August 2nd, 2012 | 328 Entries

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328 Entries for “camera”

  1. i once took a picture with a camera it was Eater and it was of my brother he was grabbing an egg. its my favorite picture of him I like it the most out of all the pictures of him, even the baby ones. he’s a really cute child.

    By Sam on 08.02.2012

  2. a box to take pictures that express your inner likings your secret passion its a little box of youth and freedom a way to make bonds and memories last to remember the old days and to make new memories.

    By Sarah URL on 08.02.2012

  3. my dad bought me my first camera. you see, he’s a photographer and my whole life i have wanted to be as talented as he was. I found some old photos that I took when I was a kid and thought i knew how to be edgy and take cool photos. They sucked, but it made me feel proud of how much progress I had made. I love taking photos and i feel that cameras are great tools.

    By Johna on 08.02.2012

  4. A camera.

    That’s all she’d ever asked for.

    He stood on the icy balcony and watched as if nothing was going wrong or right in the world. But there was nothing to verify this.

    He could only see her face, hovering just within his mind’s eye and pretended that there was nothing wrong in the world with that carefree smile of hers.

    But yes, a camera. That was all that she’d needed. A simple little camera, but he never thought that there would’ve been something there.

    Never thought that having one would’ve meant that he could still remember her.

    His memory failed him at times.

    Now was one of them.

    He should have, ought to have, managed to wrangle her a camera.

    By Sara H. URL on 08.02.2012

  5. A single flash could have immortalized the moment, but he was faster. Without a moment’s hesitation, his arm flung out, palm outstretched, knocking the camera from the young woman’s hands. He gave her a mocking smile.
    “I’m sorry miss, but photography is not permitted on the premises.”

    By WearyWater URL on 08.02.2012

  6. Every person has their each individual world, flavoured with different colours, different memories, forms, objects, people, things that make their world all unique, different. Very rarely you will find someone who can accurately get their world down into concrete words that everyone will understand. We are all visual people — we think in images, not stream-lined sentences slipping through our heads.

    By Erin on 08.02.2012

  7. i like cameras they are fun. I take lots of pictures of my self because i am conceded but thats okay i don’t think the camera minds at all. I don’t mind either unless I take an ugly picture my camera tends to do that sometimes. takes ugly pictures of me.

    By Taylor on 08.02.2012

  8. Capturing moments through the lens, making everything count. I wish the mind can capture every fragment of a memory, every movement in a beautiful landscape, every blink of an eye and never forget. A storage room-full, some I would never look at again while some I would tape on my bedroom wall until I can see no more mint green paint behind it. I’ll stock it up until I fade into the light, I’ll make it count until the dark leaves the night.

    By Inna on 08.02.2012

  9. cameras capture everything from happy to sad to sarcastic to angry to every emotion you could possibly think of. and the greatest part about them is that they capture things forever, no moment is forgotten, no memory is lost, no time is wasted…

    By Tyra L. on 08.02.2012

  10. love photography instagram story life memory small birdseye era cam vintage filters polaroid tumblr fake alternatives truth lies machine flash click click click hair nothing timelapse

    By stephanie URL on 08.02.2012

  11. Camera is our second eyes

    By Soona on 08.02.2012

  12. my dad is really into photography. he has a whole bunch of different lenses, and carries this huge bag with him wherever he goes. sometimes i feel bad because the equipment is just so heavy and i can see in his eyes that its a pain to carry, but he always does it without complaint. its the result that he cares about. i have his old camera that i sometimes use, but i dont really take as many pictures as id like.

    By Nicki on 08.02.2012

  13. My eye catches it…a single camera slightly hidden behind dust and paint. I hear Eric’s words, “It’s a trap!”
    I’m about to turn back, but my feet keep moving until they stop before an ordinary pile of fallen stones.
    “Halt!” The sharp command fills the air; quiet yet authoritative. Slowly, I pause and turn to glance at a man, covered in a gray camouflage, who has thompson m1928 sub-machine gun strapped to his back….and a Beretta 92fs pointed at my head. “Who are you?”
    Staying calm, I merely stated, “Isus.”
    And that was before I heard the click.

    By KenzieB19 on 08.02.2012

  14. Using a camera is epic. The ability of it to capture a moment and keep it safe forever is one of the best breakthroughs in history. It’s better than the human memory. A camera is intelligent in it’s own way which makes it so unique, there is nothing that compares to it.

    By Ann Treesa Joy on 08.02.2012

  15. Sherrie picked up her new camera with her delicate hands. She traced every detail over and over with her fingers, pressing buttons, exploring what the camera had to offer. Now she could finally sign up to take a photography class and travel the world with her skills. It was her dream to capture all the beauty of the world.

    By Jamie on 08.02.2012

  16. The thing that will capture things as they truly are. Something to create a memory that you can fold up and keep in a jar by your bed. One night when you are lost and you think there is nothing to look forward to and nothing to look back on you can bring this out and smile. It is the thing that makes up who you are and will capture why you will be. A beautiful device that provides heartache and happiness. Always truthful.

    By Jordan on 08.02.2012

  17. pictures of laughing smiling people hugging and crying people kissing and dancing having fun!

    By Islay on 08.02.2012

  18. I used my camera for the first time in a long time today. It felt amazing. I had spent so much time taking pictures and dressing up models and moving props around in highschool and college. And I had a great time doing it. Why did I stop? And why did it take me so long to pick up the camera again?

