June 9th, 2014 | 73 Entries

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73 Entries for “cake”

  1. I thought I found the proverbial cake. One meant especially for me, made of all my dreams and hopes there and perfect. I thought that’s what was printed on the tie I selected, beautiful celebratory cakes honoring something I found with him and the future excited me. My whole world had shifted. I was pushing through my sentimental heart at last to reach for more than the performance that had swallowed up my existence to step out back into the daylight. My heart was singing. My desire to hold onto that strength–the desire allowed to function in forward because the obstacles that would pull me back were ignorant of the source of light– may have cost me all of it. Has my self-protective mind shattered the best love I have held in my arms? Wracking tears ripped at my heart in waves, calmed by the prayer to one I trust to guide us both to the truth and future we both deserve. I felt a whisper that lifted my fears one-by-one, and I am holding strong. I cannot believe the goddess would bring us together for so short a time and not allow us to fulfill this destiny together. But I know this is real, and I have to trust in the lessons presented to keep him forever. I have to keep pushing down the protective walls I built to get on the other side. They looked liked snowmen on the outside, but I know the warm and happiness I saw. And those were no illusion. Neither is he, and there are walls around him I need to climb to reach and hold him fast. When I am in his arms, his spark will be my forever heart. I can’t stop now.

    By JDwrites on 06.09.2014

  2. The memorable cake that my friend gave me. I will not forget it. If I had a chance, I would like to thank him. If I had a chance, I would like to be with him again. If I had a chance, I will not repeat my mistake ever again. Please come back to my life.

    By Koh Swee Hong on 06.09.2014

  3. I heard a tiny laugh just as I picked up the last Cheerio off the floor, and I looked up to see that Lucy had cake smeared all over her face. I groaned and grabbed the paper towels off the counter. Kids are so freaking messy.

    By AJ Kenobi on 06.09.2014

  4. a delicious creamy piece of food that melts in your mouth accompanied with tea or a strong coffee balancing the two tastes making a contrast to die for, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, cream, rasberries you name it there will be the flavor.

    By coco on 06.09.2014

  5. and eat it too. if you aren’t diabetic. types 1-20. just about everyone i know is. shooting up daily, eating kale, exercising, or pretending to. hail high fructose corn syrup!

    By Lee on 06.09.2014

  6. Have my cake and eat it, too,
    Eggs and flour and sugar and vanilla,
    Baking – powder? Soda? Powder.
    Cinnamon, maybe, and milk,
    all jumbled together,
    watch out for the shells-

    By L on 06.09.2014

  7. The cake was a simple thing: dense and only faintly sweet, without sugar frosting or embellishments or fruits or nuts, but she knew it was one of the few things that would tempt his appetite.

    By mrsmig on 06.09.2014

  8. The cake sat on the table, I stared. It seemed to be moving, coming alive. Its fearful icing wobbled precariously on its gruesome pink mass of spongecake. It roared a roar of fury and frustration “Why are you doing this to me?”

    By Portia on 06.09.2014

  9. i sit here in my tin, a glorious spectacle, on my pedastool, swooned and adored but when i am left, picked at and used i am placed in a air tight seal, to be forgotten and ignored, until you next have use for me

    By melanie o' mahoney on 06.09.2014

  10. i love cake. cake is good. cake is like pillows for your mouth. they come in harder textures or softer ones. there is a type of cake for everyone no matter what. cake is great.

    By ali on 06.09.2014

  11. Let yourself

    It’s a war between
    Eating the cake
    And if the calories will eat me

    By Sarah on 06.09.2014

  12. Why did evryone think cake made things better?
    Often far too swwet and so unsatfyling at the end, and obviously the cuase of the nations obesity problem his sister was proof of that.

    By kirsty on 06.09.2014

  13. “I’ve been trying to figure my audience out now for nearly 4 years of writing.

    Who is my audience?

    Who do I need to be speaking to?

