February 14th, 2015 | 74 Entries

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74 Entries for “camp”

  1. “Stupid camp.”
    I shrugged my shoulders, the bag pulling against what i imagined were nerves in my shoulders. I sighed, there was simply no escape from the overbearing heat, or the ache. I turned to a friend with an irritated twitch, “Why are we doing this again?”

    By mattoidneko on 02.15.2015

  2. I live in Florida and we have great places to camp and great camping weather most of the year. I used to love camping when I was a kid. We camped during school trips and on the weekends. I loved to camp in the backyard, too. I’m now a young woman in my mid-20’s and the last thing I want to do now is camp. I much rather be in a hotel. Last time I camped, which was about two years ago, it was damp, drizzling, and it was cold, gross, and I didn’t like having to use a flashlight to go to the bathroom.

    By PomPalms on 02.15.2015

  3. He had blue eyes. Brown hair.
    His clothes were frayed. It was a long time ago.
    We had returned without him,
    We thought we had lost him in the swamp,
    Little did we know he had taken us seriously,
    And waited for us in the camp.

    By Adi on 02.15.2015

  4. I remember camp. Band camp. So much fun. Mischief. Good friends. Goofy silliness…we were all there for fun. No one judged. Everyone was happy and accepting. An inaccurate description of real life for sure.

    By Christy URL on 02.15.2015

  5. Light dim, flickering
    In the trees I see them
    The moss
    The rock
    I feel them twirling around me
    The wind blows smoothly
    Leaves dancing with them in the twilight

    By Sunshine on 02.15.2015

  6. Camp usually takes place in the summer and kids love it. People usually mistake camp for taking place in the woods and mean counselors running the whole thing, but this is a stereotype. Camp can actually take place anywhere, like a pavillion or at a school, etc. But the thing about the mean counselors is true.

    By Brandon on 02.15.2015

  7. Camp usually takes place in the summer and kids love it. People usually mistake camp for taking place in the woods and mean counselors running the whole thing, but this is a stereotype. Camp can actually take place anywhere, like a pavillion or at a school, etc. But the thing about the mean counselors is true. Love can take place in camp, crushes become real-life romances, and fires shift in the miidle of a group of kids as they sing camp-fire songs and tellk scary stories. Camp can vary, as you can see.

    By Brandon on 02.15.2015

  8. my camp your camp his camp her camp
    blamp blamp blamp blamp blamp blamp blamp
    i fucking hate bugs.

    By grldg on 02.15.2015

  9. Summer camp was always an escape for me. I became a dfiferent person- even used a different name, Jenna. Jennifer seemed to uptight for SUmmer Me. Summer me was daring and adventurous and the first to try anything. While at first it seemed fun, it soon got out of hand. Soon Jenna had a reputation- and a bad one at that.

    By Genevieve on 02.15.2015

  10. I camp out,
    In the yard,
    I camp out,
    on the beach.

    This is all,
    not for fun,
    yet for a bigger reason:
    to escape the pain.

    This is all,
    to escape the pain,
    of bad news,
    and secret texts.

    This is all,
    to escape the pain,
    of separations
    and sicknesses.

    Does it work?
    Let’s find out.

    By Erin Jaspan on 02.15.2015

  11. i love going on camping trips. leave all the cellphones and technology at home and find yourself in the beauty of God’s creation

    By jaco on 02.15.2015

  12. camp is the awesome place where you go on with a group and have a blast. camping is usually with a camp guide where we cook our own food and sing dance. We lit bonfires at night and tell stories to each other.

    By vishal on 02.15.2015

  13. town ladies

    sleeping bags and bags of sleep

    a fire…

    By Schligdog URL on 02.15.2015

  14. The summer camp was her favorite place to be. Just her, the woods, people she’d never ever see again. There was something liberating about it, something she couldn’t quite place, but knew she loved. Maybe it was just the s’mores.

    By ShadowPrayers on 02.15.2015

  15. Water rushing by
    is my lullaby
    As the fire crackling
    Is a hush and a song
    The stars twinkle
    The ground holds me
    And the wind sighs

    By April Lindfors on 02.15.2015

  16. Lena shivered in her sleeping bag. In the distance she heard a wolf howl, and then a series of response howls. They were quiet, barely audible over her cabin mates’ snores, but still definitely, definitely wolves. A branch outside repeated scraped against the windowpane again and again and again.

    By Yona on 02.15.2015

  17. I went there many times as a girl scout and I loved it dearly. I miss it and wish I would do it again soon. It has been a very long time since I had the opportunity to go. I feel like it is wasting breath and energy trying. One day.