    By Megan L. on 08.02.2012

  19. Camera

    truly a remarkable contraption

    It holds our memories

    Our very essence of what was and what my be

    Camera how wonderful you can be

    By Michael Collazos URL on 08.02.2012

  20. I picked up the camera off the sidewalk. The man who had dropped it was already too far ahead to catch, so I sat on the sidewalk and thought about my options. As I thought I began to casually flip through some of the photos. Nature. Candid. Posed. They were beautiful pictures, but nothing that couldn’t be replicated.

    By Danielle on 08.02.2012

  21. Francesca used to be the girl with the camera, the girl always taking pictures, the girl I pestered to stop. There are now, thanks to her, several photographs detailing a time in my life I wish I could forget. I remember telling her to put the camera down and live out of the context of a lens. I still feel that way. I’m also not sure if I spelled lens correctly.

    By Anne URL on 08.02.2012

  22. The camera captures
    your smile, your laughter, your posture

    but it can’t catch what I catch
    when i’m with you
    the warmth in your smile
    the joy in your laughter and the comfort
    that you give me when you stand with me

    By Vijayalakshmi URL on 08.02.2012

  23. something to create memories with. To remember for as long as its around. Not sound but vision. Real stories and what wants to be told.

    By Richard URL on 08.02.2012

  24. it captures life… a place from the past that you can’t physically be apart of again. Cameras are one of the greatest tools to really get the most out of the present. Its a way of getting to know people without actually talking to them. Cameras also capture the beauty of God’s creation and create images that speak without any words.

    By whitney on 08.02.2012

  25. Camera obscura. Obscure camera? Cameras are sort of obscure… whose idea was it to capture moments to keep forever? It was good initially, but nowadays we are too preoccupied with our photographs of our past to focus on the here and the now…

    By Olivia on 08.02.2012

  26. A pictures worth a thousand words. Our minds are cameras capturing images without any realization. Memories good and bad vivid images of the past. Our brains a camera that eventually deteriorates and is no longer the best at what it does. Better smarter cameras come along and the cameras we once used are no longer practical. Just like everything else in life.

    By airnpayt on 08.02.2012

  27. Sometimes i look at myself through the lens of my facebook profile. I imagine a camera tracking my every move, sitting on the fence, beautifully, or ashamed.

    By Julia URL on 08.02.2012

  28. a camera is a real life version of the eye of the beholder. You focus where you please, and it turns out to be something beautiful and radiant in the end.

    By shay URL on 08.02.2012

  29. I haven’t used a camera very often myself, but I hope to buy one soon in order to begin a piano project I have in store for a future Youtube account. I went to the beach with some friends yesterday, but since I showed up late, I wasn’t a part of the pictures they took earlier on; I felt kind of left out.

    By Matthew on 08.02.2012

  30. Camera’s are great but I don’t see much of a point to them. I’m serious why take pictures when you can just enjoy the moment? They are only really good for art and the likes.

    By Janine on 08.02.2012

  31. iphone cameras suck best camera i have is a canon sd40 5mp it still cost about $400
    It took the best pics ever. I love cameras I buy all kinds but the best are the ones you have the best times with.

    By Terrance Black on 08.02.2012

  32. i just bought one. i kind of hate them, though. it’s an excuse to live in the future, like, thinking about how you’re going to remember something before its over. it’s premeditated. when i’m at a show and everyone is taking pictures it just kinda sucks because they’re not really there. i dunno.

    By sarah on 08.02.2012

  33. A picture is worth a thousand words… And alifetime of memories. One click and a moment of history is saved in the spaces of time.

    By C K Johnson on 08.02.2012

  34. people take pictures on cameras. they’re reflections of the world they see around them. that’s why depressed people will take the darker pictures, and happy people, pictures which show the best things of life. I’ve noticed this a lot. The camera is like a connection between your eyes and mind.

    By elmo URL on 08.02.2012

  35. I always thought about what it was like to steal someone’s soul with a camera. What if we actually did steal their soul. And their soul was trapped in the camera. But they didn’t know it. Their world just continued on while in reality they were actually frozen.

    By Joshua on 08.02.2012

  36. a camera takes a picture of a moment you want to remember. moments frozen in time that you can treasure for the rest of your life. at the end of the day, we are left with absolutely nothing but our fondest memories.

    By Bekah on 08.02.2012

  37. i used to love taking pictures with my camera. the iphone has made it obsolete. i would still like to own an amazing dslr and keep sooting

    By Andie on 08.02.2012

  38. He held the camera up to my face. It was an old-fashioned canon, a gift from his grandmother’s sister. I guess that would be his great aunt. He told me that my hair was the same colour as her hair, a coppery gold. I found this strange as he snapped the photos. That he would compare me, on this November morning, to his deceased mother’s mother’s older sister.

    By Amanda on 08.02.2012

  39. Perdí mi cámara hace poco. En realidad no sé si la perdí o me la robaron. Me gusta decirle a la gente que me la robaron pero la verdad es que creo que la perdí.
    Es chistoso, desde que la perdí (o me la robaron) me dan más ganas de tomar fotos que cuando la tenía.

    By Andrés Negrete Valenzuela on 08.02.2012

  40. Click. Captured a moment, so true and real. So unlike any moment that has passed before. A face, smiling. So innocent. So young. Unknowing of the future, of the hardships ahead. Smiling and laughing, as if nothing matters. A life tortured by fate, still smiling, smiling for this moment.

    By Colette on 08.02.2012