October 15th, 2012 | 410 Entries

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410 Entries for “bury”

  1. Bury. Bury. Why bury? Why would anyone think about so gruesome a word? A word so often associated with death, but what worries me is when people are okay with it. Death. Bury. What do we usually bury? People, roots. Memories deep within our brain.

    By Daphne on 10.15.2012

  2. They buried him on a cold, dry day. The air burned her eyes and made them water, but she did not cry. She had done what she had to. He had died as he had to. And anyway, he wasn’t going to stay buried for long. The earth around here was contaminated, and he would come back for them soon enough.

    By TheDevil'sAttorney on 10.15.2012

  3. How weird is that we bury those who have died? Who ever thought of that to begin with? Kind of a twisted individual if you think about it. You once loved that person, and you want them beneath the ground to spend the rest of eternity. It’s creepy as others would put it. That’s the way they see cemeteries later on once the grieving passes. They avoid going back there. They make up excuses to visit their loved ones again. They might even avoid simply driving by. You bury your loved ones and along with them your memories. Thankfully not all are like this. I’ve always loved the idea of being cremated though, getting to my point. When I grow up I want to have my ashes scattered on every continent of the world. I want to leave my presence to those who I have not met and to where I never got to lay my feet. All my life all I’ve ever wanted to do was experience new things, travel and explore. I want to remain on the beautiful phenomenon that is know as the Earth. But lastly, I want the last bit of me to float in space. To an even greater horizon of the unknown.

    By specificallysimple URL on 10.15.2012

  4. I’ll bury my heart with a spade in the dark. It’ll still beat, but underneath the dirt it may not be as loud. Hopefully it’ll be covered up completely and I’ll finally have peace of mind about its whereabouts.

    By Baylee on 10.15.2012

  5. They walked up the steep hill with the dark of night covering them. Nothing was visible, not even the whites of their eyes. “Shhh.” The tallest one said motioning that the others follow his suit. They lowered to the ground and began to dig. You could hear only the steady sound of their hands pawing at the ground. The band of four soon reached the bottom with a heavy thump. They anxiously scratched at the ground, excitement building up in each of them. They lifted the heave trunk out of the marshy earth and opened it.

    By Kelsey on 10.15.2012

  6. When people bury something it’s because they want to get rid of it, never see it again. Bury a lost love or pictures of an ex.

    By Catherine on 10.15.2012

  7. The shovel was heavy in my hands. By the cover of night I dig, callouses forming. But still I dig. Desperately, dirt is forced from the ground and thrown carelessly into a pile. Maybe not the most effective method. But I have to finish. I have to.

    By luv2write URL on 10.15.2012

  8. and here i am buried under it all under your weight and mine under the life i hope to someday lead under the longing for something i still don’t understand i am so deep so beyond repair so beyond anything i thought i ever would be i never thought getting hurt would hurt this much i never thought you’d break my heart

    By C. Ritchie URL on 10.15.2012

  9. She buried the thoughts deep inside of her, like her thoughts were buried when she was bronzed not so long ago. It wasn’t that they were distasteful or undesirable – oh, far from it — but it was just something that was unlikely.
    Not that she would let anyone know of her uncertainties.
    A brilliant facade would fool anyone if it was bright enough, and Helena had been, and was now, by far the the most brilliant minds on the planet. She could keep everything locked inside. She had done so before. T’would be easy to do again.
    It hadn’t been easy in London. Not when she was just growing, no; there had been too many physical constraints placed upon her by her family. Dreams cast down again and again, her unrest and anger became the flame that would forge her mind of steel; the oppression of her desires was only the anvil that would make it harder.

    By Laura Abbott on 10.15.2012

  10. Bury people. Does that make me morbid that I think of that first? Or is it simply the best and most interesting reaction. Things can be very very different in tone depending first on the person and second on their mood.

    By Rachel Sherwood URL on 10.15.2012

  11. I tried to bury all of my anger in the back of mind, deep in my heart. I need to rid myself of all this resentment and not hold grudges, or to be so angry… It’ll be the death of me. I can’t do this anymore. I’m only 15, and it’s not healthy. I want “let it go” tattooed on my left wrist, so it’ll remind me to not hold onto stuff. And it’ll go over my cutting scars, so I won’t be tempted anymore.