    By Angela on 02.15.2015

  18. There are many places one can be, but at camp is more than merely being somewhere. Being at camp is realizing that you are a part of the whole world it is connecting, illuminating and intoxicating.

    By Angela on 02.15.2015

  19. really cool place where you could and should go to spend time with friends and family maybe. Mostly friends because family isn’t always the best choice to spend some time with.
    Camp reminds me of dirt even thought I like to go to camp, sleeping in bags and making lunch in a hurry.
    I hate bugs and cold and rainy days in camp.

    By bel on 02.15.2015

  20. Hidden under canopy of sheltered leaves
    Smokey musk of camp fire dwindling
    Silence echoed from chirps and breeze
    Nestled in a haven where comfort is found in its absence

    By Beth on 02.15.2015

  21. We’re camping this weekend my sis got a new sleeping bag and I got a fish pole and a blue metal cup with speckles. It is cold in these mountains with fine clear air.

    By Mr. Beagle on 02.15.2015

  22. I rubbed the flint against the stone. A few mellow orange flames flew in every direction, falling onto the pine-needle-coated earth. I sighed, rocking back and forth on my heels.

    I was aware of somebody behind me, but resisted turning until he spoke first. “You really have no idea how to do this, do you?” he asked, crouching down next to me.

    I tried not to blush. “Like you do.”

    Sighing, he took the flint from me. With rougher strokes than I had been using, he created a small fire. I stared at him, a chill running down my back that had nothing to do with the crisp fall air.

    By tentwelvefourteen on 02.15.2015

  23. I finally was old enough to go to camp. I’d been counting down the days for months, and now she wanted to ruin it just like she ruins everything for me.

    By jelecia on 02.15.2015

  24. I never camped before. I have watched people camp on tv and my boyfriend used to camp all the time with his family. So now he was taking me. I was nervous and afraid. Bears and snakes and all the other creatures in the woods.

    By Samantha Kelly on 02.15.2015

  25. I never really had the chance to go to camp, although I always wanted to. It seemed very romantic to me – kids sharing a bunk house and having grand adventures in the woods at night.

    By ceecee on 02.15.2015

  26. camping, damp, cold. romantic. young romances I always thought. That’s what I wanted anyway. Scares, bears. Snakes in the grass. Maybe ticks. Water jumping, swimming. Adventures in the dark.

    By darcy on 02.15.2015

  27. Camp was really fun this year. I was in the middle of a race. A few other people, including me were competing to run the entire camp and be the first one back to the campsite to share campfire stories, but as I ran through the woods I noticed different things, things like dark, ghostly figures. The dark, ghostly figures were dawdling around the forest, appearing here and there so often. One even came so close to that I could feel its vapor-like presence. It whispered to me, “This is just the beginning.” I stopped running completely, letting people pass me. I was totally freaked out now. Would things like this continue to happen? I needed to figure this out, but right now I had to win a race. I started up again, sprinted down the path, regaining my title as first place and soon won the race!

    By Brandon on 02.15.2015

  28. She set up camp away from the others, shunned for her difference
    Their campsite: polluted with smoke from the fire
    Her campsite: full view of fate,
    Beautiful stars that shine only on

    By Kumquat on 02.15.2015

  29. Stiles had only been to camp once in his life. It was a largely traumatizing experience, in which he fell in love with his counselor. It was church camp, no less, and his counselor was obviously male. Not the best way to stay in a Christian church camp, if anyone was wondering. The actual camp was good though, and eventually, years later, he met his counselor again, recognizing him only by his ass. Derek Hale, he said his name was in the airport, after Stiles asked when pretending to be a reporter.

    By Zoe on 02.15.2015

  30. I think we should go camp for a few days and try to forget that this ever happened to us.

    By Milena on 02.15.2015

  31. Camp. Summer camp. Girls camp. Being alone. Seeing how the other girls felt about me. Pushed away. Silent. Hateful. Couldn’t wait to get out!

    By Bre on 02.15.2015

  32. its where i grew up. gross food. friendships formed and broke. my childhood. the place i go every summer though dont know why.

    By lost on 02.15.2015

  33. We camped out for tickets that would go to waste.

    But let’s not get ahead. I want to stay here, sharing this blanket.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 02.15.2015

  34. Camp. Summer camp. Spruce Lake. Bugs. Mosquitoes. Tents. Wet shoes, socks, clothes, everything. Cold. Fires. (Bonfires). Roasting marshmallows and making s’mores. Singing. Obstacle courses. Games. Water.

    By Jen on 02.15.2015