    Who will capture my heart as I pour it out?

    And it’s just hit me:


    Jesus is my audience.

    This isn’t to hyper-Christianize myself. This is just reality.

    Whom I write for, determines the love that flows from my heart.”

    You can read more here:

    By Marni URL on 06.09.2014

  14. The lie.

    By Lily Rubin on 06.09.2014

  15. You can walk away from your mistakes
    You can turn your back on what you do
    Just a little smile is all it takes
    And you can have your cake and eat it too
    Loneliness will get to you somehow
    But ev’rybody loves you now

    By Lily Rubin on 06.09.2014

  16. chocolate cake, carrot cake, marble cake, fruit cake, angel cake, coffee and walnut cake, banana cake any cake!

    By Alexandra on 06.09.2014

  17. Cakes can look pretty – but, no matter how good a cake looks, it doesn’t taste especially good unless it has that one ingredient in it that just makes the cake astoundingly good:


    Love is the only ingredient that makes any cake…just like our lives…amazing.

    By Marni on 06.09.2014

  18. Sweetness. Overdecoration. Complicating something so simple so it would be something worthwhile in the eyes of you and others but it’s the same when it goes down so what’s the point of appearance if only the taste fills you.

    By Rachel on 06.09.2014

  19. Well it was never supposed to be easy. That much she had been aware of from the get go. When she had signed on for the job, it was almost repeated ad nauseam. WARNING: This job may result in headaches, loss of sleep, anxiety attacks, and repeated failure. But she had done it anyway.

    By Beka URL on 06.09.2014

  20. I was sitting alone in the Harry’s kitchen. Boys were at the rehearsal.

    By Jagodzianka012 on 06.09.2014

  21. Spongy, soaked in sweet milk. A hint of coffee, some whipped cream. Yes! Ladyfingers to create the right “bite.” Quickly! Throw the candle’s on and let’s surprise mom! Tiramisu, her forever favorite.

    By Kristina on 06.09.2014

  22. “Penis cake?!” I asked. Why did my mother feel the need to constantly take things too far? “I don’t want a penis cake.”
    “Honey, stop being so dramatic. You need to learn how to have fun and loosen up.”
    “I’m 15. I don’t think I need a penis cake for my birthday party.”

    By Madison on 06.09.2014

  23. “Here take it!” he tried to push it on her, the seemingly smallest piece of cake, and she nearly took it “I don’t want it!”

    By soil on 06.09.2014

  24. And all she wanted to do was eat cake. It was as simple as that. She was being offered all sorts of opportunities because of her birthday – she could see anything she wanted. Literally anything. Or she could have just about anything she so desired. But no, all she wanted to do was eat cake in the comfort of her personal library.

    By Nova Lee Adamson on 06.09.2014

  25. They had prepared a cake that was almost two meters high, but only a small part of it, the part they would actually cut, was real.
    This would later become a metaphor for their marriage.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 06.09.2014

  26. She looked at the cake. It had green and red sparkle sprinkles on it. She looked at the clock. Tick tock. It was past 2AM. She looked at the cake again. The happy birthday she had written on it so carefully in the blue and white. It was a chocolate cake. There were pretty pink flowers on it. She had carved each petal with intricacy and patience. She waited for a knock on the door. But there was no knock, no happy birthday song, and no love.

    By Anisha Russell URL on 06.09.2014

  27. birthday cake on my table
    people clapping and waiting
    for me to seem happy
    why does it have to be a cake
    why do i have to be happy

    By zlatina on 06.09.2014

  28. I was just telling people last night that the only thing that makes me happy at times is Cake Batter…chapstick! Chapstick of all things. It’s the little things in life that can bring a smile, or warm a heart. We don’t have to dwell on all the negativity if we can just find ONE good thing in each day.

    By Guiltless Miss on 06.09.2014

  29. Cake, I loved it. More than any other candy or sweet. But I didn’t like the part after I had eaten it. The toillet part, me trying to get it out of my system.