    By Shara on 10.15.2012

  12. bury. burberry. versace, gucci, designer brands, create songs and design a dance. the stream of consciousness? i’ll try to abolish it. those beneath me, why even acknowledge it? i’m damaging perceptions and making connections going through times harder than erections.

    By george coyoy URL on 10.15.2012

  13. Nobody wants to bury anybody but we must. It’s a natural human experience. I read, “As normal as breathing”. The sight of a closed coffin. Some priest in funeral black blessing it with holy water flown in fresh from Lourdes. Marcella was a holy woman. The church was packed to capacity. Her 7 year old grandson sang Ave Marie in a beautiful voice. A few people started weeping, even Father Joseph. Her husband was almost removed from the church. So great was his love for Marcella. Suddenly he shouted. “I really loved you darling. Why did you have to leave me”? Tears streamed down Dave’s cheeks. The organ music stopped. The priest said, “Let’s give Dave a few minutes to compose himself”. Dave bowed his head. His beautiful daughter, Alice, took his big hand in hers and he managed a weak smile. The congregation felt Dave’s grief immensely. What a funeral! Death is a celebration. Adieu….

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.15.2012

  14. i bury my heart in your hands – let’s see how it grows. let’s see if it survives the turmoil of snows. this love that i’ve chose, although brilliant doesn’t seem to be too strong or resilient…

    By george coyoy URL on 10.15.2012

  15. Bury. Bury my feelings behind everything. The makeup, the lies, the smiles, the drugs. Bury everything that makes me want to die, just up until it finally breaks me. Breaks me down, and buries ME along with everything else.

    By quiqui~ URL on 10.15.2012

  16. bury my eye berries in your grape fruits. lust in motion – until my love makes juice…

    By george coyoy URL on 10.15.2012

  17. It’s easier to bury everything. It makes it so much better when it’s time for you to go. We all leave eventually. We all have places to go, people to see. Soon, you’ll fade into the background, and no one will remember the things they’ve been through with you. Bury your emotions, and keep to yourself. It hurts less.

    By Destinee on 10.15.2012

  18. bury me alive in a fiery grave. remembered as a king, not a wiry slave. a legacy of brilliance, a leader of men, a memory of which you wish to extend…

    By george coyoy URL on 10.15.2012

  19. When I die, I don’t want to be buried,. I dont want to have tons of dirt on toop of me, wioth worms crawling over my body. people dont belong in the ground. we belong burned to ash, poart of the earth. I want to be part of the earth, floating in a stream, niot under the g

    By Logan on 10.15.2012

  20. bury your fears, drown your insecurities. kill your heroes and set fire to your politicians. watch the world burn – see the crimson skies. smell the wood scorch and feel the smoke grab hold of your lungs.

    By george coyoy URL on 10.15.2012

  21. never let me go, never let me go. don’t let me bury myself deep into the cuts and bruises and all of the useless shit that i can’t possibly know about. never let me go. hold on to me and make sure i always breathe into your arms. never let me go. protect me if its the last thing you do, and know that whenever you need me or want me or hope anything, i will be there for you. never let me go and i will never let myself go. never let me go and i will stand, just for you, and i will help you back up because you always did. never let me go, never let me go.

    By dizzier on 10.15.2012

  22. He buries my sadness when I’m around him. I don’t feel anger, or resentment, or anything, just ecstasy. He sadly has no idea though, and probably never will.

    By halcyone URL on 10.15.2012

  23. Everyone wants to know where the body is buried, but the thing is I really don’t remember. I must have blacked out, and it was rain so hard that night that I got disoriented. I know it’s in deep in the woods. I don’t think anyone with ever find it — at least I hope that don’t.

    By wgirl URL on 10.15.2012

  24. Think about burying the dead. Burying the roots of the plants similar to achilles mother putting him in the Styx river. Think think & remember

    By fabien on 10.15.2012

  25. bury me not
    on the lone prairie
    but scatter me everywhere
    when I am done

    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) URL on 10.15.2012

  26. You can bury your emotions, but no matter how hard you try, they’ll always hurt. I know that probably sounds harsh, but it’s true. You will never truly be able to flip the switch to your emotions off. No matter how hard you force them down, they’ll resurface. I know mine do, when I’m alone at night it seems like I can’t stop them. They bubble out of me and choke me with sobs, or laughter, or pain. You can’t keep every emotion at bay.

