently by the door after knocking.

    “Coming!” A voice inside said. “Just a minute.”

    He heard footsteps thundering loudly down the stairs.

    “I’ll get it Mum! It’s probably Jimmy – he’s come to collect some books he left with me.”

    By liyasha85 on 08.12.2016

  31. I collect the bottles along the beach. I collect 225 football cards for a gift.

    By Jamesrotties on 08.12.2016

  32. Collecting coins is a hobby of mine. It is just so fun to find old coins. Even if they are like only ten cents more valuable it’s great to have them.

    By Nobody on 08.12.2016

  33. i collect lots f things like jewles and little rocks that are shiny and smooth and also look like crystals like my brothers do.

    By Haley Dittman on 08.12.2016

  34. everybody on the whole planet wants to collect
    collect debt minimum earnings and security checks

    By grld URL on 08.12.2016

  35. Collect your thoughts and breathe.

    Collect your favourite show’s merchandise.

    Collect post like Harry Potter.

    By Sharna on 08.12.2016

  36. My thoughts are scattered all over the place. I try to find them wherever they are; they don’t show up any more. When I was younger, I used to toss of my clothes and throw them all over the place and then, something told me that I needed to put them away. I would pluck them from the floor and the furniture and everywhere, annoyed with them, as if they’d run away and jumped to wherever I found them. My thoughts are different. They really are to blame for the fact that I can’t find them or get them together. They float away ever time I grab onto them, one faster than the other. Before, I knew in my heart with the clothes that it was me who threw them all over the place; there was no one to blame but myself. But my thoughts, I don’t know how I lost them or couldn’t find them or who scattered them. Who are you? Are you reading this? Do you know where my thoughts are? What’s your name? If you told me, I wouldn’t know it. I don’t know who I am myself. When did I start writing this? What is this? Is this a computer? Thoughts, where are you? Who are you? I don’t know. I don’t think you’re ever coming back.

    By rubyluby on 08.12.2016

  37. Collect obtain and strive. We spend our whole lives collecting things. Not only object, but experiences, memories, relationships. We collect feelings. Our lives are a collection that’s so uniquely “us”.

    By Noah D Everett-Curwick on 08.12.2016

  38. Collect your debts. Tie loose ends. Collect your belongings and leave it all behind. There’s nothing left for you here. Start fresh. Find yourself.

    By Engie on 08.12.2016