August 13th, 2016 | 24 Entries

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24 Entries for “alone”

  1. being alone is different to being lonely. i like being alone, i like time to myself. i don’t like feeling lonely however. but sometimes when you are alone, all you can think about is your loneliness.

    By laura on 08.13.2016

  2. Alone is sometimes a thing, and sometimes it’s not even a bad thing. Sometimes you can sit in your own home and do absolutely nothing and feel okay with it because there’s no one there to follow every minute of every hour of your day. Other times alone is sort of a bad thing, when all you want is someone to spoon with in the wee hours of the morning.

    By Amanda on 08.13.2016

  3. Here I am, alone again. Here I am on the southern shore. Here I am tuning a mandolin that keeps going sharp in the salty air. Here I am with frail fingers, wishing I could a boat that could take me all the way across the ocean to a brand new ocean.

    There is the boy building a castle. It will turn gold in the fading light. He will be king for only a moment before the foam washes power away.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.13.2016

  4. Have you ever been alone? Not just by yourself, but truly alone? All of your family is alive and your friends are around you. Your phone is full of contacts but you are alone? It is an indescribable pain. Your lungs feel heavy while you struggle to find a reason to take another breath. Your heart feels heavy with the weight of not having one person who knows you or understands you. Your head hurts because you think too hard on the words to say to describe the indescribable feeling of being alone while everyone you know is by your side.

    By VEH on 08.13.2016

  5. Being alone is wonderful for the introvert. Time alone in solitude for oneself, without a care in the world. They crave it. The extroverts prefer not to be alone, most of the time. They need to be with people. Being alone does not equate to being lonely.

    By liyasha85 on 08.13.2016

  6. He left the window sill open. He always thought he’d get a line of plants in small pots, a few cacti. He never did. It always remained empty.

    By Bri on 08.13.2016

  7. when i am alone, i do some strange things. first, i try to think what i am thinking. then, i like to observe my surroundings critically especially natural beauty. next, i have a habit of thinking current world and politics. so, i deeply meditate in thinking current politics, sometimes, i imagine Utopian thought regarding politics. finally, i reminisce my past and thinking how to forward.

    By rabi_ctgbd on 08.13.2016

  8. I prefer it now. Its my time to enjoy me. I enjoy me so much. I enjoy the solitude. My new moments of rationalizing and being one with me is newfound freedom. She is dope. She is caring and loving. She is vulnerable and not afraid to be. I love her. Alone taught me that.

    By Trisia Lashon on 08.13.2016

  9. I sat alone under the tree, crying as my fears became reality. Behind me was Guilt, in front was Jealousy. They closed in, pinning me in place. I choked and fell into their grasps.

    By Francine on 08.14.2016

  10. He could hear the party noise from miles away. As he entered the room, he saw his friends dancing, eating and drinking merrily. As a gym enthusiast, teetotaler, who loves to meditate, this place made in alone in the crowd.

    By JayaK on 08.14.2016

  11. She sat on the porch as the wind started whipping the trees in all directions and the rain started to pelt the cement. She pulled her coffee close to her and stared. So. This is what life was now. Watching the storm pass you by. By yourself. On a Tuesday.

    By Bridget Grace on 08.14.2016

  12. He found himself alone in a hill after walking all day through the woods, he sat down to stare the sunset while he put down the flowers in the grave memory of his best friend.

    By Bramsy on 08.14.2016

  13. I was home alone and I heard a noise from outside. At first I tried to ignore and not be afraid. I just looked out the windows and turned off all the noise so I could listen. Silence, I could hear my heartbeat.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.14.2016

  14. …really alone? well I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

    I love being alone, it gives myself time to breath and think.

    If someone is scared of being alone I think it just means they haven’t been able to come to terms with their inner-self.

    By KHK on 08.14.2016

  15. I was home alone for one week and it was scary. No one else was around. I felt like the only one on the planet because I saw no one for one week. I was alone.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.14.2016

  16. you can be alone at all times, even surrounded by people. Family and friends can surround you, but not make you feel happy, the darkness just won’t go away even though you’re filled with light. It exists everywhere, but it takes few to see it.
    Alone, is never truly not there.

    By Freia on 08.14.2016

  17. Alone exists in a number of ways. When you’re alone by yourself, when you’re in a crowd but the feeling of people surrounding you feels as fake as a plastic daisy in a model garden.

    By LEvi on 08.14.2016

  18. i feel alone in here sometimes. My wife does not understand me and what I am feeling at all. She loves me but that is not enough. I wish we could talk more and discuss our feelings.

    By underrdogg on 08.14.2016

  19. Space and freedom to let your mind move how you wish without others interfering. the upside and the downfall of creativity.

    By Mishmash23 on 08.14.2016

  20. a loner a stoner a boner a shrew
    a freak and a shriek and a week to stew

    By Schligdog URL on 08.14.2016

  21. freedom to move freely without interruption

    By Michelle on 08.14.2016

  22. I want to be left alone. I want to be Greta Garbo, but not Swedish. I don’t want them to ask me what I’m writing. I want to have time to myself.

    By Angela Tircuit on 08.14.2016

  23. I love being alone. Most do not, most crave the touch and sense of another person accompanying them. However, I am not like most people. I crave to travel the wilderness alone, my spirit animal is the wolf. I have my own pack, but I am still a lone wolf.

    By Megan R C on 08.14.2016

  24. I’m in the closet of my bedroom, a feeling of dread washing over me. I know that I’m completely and utterly alone. No one would ever understand me, no one would miss me, no one would ever come near me. A hermit in a castle of dirty clothes and blankets.

    By Jai Lasker URL on 08.14.2016