    By destineedefillipo URL on 10.15.2012

  27. bury



    By Skip Ploss (aka Poemasabi) URL on 10.15.2012

  28. His hands. The final moment. I cannot hold them, cannot see them, cannot listen to the wind that flies between his fingers. With him, with me, I buried, I did bury us all. Our life, in its intimate form, in its weakness, I buried us. I buried us for good.d

    By F. A. Watson on 10.15.2012

  29. Sometimes I bury my emotions. Inside I am brewing like a pressure cooker for hours. I have to find ways to turn down the heat. My moods can plunge me into outer space. The grizzly mood is starting. I am in a flap and going crazy. Whatever is playing on my mind is removing my joy “BIG TIME”. I still feel caught up in a limbo situation. I feel stuck instead of feeling WOW. I really wanted 2012 to be my personal ME year. There is still hope. Anything is possible. I need more faith. God will act on my behalf when the time is right so why do I worry. I do believe in God. I remember a funny story or something on TV makes me laugh, then the steam is released and the grizzly bear goes back to the forest until the next time. I will have to tame the old grizzly so he stays away permanently.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.15.2012

  30. She buried her past with a rusty old shovel and pushed forward, embracing the future and her new life devoid of misery and despair.

    By Liz Penrose on 10.15.2012

  31. it was buried. what could i do? and who had hidden it from me? all i got was a mysterious letter made crudely of magazine words cut out. How will I uncover my lost soul?

    By John on 10.15.2012

  32. Bury is a short but very emotional word. It sounds secretive. To bury, hide, store your emotions away so nobody sees them. Some people take their secrets to the grave. Bury or cremation. A pile of bones or ashes. The human body can be preserved like an Egyptian mummy if you are into that type of afterlife closure.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.15.2012

  33. Enterrado permanecí por años
    La tierra aún permanece, ensuciándo mi ropa
    Contaminándola, envenenándola
    Puedo respirar el viento sobre mi rostro y siento la libertad
    Ojalá pudiese haber despertado antes y haber enmendado los errores del pasado
    Pero el pasado permanece atrás y no podrá escapar de su posición

    By Tohe URL on 10.15.2012

  34. Helen tried desperately to bury her thoughts, to save herself from drowning in an ocean of anxiety, but she was in too deep and her keepers were calling in favours.

    By vanilla URL on 10.15.2012

  35. little nick watched his father in the backyard. He wasn’t allowed to follow. He watched from behind the curtain as his father shoveled spadeful after spadeful of dirt from the where the old garden used to be. It was gone now, the old garden, just like his mother. In it’s place a spaniel would lie buried a few feet beneath the surface. It was his mothers dog, her constant companion until she died 7 months ago.

    By bertski URL on 10.15.2012

  36. It was a short ceremony. He stared at them, looking over the freshly turned grave. They would miss him, the boy knew. The one who died. Who left them behind when they needed him most. But there was nothing to be done. It was over. He was in the ground and buried. And so the boy passed into the next world.

    By thelonehuman URL on 10.15.2012

  37. I buried it all in a ditch. It’s in the farthest, darkest nook in my heart and no one else will ever want to go there. And they will never find it.

    By savannah on 10.15.2012

  38. Burying was the hardest part. She had lived with him for the majority of her life. Watching his body being lowered into the ground was painful. Part of her was being buried with him. The part that laughed at his stupid jokes. The part that found joy in little things. The part that loved his crooked smile. The part that made life worth living.

    By Allie on 10.15.2012

  39. I feel sad that our loved ones pass over. It’s only natural. You never stop missing and loving them. I know we have all the memories. We can always review and revisit what was so enchanting and exciting. We can celebrate their lives. I will always remember my friends and relatives. Death is not the end.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.15.2012

  40. someone locked me in a box, and though its more than three feet down, i feel dead already. there are more moments of darkness in the imagination of a buried man than every one beneath the earth.

    By Ryan LeGault URL on 10.15.2012