    By L!ne on 06.09.2014

  30. She was never a huge fan of sweets; she never had been. She hated most everything that would rot her teeth after her son got his second cavity. And of course, she was a dentist.

    But, oh, every time her grandmother made that buttercream-frosted cake, she had to have at least one slice.

    By Andrea on 06.09.2014

  31. Cake is delicious. I had the most scrumptious chocolate for my 28th birthday. It had chocolate ganache frosting and a thick dark chocolate filling

    By Mrs. Neitzel on 06.09.2014

  32. A child’s first birthday cake is not to be taken lightly. Remember, this is the day that all the in-laws and out-laws will arrive to watch your child feast and take pictures of the moment. For that purpose, remember that ice cream cake will not make for pretty smiley-baby pictures.

    By Cynthia Anderson on 06.09.2014

  33. “She got da cake”
    He says out loud
    It isn’t fake
    her butt was proud
    The sun shone brightly,
    on dat ass
    and people watched
    as she walked past
    it moved with rhythm
    oh such beauty
    What a wonderful thing
    was her booty

    By Amahdi Stewart on 06.09.2014

  34. Everywhere she looked it was caked all over the place, parts of it were dry while other parts of it were oozing out the sides and dripping down to the floor. As she looked up her perfectly white ceiling was coated in this dark red substance where it was dry and a lighter red area where it was still wet. it was everywhere on every appliance on the chairs and the table as well. there was not a counter top that had been saved from the explosion. She ran towards the stove to turn off the burner, because the wonderful smell which was once coming from the kitchen had now turned to a burnt smell. As she raced towards the burner she slid on the sauce all over the floor and fell and slide into the cabinets. Trying to get up off the floor it happened again, the pan belched and hot sauce came raining down. She quickly ducked and covered but the sauce got all over her. She got on her knees and turned off the burner. As she was kneeling there the back door opened and her husband walked in with his boss. He looked at the mess and his wife all covered in and sauce and turned to his boss and said. “how does Chinese take out sound.” They all laughed as the tried to get out of the kitchen without spreading the sauce into the other rooms.

    By Bethany Herrington on 06.09.2014

  35. “How about cake?” suggested Erika. “Every problem can be solved with cake.”

    “Not this one, I’m afraid,” I sighed, sitting down on the park bench and watching the soccer game nearby. It was clearly older kids versus younger kids – yet the younger kids were winning. One girl who looked to be eight years old was performing a victory dance after allegedly scoring a goal.

    “Hey,” Erika pried, “I remember when I had an argument with my boyfriend, I cooled him off with a devil chocolate slice. Never say never.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.09.2014

  36. My first remembered cake was my fourth birthday. At that point in my life I’d only really socialized with my mom’s best friend’s twins and the other kids my babysitter watched. I remember being kind of surprised and overwhelmed, in a good way, that all the attention was for me.

    By Ben on 06.09.2014

  37. Oh man, I can eat it for breakfast. I like it cold. I like it all over his face, because it improves his smiles.

    Crucial: the frosting is the BEST part, but only if it’s not whipped cream. Only the real sugary kind.

    By Alex on 06.09.2014

  38. Cake is great because people eat it at their birthday with candles. Cake is also at a bunch of parties. My favorite cake is german chocolate cake it is so good. Who doesn’t like cake because it so good and I love it so much.

    By Gabi G on 06.09.2014

  39. stale cake, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake. i remember seeing Cake live; it was one of the worst concerts in my experience. a dear friend actually just got hired as a cake decorator. she’s really happy about it, maybe i should buy one from her someday.

    By Alex Light URL on 06.09.2014

  40. Yum! This chocolate masterpiece has to be the best I have ever eaten. Melting over my tongue in all it’s sweet glory. Ive always had an afinnitty for such treats.

    By Liv URL on 06.09.2014